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Heyya!! Thanks for stopping by my profile. If you saw me edit this wiki, I was likely reverting vandalism, or just fixin' somethin' up. If you'd like further assistance with vandalism issues, please contact SOAP.

I'm a Global Discussions ModeratorGDM.svg, so if you saw me post on your wiki's Discussions, I was likely either just stopping by, or cleaning something up.

If you'd like any support or help, or would like to just talk, feel free to message me! I'm always happy to help, so don't be shy :)

Additionally, if you need any long-term help with Discussions issues on a wiki, please file a help request via w:Discussions Moderation Requests, and one of us will reach out to you.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a blessed day!!!

Hiyo! I'm Garfield, better known as Garf. Thanks for stopping by! :)

I'm from Georgia, USA, and my birthday is December 19th.
When i'm not studying or at work, i'm either playing games, watching vids, chatting with friends, working with/helping wikis, or doing outside work. As my username and avatar both suggest, i'm a close fan of both Garfield and Calvin&Hobbes, having read them from early childhood.
While I'm not really into farming, I do raise chickens and sometimes turkeys!
As for my wiki life - I'm a Global Discussions Moderator, here to keep Community Discussions safe. Additionally, I'm a Bureaucrat/Admin on SML Wiki - it's my main wiki where i've committed most of my wiki time. I'm also an Admin on GoAnimate Wiki, Cut the Rope Wiki and a few others, as well as Discussions Moderator on MelanieMartinez wiki and JoJo wiki.
I also often help on CC discussions sometimes, and I'm a scavenger across many wikis - going platform-wide to fix any vandalism or help anyone who needs it. So if you saw me contribute here, it was likely just to revert vandalism or fix something, not as a permanent contributor.

My top priority on wikis is User Safety, and here are my top focuses, especially on my main wikis and everywhere I go as well, as a GDM but also as a user:

  1. Being Communicative - communicating with people, making an effort to talk with everyone and get acquainted with them
  2. Being helpful - helping anyone who needs it, or pointing them in the proper direction to get any help that i can't offer them myself
  3. Listening and Informing - Understand any problems someone may have, give them whatever info possible, and encourage them to do the right thing
  4. Create fun - helping make wikis safe for all, calmly dealing with and acting on anyone who misbehaves, and make sure everyone is having a fun and enjoyable wiki experience
  5. Caring - Always being kind to others. Being friendly as much as possible, and supporting anyone who may be going through a tough time.
  6. Taking feedback - If I have made any mistakes or have any weaknesses, please message me and say so. I'll endeavor to fix them.

Additionally, if you'd like any help, don't be shy! Feel free to leave me a message and I'll be glad to assist! If you've been blocked by me on a wiki and wish to discuss or appeal it, feel free to do so as well, but keep it civil. (Note - If you need help with vandalism, please contact SOAP instead, as I can't directly help with that).

Feel free to also leave me some lasagna if you'd like xD

"Be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted."

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day! God bless!!

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