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Hi, I'm Explodey Boi!

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Now here's Miis that I like and Miis that I don't like bcuz I'm too lazy to make a whole list of all 100 Miis...

Wii Sport Resort Miis that I like

Keiko (Like I said, my lucky Mii.)


Abby (Cool)

Cole (He sucks at everything but that's what I love about him!)

Yoshi (Shares the name to one of my favorites Nintendo characters!)

Lucía (She's so annoying in table tennis. But her design is cute!)

Matt (You know why...)

Miyu (I just like her.)

Hiromasa (He looks so evil it's honestly hilarious!)

Asami (Cute)

Ashley (Nice and easy to look at.)

Barbara (It's kinda a "So ugly she's cute" kinda deal.)

Silke (Mainly because of an inside joke.)

Hayley (I just think she looks cool.)

Jackie (Yet again, she just looks cool imo.)

Tyrone (Even more cool!)

Ursula (Fun)

Miguel (I like how he guides you on island flyover.)

Rachel (I know people get turned off by her face, but I think she's really pretty.)

Gabi (Spooks me out a little bit.)

Alisha (It looks like she has been through some things...)

Chris (It looks like he has seen everything.)

Helen (She looks cool in my opinion.)

Wii Sports Club Miis that I like

Pian-Pian (Cute)

Susie (Also cute.)

Patricia (One of the best looking CPU Miis imo, and my overall favorite WSC Mii.)

Polly (Cool, and great at everything.)

Barbara (Also cool, and great at everything.)

Jeff (He's cool.)

Jin-Ah (Nice and simple.)

Skip (He's like my arch-nemesis in Wii Party U, but he's cute so I forgive him.)

Marius (Funny)

Gerald (He looks kinda important.)

Anne (Pretty)

Donna (She looks cool, but my only complaint is that her eyes are too far apart.)

Massimo (He looks so cool!)

Wii Sport Resort Miis that I don't like

Gabriele (Ugly face)

Steph (Wth is that face?)

Steve (I just don't like the eyes.)

Sandra (Girl, what's wrong with your eyebrows?)

Fritz (I just don't like his look.)

Hiroshi (Those huge lips!)

Abe (I dunno, I just don't like him.)

Susana (I don't like the hair.)

Martin (He looks like a crazed lunatic.)

Wii Sports Club Miis that I don't like

Juliette (The nose kinda turns me off)

Cheng-Han (Like Susana, I don't like the hair.)

Merrick (Yet again again, his hairstyle.)

Ricardo (That bowl haircut.)

Xiaojian (Yet again, bowl cut.)

Erick (Ugly, and weird name.)

Alphonse (Ugh, I just don't like him.)

Xue-Ren (He looks traumatized. But it's not funny like Chris.)

I will add more Miis later.

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