aka Daisuke (Dr. Sad) Ziakomi

  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on October 10
  • My occupation is many jobs
  • I am Dansei

Wii Party Minigames that SHOULD be a irl sport!

  • Chop Chops
  • Maze Daze
  • Timber Topple
  • Poserobics
  • Cosmic Capers
  • Pop Coaster
  • Barrel Daredevil
  • Chin-up Champ
  • Back Attack
  • Zombie Tag
  • Hide and Peek


  • Balloon Buggies
  • Pearl Plunder
  • Tippy Traverse
  • About Face
  • Friendly Face-off
  • Lucky Launch (the downfall is in the name! you can't win! because it's lucky!)
  • i forgot, but its the one where you flip the cards over, and it has your face and if you get your face three times you win

Wii Sports Resort Crazy Replays

  • Lucia hit the ball and it went into the net
  • Saburo hit the ball at someone in the crowd
  • David (and others!) it the ball and it hit the edge of the table on his side
  • Lucia also got a no bounce
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