• My name is actually Matt.
  • Wii sports/resort is the best Wii game.
  • Wii Party is also a good game.
  • Wii Party U is also fun!
  • I have not beaten Enrique.
  • I have beaten Lucia, Tommy, Sakura, Elisa/Sarah, Barbara/Alice, and Matt (Boxing, Duel, Speed Slice, and Showdown).
    • Enrique is the only champion I haven't beaten or played.
    • I have beaten every champion in the original Wii Sports.
    • I have beaten every champion from Wii Sports Resort.
  • I have an instagram account (@join_roller_gang)
  • I got Wii Sports Resort in 2018.
  • I got Wii Party in 2019.
  • I got Wii Party U in 2020.
  • From now on, I'll be keeping track of my edit streak here on my userpage!
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The 15 best Miis from WSR

  1. Matt (The absolute BEST!)
  2. Martin
  3. Akira
  4. Luca
  5. Kentaro
  6. Abby
  7. Giovanna
  8. Gabriele
  9. Haru
  10. Pierre
  11. Tatsuaki
  12. Saburo
  13. David
  14. Greg
  15. Takashi

Honorable mentions: Ashley, Cole, Hiromasa, Marco, James, Rainer, Tomoko, Shouta, Andy, Abe, Alex, Eduardo, Ian, Víctor, George, Emma, Tyrone, Eva, Ryan, Steve, Miyu, Theo, Rachel, Nick, Alisha

The 15 worst Miis from WSR

  1. Michael (The absolute WORST!)
  2. Takumi
  3. Steph
  4. Vincenzo
  5. Elisa
  6. Kathrin
  7. Shinta
  8. Helen
  9. Mike
  10. Misaki
  11. Daisuke
  12. Jessie
  13. Patrick
  14. Fritz
  15. Sakura

Horrible mentions: Hiromi, Chris, Ursula, Yoshi, Gabi, Maria, Silke, Oscar, Barbara, Jackie, Naomi, Ren, Megan

The 15 best Miis from WSC

  1. Cheng-Han (The absolute BEST!)
  2. Joseph
  3. Guillermo
  4. William
  5. Marie
  6. Frank
  7. Hyun-woo
  8. Gerald
  9. Merrick
  10. Laura
  11. Erick
  12. Mark
  13. Xiaojian
  14. Jianjun
  15. Clara

Honorable mentions: Marius, Xixi, Susie, Ji-hoon, Araceli, Akira, Xue-Ren, John, Dylan, Chris, Massimo, Rie, Haixiang, Alphonse, Adrien, Jin-ah, Skip, Joost, Kazuhiko, Zi-Kai, Dunbar, João, Jeff, Sophia, Barry, Yunyun

The 15 worst Miis from WSC

  1. Faustine (The absolute WORST!)
  2. Matt
  3. Eduardo
  4. Yuehua
  5. Hee-joon
  6. Olga
  7. Haruka
  8. Kentaro
  9. Patricia
  10. Hiromi
  11. Yuya
  12. Juliette
  13. Pit
  14. Bruce
  15. Victor

Horrible mentions: Jesús, Xiuping, Leonel, Alice, Daisuke, Donna, Kaori, Pavel, Maximilian, Ricardo, Bernardo, Na-rae

Wii Sports Resort

Here's my rank for all the WSR Miis. Enjoy!


1. Matt- I share a name with him, and I think it's pretty cool that he's a double-champion. I also like how Matt has a "backstory." In the boxing room, there are newspaper clippings up on the wall showing Andy try to beat Matt in boxing, and he failed to do so. I feel like I should also mention he's been my favorite ever since I first played Wii Sports. (THE MEMES ARE NOT THE REASON I LIKE HIM, THEY'VE BEEN DEAD FOR OVER A YEAR)

Also 1. Martin- His Mii won me a basketball game I had been struggling with for a while. I feel bad for him because he does really bad in sports. He's severely underrated, too. I only know 2 people who like him as much as I do.

Can't Live Without

3. Akira- His design is great, and he looks like Martin. Akira is one of my favorite Miis.

4. Luca- I honestly think he looks like he'd be really good friends with Kentaro. Great design. He doesn't deserve standard, he deserves better. I feel bad for him because he gets a lot of hate. #LucaDeservedBetter

5. Kentaro- I really like his design. My friend also swayed my opinion of him up. Also, he looks like Big Smoke from GTA:SA.

6. Abby- I have a friend named Abby. Basically, if a Mii has the same name as a friend of mine, I will really like them. (POOFESURE IS NOT THE REASON I LIKE HER)

Living Legends

7. Giovanna- Dated Martin on Tomodachi Life before my file got corrupted. I also feel bad for her, because SO MANY PEOPLE hate her, just because of the nose. She's one of the more underrated Miis.

8. Gabriele: Before going on this wiki, I had absolutely no idea this guy exists. I'd even beaten swordplay showdown level 10, but that was when I didn't pay attention to the Miis. He looks funny, and my brother swayed my opinion upwards. Also, he looks like a gyroid from Animal Crossing.

9. Haru- Innocent little girl. Easiest Mii to make. Cute. Is it even possible to NOT like her? I've only seen, like, 2 tier lists with her below "Neutral."

10. Pierre- Looks sad. I like the French. Used to hate him, for many reasons, but Wii Party made me like him. A lot.

11. Tatsuaki- I like him because after I lost horribly to Steph in baseball, I went up against him. He did terrible, and that's why I like him. Also, he was super easy in boxing, even post-champion. Also, he's extremely underrated. Probably the MOST underrated and overhated CPU Mii in Wii Sports Resort. All the hate he gets makes me like him more. I don't like that he's teamed with Sakura in basketball though.

12. Saburo- Also looks like he'd be good at bowling. He's on the cover of Wii Sports, and that gives him a boost for me. He gets a lot of hate because he looks pissed, but honestly, he just looks ready to play sports.

13. David- I'd say that he looks like the nicest Mii in the game. That's why I like him. He also gets a bunch of hate, and I don't know why.

14. Greg- I like his name, I like his design, I like how he's the Return Challenge host, unique hair, and I often associate him with Ashley. I also feel bad for the amount of people that hate him.

Almost Best

15. Takashi- I felt bad for him because everyone hates him. He also always gets really unlucky when I play as him in Wii Party, especially when I play Michael. He always gets abused when I play as him in Wii Party so that makes me feel even more bad for him.

16. Ashley- I honestly don't have a reason for liking Ashley. I guess I like the uniqueness of her hair? Maybe it's because of Ashley from WarioWare...

17. Cole- I feel bad for him. He doesn't deserve to be as low as he is. I also feel bad about the amount of hate he gets. Also, I like the hair and the glasses.

18. Hiromasa- People say he looks evil or creepy. To me, he just looks like a nice guy who is always smiling.

19. Marco- Looks so much like Mario. Also, he looks like he loves bowling, and he loves tropical life.

20. James- I would always confuse him with Eduardo, and I also like how he's the cycling referee.

21. Rainer- A very fun opponent to play against in Board Game Island.

22. Tomoko- I have no idea why I like her so much tbh.

23. Ian- I didn't know who he was until I played cycling. Then, I started liking him because of Tomodachi Life. He looks so funny. One of the best bosses imo, he deserves more love.

24. Eduardo- He does not look like a pedo at all, I like how he looks like David, and he's extremely underrated.

25. George- Basically David with a ponytail. He might get moved up because I feel bad for him. In the same Spin-off game that made me hate Jackie and Eddy, George was there too. He gained no medals, and only lost them. He ended the game with 250 medals, while everyone else had 27,000 and higher.

26. Steve- The only thing he's done is suck at Wii Party whenever I play against him. He gets a lot of hate too, so I feel bad for him.


27. Andy- I like him because he's a part of the newspaper clippings in the boxing training room. I also feel bad for him because he did terrible in a game of Board Game Island that I played.

28. Shouta- Those lips! I agree with HowILoveIt, he looks like he could be the president of Nintendo. He is kinda annoying as a tennis teammate though.

29. Abe- Why so sad? You're so good at sports! You got hit really hard with Wii Party, though. Standard? He should've been Expert or Master!

30. Alex- Looks like he's related to Matt. Same mouth, beard, mustache, stubble, and skin color. Also, looks like he'd be good friends with Luca and Kentaro.

31. Víctor- Looks somewhat like Matt. I also like his name pronunciation. (Veektor!)

32. Emma- I like the dark skin, blonde hair combos. I like her more than Stéphanie, though.

33. Tyrone- My favorite person on Tommy's basketball team. People REALLY hate him. I, personally, feel bad for him, because he was the reason Tommy lost. I also really like his design.

34. Eva- The second best person on Tommy's basketball team. Overpowered, like Theo. Would've been higher if it wasn't for baseball.

35. Ryan- He sucks at everything Matt's good at. I think that he and Matt are best friends. #STOPRYANABUSE

36. Miyu- Some people hate her, some people love her, and for me, she's right inbetween. She was one of the few Miis I knew when I'd play Wii Sports back in late 2010, since she's the Tennis beginner. Also, there's a few people who hate her all because of HowILoveIt... Are you kidding me? That's the dumbest reason to hate someone.

37. Theo- I like him a lot. He's overpowered, and I find that cool.

38. Rachel- I feel bad for her, she doesn't deserve what Kiddo did to her. Also, she saved my ass in a game of post-champion baseball against Jessie, so that made me like her even more.

39. Nick- I used to not like him that much because of boxing. He got raised up because I like his design.

40. Alisha- She wears too much makeup, but I do feel bad for her now. She should've been the cycling vice champion. She's also really growing on me.


41. Miguel- He's represented in games outside of Wii Sports Resort (Pilotswings Resort) with the I-Point Miguel's Guide Plane. He also got destroyed by Nintendo because he's the basketball beginner and he's also a Beginner Mii. I feel bad for him.

42. Midori- Miyu is the reason I like her. I know now that their only similarities are their head shape and hair color, but back when I'd play WSR at my dentist's office back in 2015, I'd say that she looked like Miyu back then. This was mostly because they appeared right next to each other in Swordplay Showdown Stage 6, which I was stuck on.

43. Ai- Looks like a robot. I know her name is a Japanese name, but I think that it actually stands for Artificial Intelligence. In Tomodachi Life, she has the most robotic voice she can have.

44. Sandra- This is kinda a dumb reason to like her, but a Wii Sports discord server that has the bot Tupperbox on it made me like her.

45. Fumiko- Looks somewhat like a friend of mine. I feel bad for her because she's 97th overall.

46. Chika- The first Mii I saw in Table Tennis with the shoe. I always knew her as "shoe girl."

47. Asami- I like her. No idea why.

48. Tommy- He was super easy in basketball. I also feel bad for him, because he was unlucky in Board Game Island.

49. Susana- Forgettable, but I am starting to kinda like her. She started dating Matt (WS) on my Tomodachi Life, so I started liking her even more.

50. Pablo- Underrated, that's all. I quite like how he got Master difficulty. He's a worthy opponent in basketball too.

51. Jake- Like Takashi, I feel bad for him because people hate him. He does look strange though, without eyebrows. He's so underrated, and he's also super easy in boxing, even in post-champion.

52. Shinnosuke- Beat me in Spin-Off in Wii Party. I used to hate him for that, but now, I like him. This is because he kinda looks like Shigeru Miyamoto's Mii. He was also fun to play against in post-champion boxing.

53. Sarah- So, so, so, much better than her teammate, Elisa.

Slightly Like

54. Keiko- Innocent girl. She always catches my balls in baseball, so if that didn't happen, she'd be way higher.

55. Siobhán- She looks really innocent, but she's not in the like category because of Showdown Stage 20.

56. Marisa- I feel bad for her because she's called ugly.

57. Hiroshi- Similar to Nick, he used to be in slightly dislike, because of Swordplay Showdown Level 20, but because of tennis, he got raised up to a slightly like.

58. Stéphanie- Oh boy, another dark skin-blonde hair combo! She's not as good as Emma, because she does absolutely nothing.

59. Julie- I feel bad for her, she gets a lot of hate because of the lips.

60. Yoko- Forgettable, but good-looking.

61. Shohei- I dunno why, but I'm really starting to like him.

62. Holly- I'm starting to like her a little.

63. Eddy- I've forgiven him for what he did to me in Wii Party, so I've gone back to liking him.

64. Hayley- I've also forgiven her for what she did to me in boxing.

65. Emily- She was a bit annoying in baseball and table tennis, but she did help me get to the tennis champs. I also think she's overhated.

66. Mia- Forgettable, but I like her now.


67. Gwen- I like how she looks, but she got lucky af in Board Game Island, so she's in neutral now.

68. Sota- Beat me in Spin-off, but he reminds me of Ai, and that's why he's in neutral.

69. Anna- Isn't much of a challenge.

70. Nelly- Doesn't deserve to be #1, but she also doesn't deserve to be lower than neutral.

71. Lucía- I used to despise her, but it's been a while since I played table tennis, so I lost a ton of hate towards her. However, it is extremely unlikely that she'll move above neutral, because of the pain she caused me back then.

72. Rin- I used to like her, but she screwed up two no-hit Swordplay Showdown runs. However, I've since forgiven her.

Slightly Dislike

73. Megan- Forgettable, and was a little annoying in a game of BGI I played. Nothing else bad though.

74. Ren- So, I decided to challenge myself to beat the entirety of Swordplay Showdown without taking damage... and let's just say that Ren ended the run in stage 8. That's why he's no longer in Slightly Like. He's also super boring and overrated, so I dislike him a bit now.

75. Naomi- She's likable, but swordplay duel (after the champion) messed up her likability. She was also a bit of an annoyance in baseball, when she was on Daisuke's team.

76. Jackie- As forgettable as can be. She also stole half of my medals in Spin-off, which got her the win! She and Jessie also made me rage in tennis.

77. Oscar- Beat me in Spin-Off and is a prick in every other Wii Party mode, but I am losing hate towards him, because I love the hair.


78. Barbara- Her design, while not being the worst WSR has to offer, it is the one that creeps me out the most (besides Mike and Patrick.) She was also an annoyance in table tennis. She was a bit annoying in a BGI game I played as well.

79. Silke- Baseball. She keeps catching the ball! She has also messed up multiple no-hit Swordplay Showdown runs, making me dislike her again.

80. Maria- People hate her, and she kinda deserves it. This is because of Sakura's baseball team.

81. Gabi- She looks like an entitlled, snobby, and rich person. She was annoying in Speed Slice.

82. Yoshi- A menace in Table Tennis. It actually took me longer to beat Yoshi than Lucía. Hiroshi is the only thing keeping her from being lower! (They were married on my TL island before the save file corrupted.) She also helped me beat the tennis champions, so that's another reason why she's not lower.

83. Ursula- She would be in neutral, because she's so forgettable, but she was absurdly lucky in a game of BGI, so I dislike her now.


84. Chris- He used to be in like, but he messed me up in tennis a few times. He also constantly messed me up in Stage 20 when I was trying to beat it without taking damage. What makes it even worse is the fact that he was the only person left.

85. Hiromi- I like her design, but when I played a game of BGI with her, she and Michael worked together to piss me off as much as possible.

86. Sakura- Baseball. If I had re-done my tier list while I was going against her, she'd be in despise. But I realised once I passed her, she wasn't as bad as I thought. She is still easily hated by me, though. I hate her even more now because of how overrated she is.


87. Fritz- He screws me over in cycling and Basketball. Why does he have to team with Matt?! Matt's too good for you! Also, he screwed me over in Spin-off, by knocking me off in Crash Balls, making me lose the game!

88. Patrick: Volcano Reverse Swordplay Showdown, Basketball, and he makes me uncomfortable. That beard does not fit him AT ALL.

89. Jessie- She'd be higher if she wasn't agressive in stage 20. She and Jackie made me rage in tennis. She ALSO made me rage a lot in post-champion baseball, and she's the reason why Rachel is where she is on my list, because Rachel saved my ass there. So yeah, SCREW YOU JESSIE!

90. Daisuke- Baseball. He would constantly catch the balls. EVERY. TIME. He also looks really stupid. His beard doesn't fit him at all!

Greatly Despise

91. Misaki- I used to hate her because of Swordplay Showdown Stage 20. After I stopped trying on Stage 20, I moved her back up to neutral because she wasn't so bad. Once I tried again though... Yeah, she's not in neutral anymore. Now I hate her again, because she, Michael, and Fritz all ganged up on me in Spin-off, causing me to lose! She was the one who picked the minigame (Crash Balls) and she was the one who won! So thanks Misaki, for making me hate you once again!

92. Mike: His design makes me really uncomfortable for some reason, like Patrick. He also almost caused me to lose a baseball game to Yoshi.

93. Helen- Looks like an entitled mother. I hate her even more now, because of Globe Trot. She CHEATED!! SHE WAS ALSO A B**** ON SAKURA'S BASEBALL TEAM!

94. Shinta- Didn't deserve to be a boss in Swordplay Showdown, and I'm starting to really hate him. He also got so stupidly lucky in BGI so I hate him even more now.

95. Kathrin- One of the worst Miis in my opinion. In Swordplay Showdown level 20, when I would try to earn the badge where you have to beat it without taking damage, Kathrin, Misaki, and Vincenzo would always mess me up. Also boxing. Screw Kathrin in boxing.


96. Elisa- She's not here because of Poofesure, it's because she was an absolute joke in tennis, and because she overshadows Sarah. Also, I don't like her design. Also, she and Michael worked together in a game of BGI to screw ME over specifically! The worst of it was when she PREVENTED ME FROM WINNING BY SENDING ME BACK WITH A TORNADO! Also, she was ABSURDLY LUCKY!

97. Vincenzo: He had me stuck in basketball for the longest time. He is actually one of the reasons I like Martin, because Martin got me past Vincenzo in basketball. HE'S ALSO A B**** IN STAGE 20 OF SWORDPLAY SHOWDOWN! HE MESSED ME UP MORE THAN ANYONE! HE ALSO CAUSED ME TO LOSE IN EXPERT SOLO IN WII PARTY ON STAGE 43 OUT OF 50! NOW I HATE CRASH BALLS BECAUSE OF YOU!

98. Steph- When I started playing Wii Sports for the first time in years, Steph was the first person I went up against in Baseball. She absolutely obliterated me, and she has been towards the bottom of my list ever since. Also, she's an absolute nuisance in Wii Party!


99. Takumi: This guy pisses me off more than Steph. You wanna know why? Swordplay Showdown Stage 19. He's the first enemy that shows up, and, OF COURSE, he has black armor. I constantly lost the stage because of him. You wanna know another reason? Baseball. F***ing baseball. He's even worse here than swordplay showdown. I lost to him SO. MANY. TIMES. Luckily, I didn't lose any points because of the restart loophole, but still. I finally beat him though, and I also beat Sakura. It took me longer to beat him than it did for Sakura. I wish that I didn't always skip over him in boxing, because I really wanna beat the hell out of this piece of s***. The funny thing is, in Friend Connection, he places 3rd, and is best friends with Steph. Of all people, Steph. HOW IS HE LIKEABLE??? HOW????

100. Michael- Looks like a little kid. Messed me up in baseball so much. He also caused me to lose a game of Spin-off to Elisa because he decided to pick MOON LANDING out of all minigames! (He was in last.) He caused me to lose ANOTHER Spin-off game by helping Fritz knock me off in Crash Balls, helping Misaki win the whole game! He also made me lose half my medals before that! He messed me up AGAIN in a different game by picking SAUCER SNAP, making me lose! I almost broke my Wii Remote because of him! This kid clearly has something out against me, because EVERY TIME I PLAY HIM HE IS THE LUCKIEST PIECE OF S*** THERE IS! I played him in BGI, and guess what? A F***ING UFO SENDS HIM TO THE TOP, WHERE I WAS! F*** YOU MICHAEL, I HATE YOU MORE THAN TAKUMI! STOP BEING AN ABSOLUTE NUISANCE EVERYWHERE I SEE YOU! And guess what. HE DID IT AGAIN! HE F***ING DID IT AGAIN! YOU LITTLE LUCKY PIECE OF S***! I WANNA F***ING RUN YOU OVER! Does Wii Party have it out for me or something, because HE DID IT AGAIN, WITH ELISA'S HELP!

Wii Sports Club

Here's my WSC Rankings. Enjoy!


  1. Cheng-Han (I have no Idea why I like him so much. He's very basic, and can almost be made on the Wii. I actually used him to beat Matt (WS) in boxing for the first time.)

Can't Live Without

2. Joseph (I, once again, have no clue why he's ranked this high for me. I've always liked him. He's very tall and bulky as well, which I like. )

3. Guillermo (Looks like a biker. Amazing.)

4. William (I think he looks the most human out of any CPU across all the games. It's also strange how my top 4 are all baseball teammates...)

5. Marie (I only know of 5 people who like her. I'm not naming them though. She gets tons and tons of hate, which makes me like her more. Best Wii U female by far, and that will never change.)

6. Frank (Finally, someone who ISN'T a baseball teammate! I like how Frank here is strong. I like how he's a pro in everything.)

Living Legends

7. Hyun-woo (I think I'm the only person who likes him. Please message me if you actually like him too, I don't want to be alone here. Also, he reminds me of Cheng-Han, which is a HUGE bonus.)

8. Gerald (He looks like he could be Joseph's Father.)

9. Merrick (He looks like he'd fit the Worried Mayor role in Miitopia. He's my favorite Wii U Anti-pro, and my second favorite Anti-pro in general.)

10. Laura (I like to ship her with Cheng-Han, because of the Miitopia intro. She's my second favorite female from the Wii U.)

11. Erick (Merrick is better, but Erick is almost as good. They're probably related.)

12. Mark (Star 10 in everything, like Xiaojian. He deserved Master, not standard! Was Nintendo HIGH when they made that ranking?!)

13. Xiaojian (Speaking of Xiaojian... He's basically the Nelly of WSC. Getting the best average score, but the worst WPU difficulty... Much like Mark, Nintendo had to have been high when making him beginner. He's babey, protect him at all costs!)

14. Jianjun (He's the Mii that is closest to being able to be made on the Wii. I like that. If only those wrinkles were on the Wii...)

15. Clara (3rd best Wii U Girl. Very cute.)

16. Marius (He does NOT look like Hitler! It's literally only the mustache.)

17. Xixi (4th best Wii U girl. She's so cute!!)

18. Susie (Smol child. Protect her at all costs.)

19. Ji-hoon (Probably one of the most recogniseable WSC CPUs since he's used in all the My Nintendo promotions. So basic he can almost be made on the Wii. Also, he is NOT creepy! He's so overhated.)

20. Alphonse (People compare him to Rainer. They're barely similar! The only similarities are hair color, head shape, skin color, and mouth. Also, he's so underrated and overhated, he deserves more love!)

Almost best

21. Zi-Kai (He gets a ton of hate because of Kiddo and Mr. Mario 28. I feel that's unreasonable, and I feel bad for him. He'd never do those things to Rachel, he's a kid! Also, I like his hair because he has the same hair as my Mii.)

22. Araceli (She looks related to the Smash Sisters. Also, Nintendo... WHY DO YOU ALWAYS PUT HER WITH KENTARO (WSC)??? SHE'S TOO YOUNG TO BE DATING HIM!)

23. Akira (The other Akira is way better, but this one is cool too.)

24. Xue-Ren (Why is he so traumatized? Did you see Pit kill someone right before your eyes? Oh well, I guess he's stuck like that. Y'know, I think Nintendo accidentially programmed his boxing skill wrong. It's like they were trying to make him Xiaojian 2.0, by making him Star 10 at everything and then hit him with the beginner. Then they messed up, making him only Level 10 in boxing.)

25. John (I don't know if I'd say he's better than Wii Music John. I don't know who's better. On a side note, he looks like a biker.)

26. Dylan (I like how he's british. That hair fits him perfectly.)

27. Chris (WAAAAAAAAY better than the other Chris. He and Joseph were the only Miis from WSC that I liked before I got the game.)

28. Massimo (He looks like Danny from the Game Grumps. I feel kinda bad for him, because on my TL, he has been rejected the most out of anyone. He got rejected by Maria (WSC) and Araceli.)

29. Rie (She's pretty cute. I like how she's in a lot of the promos for My Nintendo, like Ji-hoon.)


30. Haixiang (He has the face of a child. Looks kinda like a male Haru. How is he that tall?!)

31. Adrien (I really like the unique Miis. If he wasn't so detailed he'd be lower because he's somewhat boring outside of his face.)

32. Joost (While he is similar to Pavel, I wouldn't say he's a ripoff of him. I'm definitely starting to like him a lot more than I already do.)

33. Jin-ah (She's so basic, yet she looks like she could take on anything. I love it.)

34. Skip (Cute little boy... He deserves nothing Kiddo did to him.)

35. Kazuhiko/Kazuhiro (Barely anyone likes him. He actually reminds me of my uncle, just with a different skin color and nationality.)

36. Dunbar (Much like Skip and Zi-Kai, he deserves nothing Kiddo's ever done to him.)

37. João (Looks like a nice old guy you'd see at a Walmart. I like to think he was a jock when he was younger, but he stopped caring as he got older.)

38. Jeff (He looks like he could be Joseph's brother, but I prefer Joseph over him.)

39. Sophia (She's cute, I have a friend named Sophia, basically that's the only reason I like this Sophia. I do feel bad about what Kiddo does to her...)

40. Barry (He's cool. I like how he's the tennis coach. I also think it's odd how he's the only Mii in WSC with sunglasses.)

41. Yunyun (She's cute. Way better than Yuehua. She is super overhated, which makes me feel bad for her, which makes me like her more. Every day, I like her more and more.)

42. Carlo (Somewhat forgettable, but super underrated, and I'm really starting to like him more. Also, a drawing I made of him reminded me of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and I don't know why, but it made me like him more.)


43. Ivo (I honestly have nothing to say about him, except that he does NOT fit in beginner!)

44. Bernd (Used to hate him based on looks alone. IDK why. He's tall as f***.)

45. André (Looks very tired. Nothing else to say.)

46. Cristina (Very beautiful. Love the hair.)

47. Bowen (Looks like your stereotypical "old sensei." I like how he's pro in everything. He, Ji-hoon, and Gabriele are the only people that can pull off having the male default eyes. Yeah, I'm looking at you, WM Mia!)

48. Rui (I feel bad for him, in my Mii Survivor seasons, he was the most unlucky person. Also, there's this one book that whenever I think of what the main character looks like, I think of Rui, for some reason.)

49. Yuriko (It seems females are better at pulling off their own default eyes more than the males. There's a lot more females with female default eyes than males with male default eyes. I'd probably say their default eyes do look better than the male default eyes.)

50. Mitsu (Probably the best looking old Mii. I feel bad for her because she is bad at every sport.)

51. Rui-Lin (I like to say he's Cheng-Han and Hyun-woo's dad and Mi-sun's husband.)

52. Enrique (I used to hate him, but I've never even faced him in baseball! I'll have to wait and see if I'll hate him then, though...)

53. José (I'm starting to really like him. I might just be one of the only people who likes him tho...)

54. Bo-Jia (He's cool, I guess. Poofesure is very wrong, he looks NOTHING like Fidel Castro. If he had Ian's beard, I'd think about reconsidering, but for now... He doesn't look like Fidel. I also feel bad for him, because he did really bad in two different games of Highway Rollers that I played, even though he's a Master Mii.)

55. Jialan (I'd find her much cuter if it weren't for those eyebrows.)

Slightly Like

56. Léonie (Strong old lady. If she had played boxing, she'd almost be as strong as Na-rae.)

57. Maria (Better than the other Maria, for sure. This one looks a lot better too.)

58. Xiao-Tong (Another commonly used promotional Mii. Commonly seen with Ji-hoon and Rie. She looks kinda like Sho.)

59. Sara (I prefer Sarah, but Sara's good too.)

60. Masako (Forgettable. She was the last Mii I ever discovered. However, I am starting to like her a lot.)

61. Paula (Forgettable, but good enough to be in Slightly Like.)

62. Steven (I prefer Steve, but Steven's pretty cool. He reminds me of Stanley from The Office. He used to be in the "Like" tier, but he beat me in Highway Rollers because of Jesús picking one of the worst minigames.)

63. Se-young (She looks really horny, probably because of those eyes.)

64. Giulia (Lil baby somehow got good at sports? I like that.)

65. Elena (This girl exists, so why does Barb have her name in WPU if they're both there?! It would've been even more confusing if this Elena was also a master.)

66. David (I prefer the other David a lot more, but my headcanon for this David makes me feel bad for him.)

67. Pedro (He's super strange, but I like how OP he is. He should've been expert or master, not standard!)


68. Mizuho (Used in tons of promotions, much like Rie and Ji-hoon. She was also on the back of a cereal box once. However, she's super forgettable and a bit overrated.)

69. Millie (I constantly forget she exists, she's kinda annoying in baseball, and that nose is so damn small...)

70. Claudia (I like how she's good at everything, but that nose! Her face is such a mess.)

71. Sho (Forgettable. He should've been listed as Young instead of Child.)

72. Pian-Pian (Forgettable. She should've been listed as Child instead of Young.)

73. Marit (Probably the most forgettable person from WSC and WPU in my opinion.)

74. Mónica (She's cool... until she catches my ball in baseball. Also, what's with that hair?!)

75. Ilka (I used to not know how to pronounce her name. Also, very forgettable.)

76. Polly (She's cute, I guess.)

77. Mi-sun (I like to see her as Cheng-Han and Hyun-woo's mom, and Rui-Lin's wife. Other than that, very boring.)

78. Joana (So bad in sports, yet she gets master difficulty. How did she get master and Mark and Xiaojian not get it?!)

79. Shu-Hui (Forgettable, and she looks like a duck.)

80. Anne (Nintendo got really lazy with the names in WSC. How can there be an Anne and an Anna? She's also slightly annoying in tennis. She is cute, though.)

81. Barbara (She is annoying in tennis, but Alice is way more annoying.)

82. Irina (She reminds me of Angela from The Office, and I would like her for that if she didn't screw me over in The Balldozer. However, I've forgiven her, so she's in Neutral now.)

83. Anna (I've lost hate towards her, but I don't necessarily like her yet. I might prefer her over WS Anna one day tho...)

84. Delilah (She's a Steph clone, and I hate that, but I don't think that's enough to dislike her. She's also never been an issue for me in anything.)

Slightly Dislike

85. Na-rae (I don't like her, because back when everyone thought she was in boxing, she overshadowed Mark and Xiaojian. But, now that we know she doesn't, I lost a lot of hate towards her. This doesn't mean I'm gonna like her though.)

86. Bernardo (I'm not a fan of the hairline or the blush. I'd like him more if he had more hair and got rid of the blush.)

87. Ricardo (He looks high af... and he's a kid.)

88. Maximilian (I'd like him if he didn't steal second place for total skill level from Mark.)


89. Pavel (I would like him more, but he was kinda ruined for me by someone who was blocked on this wiki.)

90. Kaori (She got so damn lucky in Highway Rollers.)

91. Donna (The Wii Music Donna is better. This one is ugly.)

92. Daisuke (I don't like him that much, but he's certainly better than the other Daisuke. Master still doesn't really fit him though.)


93. Alice (The worse of the sisters.)

94. Leonel (Léonie is better. This guy is a total annoyance in baseball.)

95. Xiuping (Something about her is offputting, and I can't tell what. She also almost ruined a baseball game for me.)

96. Jesús (I used to really like him, but Highway Rollers completely ruined him for me. He was in last, meaning he got to pick the minigames. Out of all the minigames he would pick, he would always pick the worst of the bunch. Like, seriously? Bucking Broncos? Water Walkers? CAN YOU NOT PICK THE MINIGAMES I SUCK AT THE MOST?!)

97. Victor (Víctor is better in every way. This guy looks like an abusive father who drinks vodka to "wash away the pain." He's also an annoyance in baseball)

98. Bruce (Super ugly and annoying in baseball.)

99. Pit (Literally just a ripoff of Matt (WS). Boxing champion, sucks at baseball, sucks at tennis... They're the exact same, outside of Wii Party difficulty! However, I moved him up, because when I played him in WPU, he did really, really, bad, and I felt bad for him.)

100. Juliette (Constantly catches my balls in baseball.)


101. Yuya (It's a dumb reason to hate him, but... HOW THE F*** DID HE GET INTO THE BOXING ARTWORK WHEN HE DOESN'T EVEN PLAY?! Also, those eyes are super offputting. He also beat me in Highway Rollers after getting stupidly lucky.)

102. Hiromi (Again, hatred for her has nothing to do with baseball. She's just absurd looking and the other Hiromi is a million times better.)


104. Kentaro (The third worst name-stealer. Come on, Nintendo! Why'd you have to be so lazy with the names?! My hatred for him has nothing to do with baseball.)

105. Haruka (Back before I had WSC, I hated her for having a name close to Haru. It was kinda a dumb reason to hate her. Now that I have WSC, I have all the reasons in the world to hate her. She looks like a brat. She wants nothing more than her parents to buy her what she wants. But the true reason I hate her... SHE WON'T STOP CATCHING MY BALLS IN BASEBALL! SHE DOES IT MORE THAN ANYONE! THIS DUMBA** ALWAYS. CATCHES. THEM!!!! I AM SO F***ING HAPPY SHE GOT BEGINNER! THIS PIECE OF S*** DESERVES NOTHING MORE THAN DEATH! SHE IS ALSO EXTREMELY OVERRATED! MARIE IS WAY BETTER THAN YOU, YOU WORTHLESS GARBAGE! However, something on Discord made me hate her a little less. I still despise her though.

Greatly Despise

106. Olga (Was extremely lucky in Highway Rollers. She was in last for most of the game, but then she kept getting first places over and over again, causing her to win, and causing me to hate her. Then, she did the same thing again, causing me to hate her more. STOP GETTING LUCKY IN HIGHWAY ROLLERS, YOU BASTARD!)

107. Hee-joon (Looks like a pedo.)


108. Yuehua (She's the third most annoying baseball teammate. She's a ripoff of Yunyun. She's the ugliest Mii in Wii Sports Club.)

109. Eduardo (The other Eduardo is SO. MUCH. BETTER. This one did not deserve expert. He also got stupidly lucky in Highway Rollers. STOP GETTING LUCKY, YOU B*TCH!)

110. Matt (The other Matt is better in EVERY SINGLE WAY! This dumba** is just the opposite of him. He deserved nothing more than beginner in WPU.)


111. Faustine (Hey, can you not catch my baseballs every time you appear? While you aren't the most annoying baseball teammate (that would be Haruka), you are still pretty annoying. However, when I played Wii Party U Master Difficulty... oh boy, you had no mercy on me. She picked the worst minigames, such as Snap Judgement and Hide-and-Go-Beak, two of the worst minigames in Wii Party U. Then, she beats me in two different 1v3s. HOW?! WHY DID YOU GET MASTER DIFFICULTY?! Ugh... I HATE YOU FAUSTINE, AND I WISH YOU NEVER EXISTED! YOU ARE THE MOST OVERRATED CPU TO EVER EXIST! HARU AND HAIXIANG ARE WAY BETTER THAN YOU, YOU WORTHLESS TRASH! YOU WILL PERMENANTLY BE MY LEAST FAVORITE! STOP GETTING LUCKY, YOU PIECE OF S***!)

Non WSR/WSC Miis ranking (Best to worst)

This is a section ranking Miis who appear in games outside of Wii Sports Resort and Wii Sports Club. This includes games like Wii Music, Bejeweled 2, and Mario Kart Wii. (I'll add MKWii staff ghost ranks eventually)

  • 1. Michael Tutori- Best Wii Music Mii by far, idc what anyone says. The afro and the mustache look perfect on him. He probably has the best design out of all the Miis, maybe even better than Matt (WS)'s design. I wish he wasn't cut. He should've appeared in more games.
  • Also 1. THEO BEANIE- Theo with a beanie from a Wii Play manual. He's as good as Tutori.
  • 3. Naz- I dunno why I like him. He gives off this energy of being the kind person who's trying to make everyone smile.
  • 4. Joshua- I really like his design, and he's my favorite Mii from Bejeweled 2.
  • 5. Ethan- I really like how simplistic he is, and the hairstyle. He also kinda reminds me of Minefa5's Mii...
  • 6. Ross- Slightly resembles Saburo. Maybe it's his long lost son...
  • 7. Naoko- Kinda looks like a female default Mii. Also, she reminds me of Miyu.
  • 8. John- Basically Ryan if he shaved.
  • 9. Ray- The only Wii Mii to return in a Wii U title. (Wii Fit -> Wii Fit U) He's basically a mix of Matt and Theo.
  • 10. Jacob- I really like his design.
  • 11. Donna- Forgettable. Kinda cute though.
  • 12. Emily (Bejeweled 2)- While I do like the other Emily, I prefer this one.
  • 13. Chloe- Looks like a mix of Giovanna and Fumiko.
  • 14. Olivia- She's cool, but I'm not really a fan of her.
  • 15. Mia- Forgettable and not that cute.
  • 16. Isabella- Eh...
  • 17. Marsha- Lucía's clone. I'm neutral towards Lucía.
  • 18. Cory- Nick's clone. I like Nick, but the user ruined Cory for me.
  • 19. Daniel- I don't like how he looks like a child and an adult at the same time.
  • 20. Alex (Bejeweled 2)- Nose is too large, and he's a ripoff of Alex from Wii Sports in my opinion.
  • 21. Sophie- Creepy. Very creepy.
  • 22. Suzanne- Kathrin's clone. I despise Kathrin.
  • 23. Don- Michael's clone. Michael is my least favorite Mii, so Don is my least favorite non-WSR/WSC Mii.

Ranking the Guest Miis for no reason (Best to Worst)

I don't know why, but I feel like ranking the Guests on my profile here.

Note: I like all Guest Miis, except for one of them.

  1. Guest B (He basically got the same treatment as Matt, where he became a meme. I feel bad for both of them. The only reason why Guest B is my favorite Guest is because he looks like a friend of mine, but simplified.)
  2. Guest E (Best female Guest. I mainly like her because she looks like one of my mom's friends, but simplified.)
  3. Guest A (He just looks cool imo.)
  4. Guest F (I find it funny how she's literally just the female default Mii but with her favorite color as pink.)
  5. Guest C (Much like Guest F, I find it funny that he's just the male defaut Mii with his skin color changed.)
  6. Guest D (I don't like her, just because she looks like a rip-off of David. She's the only Guest I don't like.)

Wii Party

I have beaten every difficulty.

Favorite Minigames:

Zombie Tag

Chin-Up Champ

Delivery Duel

Cosmic Capers

Least Favorite Minigames:

Anything luck-based (Ex. Lucky Launch, Risky Railroad, Dicey Descent)

Saucer Snap

Fishin' Buddies

Crash Balls

Derby Dash


Wii Party U

Once again, I've beaten every difficulty, but it was a lot harder than the original Wii Party.

Favorite Minigames:

Moonbase Escape (My favorite)

Cliff Riders

Least Favorite Minigames:

Anything luck based

Lap Happy (Only when playing Expert and Master CPUs. Otherwise it's fine.)

Sitting Pretty (Only when playing Master CPUs.)

Water Walkers

Snap Judgement

Cage Chomp

Balance Broncos (My least favorite, but still better than Strategy Steps)

Miis that I ship

I ship Miis either if they ended up dating on Tomodachi Life or if they seem perfect for each other. No more ships will be added to the "Former TL pairs" section because that save file got corrupted. Now that I have another file, I can add more as they come along.

Former Tomodachi Life pairings (Wuhu Island 1)

Rainer x Tomoko

Nick x Jackie

Eva x Hiromasa (Married)

Abe x Misaki (Married)

Giovanna x Martin

Keiko x Theo

Yoshi x Hiroshi (Married)

Pierre x Ai

Marisa x Alex

Chika x Shohei

Abby x Joseph (Married)

Former TL Pairings (Wuhu Island 2)

Martin x Abby (Married)

Ji-hoon x Giulia (Married)

Cheng-Han x Clara (Married)

Merrick x Tomoko (Married)

William x Xixi (Married)

Alphonse x Stéphanie (Married)

Akira (WS) x Marie (Married)

Guillermo x Claudia (Married)

Emma x Hiromasa (Married)

João x Mónica (Married)

Kentaro (WS) x Sarah (Married)

Saburo x Rachel (Married)

Dunbar x Sophia (Married)

Marius x Elena (Married)

Giovanna x Greg (Married)

Rainer x Se-young (Married)

Takashi x Ashley (Married)

Cole x Jialan (Married)

Maria (WSC) x Jianjun

Xue-Ren x Julie

Ian x Masako (Married)

Joseph x Laura (Married)

Eva x Pedro (Married)

Haixiang x Miyu

Frank x Léonie (Married)

Luca x Holly

Tatsuaki x Araceli

Gabriele x Cristina

Matt (WS) x Susana

Anna (WS) x Bernd

James x Mizuho

Mark x Chika

Zi-Kai x Susie

Steve x Sandra

Andy x Ilka

Tyrone x Paula

Hyun-woo x Jin-ah

Víctor x Alisha

Pierre x Irina

Dylan x Rie (Married)

Ryan x Yoko

Theo x Keiko

Broken-up couples (from Wuhu Island 2)

Joseph and Fumiko

Sarah and George

Emma and James

Tyrone and Rie

Marco and Sara

Erick and Fumiko

Hyun-woo and Jin-ah

Non-TL Pairings

Matt (WS) x Abby (the best male x the best female)

Giovanna x Martin (I still ship this outside of TL)

Eva x Hiromasa (Same as Giovanna and Martin)

Rainer x Tomoko (See shippings above)

Miguel x Gwen (the pilots)

Abe x Ashley (Abby and Nick's parents)

Hayley x Naz (Haru's parents)

Helen x Daisuke (WS) (An entitled couple that you'd find stories about on r/entitledparents)

Cheng-Han x Laura (Miitopia opening.)

Susie x Zi-Kai (It seems like a cute childhood couple, and they play tennis together.)

Víctor x Emma (Friend connection)

Rui-Lin x Mi-sun (I like to see them as Cheng-Han and Hyun-woo's parents.)

Leonel x Mike (something about them makes me think they're gay... They're the only people I think are gay that don't have a huge age gap, and I also had no LGBTQ+ ships, so I had to add this one.)

Ji-hoon x Giulia (Seems like a cute childhood couple. I actually managed them to date on my TL, so that's a plus.)

Polly x Skip (Another cute childhood couple.)

Clara x Anne (Another pretty good LGBTQ+ couple that would probably work. In my headcanon, Clara is bi, since I also ship her with Cheng-Han because of TL.)

Merrick x Lucía (these 2 seem like they'd be a good couple for some reason.)

Marit x Chris (WSC) (Another cute childhood couple.)

Dylan x Jin-ah (IDK, it seems like a perfect couple.)

Sandra x Greg (idk honestly, I just like this shipping)

Miyu x Haixiang (No reason. I actually got this one to happen on my TL, thanks to Jialan setting them up together.)

Yuya x Patricia (Both of them are lucky bastards in Highway Rollers.)

Haru x Xiaojian (I really like this one.)

Na-rae x Ross (Something on Discord.)

Midori x Greg (Midori deserved somebody, and Greg was the only person I could think of.)

Bernardo x Joana (I was tyring to come up with new ships for the old Miis, and I really like this one. It's basically the same case with some of the 8 ships below this one.)

Bowen x Mi-sun (See Bernardo x Joana)

Carlo x Anna (WSC) (See Bernardo x Joana)

Frank x Léonie (See Bernardo x Joana)

Gerald x Mitsu (See Bernardo x Joana, plus, I wanted this to become something on my TL a while back.)

Ivo x Nelly (See Bernardo x Joana. This was the last one I came up with. I was a bit desperate for this one.)

Jesús x Xiuping (See Bernardo x Joana)

João x Mónica (This one is here because it was on my Tomodachi Life.)

Kentaro (WSC) x Yoshi (See Bernardo x Joana)

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