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Hey. I'm Changer36! I'm an active editor here. I like to come up with new ideas for the wiki, stated below.

I've never been that intrested in Wii U CPUs as much as the Wii CPUs, so that's why they don't have a ranking anymore.

My all time favorite is Chika, followed by Lucia and Midori, and my favorite Non-CPU is Naoko.

If you want to tell me something, don't hesitate to do so. Enjoy your time here!

Status Updates

  • August 17, 2021 - I joined this wiki!
  • August 30, 2021 - I got Rui's badge!
  • September 8, 2021 - I got Adrien's badge!
  • September 24, 2021 - I got Irina's badge!
  • October 2, 2021 - I joined DeviantArt!
  • October 11, 2021 - Chika dethroned Lucia as my new favorite Mii!
  • October 24, 2021 - I got Bruce's badge!
  • November 11, 2021 - I hit 1000 edits!
  • November 17, 2021 - I hit 1000 posts!
  • November 18, 2021 - I joined Discord!
  • November 27, 2021 - Naoko dethroned Marsha as my new favorite Non-CPU Mii!
  • December 3, 2021 - I got Maria's badge!
  • December 6, 2021 - I hit 2000 edits!
  • December 10, 2021 - I left Discord...
  • December 10, 2021 - I now have 10,000 achivement points!
  • December 16, 2021 - I'm on the leaderboard!

Names I Can Be Called

  • Changer36
  • Eddy
  • Eddie
  • Edward

Fun Facts About Me

  • I have many intresting OCs I would like you guys to see. I will publish a blog post about it someday.
  • I also have a DeviantArt. Although my FANDOM page is still up, I am more active on DA than on here. https://www.deviantart.com/changingiscool36

Ideas for the Wiki

  • I want to ask someone to remove the PRO Always badges and also make badges for the Non-CPUs.
  • I am adding armor and appearance data under the "Armors --- wear in Showdown" table. This is my main focus. Though, it's gonna take me forever.
  • I am rearranging Wii Mii galleries. If you want to know the order they'll be in, you can view the blog post for it.
  • I am uploading new versions of September 2020 Nintendo leak images that look bad.
  • I am adding in templates for the Wii Play & Motion articles.

Questions and Answers

Q. Who are your favorite Miis?

A. Pierre, Midori, Lucia and Chika!

Q. Who are your least favorite Miis?

A. Patrick, Shinta, Sakura and Elisa.

Q. Who do you think is underrated?

A. Probably Chika, Lucia, Ryan, Alisha, Holly, Stephanie, Marisa, Mia, Giovanna, Gwen, Gabriele, Hiromasa, Megan, Pablo, Tatsuaki and Takashi...etc. The following Miis, especially the ones who debuted in Wii Sports Resort, are given no mercy AT ALL! And for some (Pablo, Tatsuaki, Takashi, Alisha, Megan) are for the STUPIDEST of reasons.

Q. Who do you think is overrated?

A. Matt, Greg, Sakura, Elisa, Shinta and Hiromi. They are loved by many around me. Obviously, I hate them for other reasons, but that certainly doesn't help them.

Q. Do you have any ships?

A. I actually do.

Chika X Eddy (Chiddy (Yes, I made that ship, deal with it.)

Chika X Lucia (Chicia (The two best Miis, lol))

Chika X Shohei (Chihei (A user on here kinda agrees. Apparently, Chika slightly crushes on Shohei, but he doesn't love her back.))

Miyu X Lucia (Miyucia (Classic LGBTQ ship.))

Miyu X Midori (Miyuori (Same as Miyucia.))

Elisa X Sakura (Elikura (The two worst Miis, lol))

Nickolas X Abby (Nickby (A ship with another human being that actually works, lol))

Stephanie X Saburo (Stephburo (Someone on DA shipped these two.))

Alsiha X Rainer (Alishaner (Looking like a rich couple.))

Holly X GIovanna (Hollanna (Same as Miyucia and Miyuori.))

Holly X Vincenzo (Hollenzo (Now Holly is somewhat in danger...))

Q: Will someone ever dethrone Chika as your favorite?

A: Well, even though Lucia is tied for first and Pierre is helpful as one can be in Wii Party, Chika is just so darn cute and fun...She'll always be my favorite.

Q: Will someone ever dethrone Elisa as your least favorite?

A: Well, over Summer 2021, a pathetic annoyingly challenge in Boxing has made Elisa completely dethrone Patrick, but now between Elisa and Sakura...Well, Sakura's worst in terms of design, and Elisa's worst in terms of annoyance. So I don't know WHAT to think.

Q: Do you take requests?

A: Always. Unless noted otherwise. I'm a colored brown-yellow drawer, so that's something. (Brown means I draw often and is quick at doing so. Yellow means I am shy and my works are really cool. I think I suck when I am a colored yellow.)

Favorite Wii Miis 1-10

  • Chika and Lucia, best girls!
  • Pierre (Fancy design, helpful in Wii Party, and is a challenge in almost everything he's in!)
  • Midori (Cute design and name meaning, and fun in everything she's in!
  • Haru (Her design is SO cute, and she's a challenge in Baseball and is even better in Basketball.)
  • Miyu (Did not deserve what she had to go through. Being called Dora as well...)
  • Nick (Kinda underrated, has a really good design, and oof, how much did he get held back in WSR and WP? He seriously deserves better!)
  • Sarah (2nd best champion. She did not deserve the overshadowment.)
  • Mia (Underrated. She's not forgettable and she's helpful a few things. Undeserving of many bad things...:()
  • Eddy (Shares a name with me, and challenging in Swordplay and Cycling. Doesn't deserve Elisa in Basketball.)

Honorable Mentions: Alisha, Miguel, Ashley, Abe, Eva, Ryan, Shinnosuke, Yoko, Misaki, Stephanie, Shohei, Keiko. Luca, Saburo, Susana

Least Favorite Wii Miis 91-100

  • Greg (Great Wall of China in Return Challenge. He likes to be pathetic and be freaking lazy, and stands there, THE WHOLE TIME! I hate his stupid smug look too.)
  • Fritz (A literal torture method in Wii Party, and did not deserve to be a Cliffs Reverse boss.)
  • Matt (Not a god, he's a False God.)
  • Takumi (Same as Maria, except WORSE. I even hated him when I was 7.)
  • Jake (Creepy and annoying.)
  • SHINTA, actually overrated, stupid looking and just annoying.

Dishonorable Mentions: Rachel, Tommy, Chris, Hiroshi, Emily, James, Daisuke, Barbara, Sandra, Jackie, Hiromi

How I rank the Miis from the Wii

Changer36's opinions on Miis.png


  • 100. Elisa (I don't care what anyone says, I will forever hate her. First, I hate her design. Those eyes look awful on her, and her petty-looking mouth does NOT sit right AT ALL! Also, Tennis. She freaking OVERSHADOWS Sarah to be the Tennis Champion! Even Wii Party. Sarah's a literal legend, and you're a pathetic worm, and yet YOU BECOME AN ADVANCED MII OF ALL THINGS WHILE SHE BECOMES A BEGINNER! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, NINTENDO?! Heck, even the Wii Message Board doesn't give a literal crap about Sarah, who is NEVER mentioned in the message, but ELISA DOES GET MENTIONED! In-game as well. She does nothing, and sometimes she YEETS it over to the end of the court. How pathetic. Oh, not only that. But she was a literal pain in the neck in Boxing. Over the summer, that made her my least favorite Mii. She had NO MERCY on me in the ring. Heck, the game itself doesn't give a crap about my mental health, and WHAT does the game do? MAKE ELISA RETURN! And Board Game Island doesn't make it better. She landed on a UFO, and so the dice landed on me, and then she swapped with me, causing me to do bad for the ENTIRE GAME!!!! AND OF COURSE IT DOESN'T HELP THAT SHE FREAKING WON IT!!!!!!! Daidek (who is, FYI, my bitter rival) made a couple of points of my hating of Elisa using a fictional character called "Drawde" and he appearently made Drawde and Elisa a ship. That legit made me hate Elisa even more, because I cannot go 5 seconds without thinking of the hell Daidek put me through when looking at Elisa. I swear, because of him and Paige the wiki was never the same as it was in June 2021. Mystic literally caused shit to me on DAY ONE because I hate everything about Elisa's freaking GUTS. Of course, he has done much more, but I prefer not to go into further detail In conclusion, her design, Tennis, Boxing, Wii Party, and A USER ON HERE HAS MADE ME HATE ELISA MORE THAN EVER! MAN YOU ELISA! YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE A CHAMPION OR AN ADVANCED MII AT ALL! SARAH DESERVED WAY BETTER THAN WHAT SHE GOT, AND YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN ANTI-PRO AND A PATHETIC BEGINNER MII! BUT I'M BEING SERIOUS, CHIKA, LUCIA, NICK, MIYU, RYAN, MEGAN, FUMIKO, SHINNOSUKE, ALISHA OR EVEN MARIA COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER OFF WITH YOUR SKILLS! SO ELISA, STOP PATHETICALLY, BLANDLY STARING AT ME LIKE THAT, DO EVERYONE ON WUHU ISLAND A FAVOR, AND GET OUT!!!!!!!!) *SIGH*
  • 100 as well. Sakura (Honestly not suprised that HowILoveIt, MaiLightApple and WuhuTourist despise you so much, because YOU DESERVE IT. She is the most RIGGED Baseball champion EVER! She throws PATHETICALLY. Off-plate 80% of the time, I'm not joking. They say she confuses the player, but she does it almost every time, it's just bland! The only good thing about her is that she has Nick, Miyu, Pierre and Steve on her team. Everyone else has caused me problems, either on their personal team or Sakura's team. You taught them unwell, Sakura! It's all your fault! She is most luckiest freak in Wii Party too. Whenever I play with her in Board Game Island, she always, and I mean ALWAYS gets thrown ahead by the blue stone! She makes the game RIGGED when doing that!!! She is rigged when playing Shifty Gifts as well. I don't know how, but EVEN when there's wind coming, HER GIFTS STAY STILL! AND SHE WINS THE MINIGAME EVERYTIME IN MASTER DIFFCULTY! Oh, and don't even get me STARTED on Balance Boat! She caused us to lose Clover Hunt, because she couldn't help me AT ALL to save her life! I began to trust her when I put a heavy person on the boat. I put it om the left side, and so she got a smaller person, and WHAT does she do? PUT THE PERSON ON THE SAME SIDE OF THE BIG ONE! She made me lose what could have been a great game at the beginning. Plus, she plays with Greg in Basketball and has Takumi on her Baseball team, and that is just SAD. Not to mention, she's also HORRIBLY OVERRATED. She's a BIG PAIN IN THE ASS in Baseball...BuT oH, sHe JuSt LoOkS sO pReEtY! Does a wrinkly, nose-eating, unnervingly-grinning girl look PRETTY to you? The rollercoaster situation doesn't help at all. I also STRONGLY dissaprove of her design. Just seeing her makes me cringe! It looks like she's kissing her nose with how close it is to her freaking mouth! JUST SEEING HER MAKES ME MAD! NICK WAS ALWAYS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE BETTER A BETTER BASEBALL PLAYER THAN YOU, AND SARAH, LUCIA, ANNA, AND EVEN TOMMY WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER CHAMPIONS THAN YOU, SAKURA! MAN YOU! I CAN'T WOWIN STAND HER! SHE IS JUST INCHES AWAY FROM BEING THE WORST MII TO EVER EXIST!!!) *SIGH*

Living Nuisance

  • 98. Matt (Boxing was bad enough, plus becoming a meme and freaking LOVED by all was MORE than bad enough, but NOPE! He had NO MERCY in Baseball, catching balls like the annoyance he is. WOW! JUST WOW! He is also PATHETIC in Swordplay. I would expect him to be easy, considering I know a thing or two, but the fact that he is THAT easy is beyond me. He stayed in the same blocking pose while he swayed to his left getting hit by my sword. Come on, guy! Step it up! Be the actual challenge that Lucia is! He did NOT deserve Master, and he only got the highest ranked diffculty because he's iconic to the Wii, which, in all honesty, he doesn't deserve. This guy takes the trophy for being the most non-logical, overrated Mii of all time! He also takes the title of "using good gurls to get attention" champion. I HATE IT! Managed to team up with Chika in Basketball, Miyu in Tennis and Lucia in Friend Connection. They are ranked the Best Pair too! HOO, BOY DO I NOT LIKE THAT! YOU MANAGED TO BE RANKED AS THE WORST MALE MII OF ALL TIME! STAY AWAY FROM MIYU, CHIKA, AND LUCIA, YOU WHORE!)
  • 97. Shinta (He's OVERRATED if you think about it! Everyone's loving him 'cause he got a lot of hate in the past. I also hate his design! I agree with MarioLuigiFanTheTeen. He looks like he's about to sneeze with that stupid helicopter nose he has! Also annoying in Swordplay Duel and Showdown. His Showdown Stage is probably my least favorite one of ALL TIME! The Purple Armor Thins do NOTHING, simply NOTHING to be a challenge (although there are a few that I actually like)! Plus, Sakura is a Purple Thin AND part of his boss group, which is a HUGE minus! He does NOT fit as a boss AT ALL! And I REGRET giving him a chance in the first place!)
  • 96. Patrick (First off, he's so ugly! That caveman-like vibe to him is SO unfitting and weird. Second, he's annoying to play with at all times. He had NO MERCY on me in Swordplay Duel. Plus, in Cycling, when I was trying to complete the 5th stage, "Up the Volcano", the minute I got near him, he bonked me right in to the water, which left me behind the High PROs for a while. Ugh! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, PATRICK! WORST MALE MII BY FAR!)
  • 95. Jake (Annoying in Swordplay and Boxing. I was on the road to champion. The minute I got up to the ring, he kept me there, in pain. Plus, he stole Chika's spot as PRO Class Beginner in Swordplay. WHY??? Chika's an Anti-PRO who was so close to NOT being one! He looks so ugly too, his eyes are as small as Steve's and he has no eyebrows! He is undeserving of Expert too! GREAT FOR YOU, BAD FOR ME! UGH!)
  • 94. Takumi (Baseball was HELL with this man. Mostly every ball he hit either went to the outfield. Oh, and Stage 19 of Showdown? He started defending himself and hitting me to the sides like EASE, as if he was the Great Wall of China! It doesn't help that he was the FIRST OPPONENT!)


  • 93. Fritz (He is REALLY an annoyance in Wii Party. He just gets all the luck there is! Risky Railroad he always wins too...IT'S ABSURD! He also plays with Matt in Basketball, and THAT is just SAD. Lucia doesn't deserve you in that same sport, with a PEDO LIKE YOU, FRITZ!)
  • 92. Greg (Return Challenge. That's it. He was literally the Great Wall of China, wanting to hurt himself. I'm happy and mad at the same time. Happy because he WANTS to hurt himself, and mad because he is preventing me from getting my darn stamp! Also, based on his internal ID, looks and diffculty in Wii Party, he's basically a younger Jake, and I DESPISE Jake, so that's a minus!)
  • 91. Chris (More pathetic than ever. He sucks in Tennis too, plus he looks like he saw a ghost.)
  • 90. Tommy (SUPER RIGGED IN BASKETBALL! I just realized that NOW! Oh, and on a side note, I used to like him because he was underrated, but Swordplay Duel and Wii Party made me hate him again. Also, that head shape on him looks awful! Also, he looks like a male Sakura with his absurd looks, and I LOATHE Sakura, so that's a minus!)


  • 89. Hiroshi (He really drives me insane in Tennis, with his idiotic shots. Plus, his design is bad. His lips look like they're melting. He's also really forgettable.)
  • 88. Emily (I used to like her because she was underrated, but now I see her true colors. She was annoying in Table Tennis, Baseball, and Bingo. How can she always win the game by NOT freaking using her turn?)
  • 87. Sandra (Her design is SO BAD, and she's boring in other sports. Also annoying in Board Game Island with her bullcrap luck. She's kind of fun in Table Tennis, but that's not saying much.)
  • 86. James (This man is, I repeat, an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE in Swordplay Duel! He attacks as quick as Matt, and whenever I try and defend myself, he goes full DARK MAUL on me! Kinda annoying in Basketball too. Only thing keeping him lower id that he's the Cycling Referee.)


  • 85. Daisuke (This man's just annoying in Swordplay Showdown whenever he appears as a Black Armor. Plus, I don't like his design that much, his beard looks messed up. At least he plays with Chika and Alisha in Basketball. He used to be in Despise, but he's growing on me.)
  • 84. Barbara (She doesn't look good, and she's a bad boss.)
  • 83. Jackie (I used to like her, but then she became annoying and lucky in Swap Meet. She also had me stuck on Swordplay Duel for a while. What has gotten into her all of a sudden?)
  • 82. Steph (Looks...and Swordplay Showdown.)
  • 81. Hiromi (She's so overrated...like why? Plus, she's annoying in Swordplay Duel.)
  • 80. Rachel (Pissed me off in Board Game Island along with Sandra, and ruined Midori's chance at winning a game of Spin-Off. Also overrated.)
  • 79. Abby (Can this woman be MORE overrated? I know four people who have her as their favorite Mii...AND I'M SICK OF IT! Her design is bland too. Her grin is Sakura level unsettling.)
  • 78. Julie (She's growing onto me. I'm getting used to her look nowadays. She isn't as annoying in Baseball either.)
  • 77. Eduardo (He's not enjoyable to play against, TBH. He looks like a pedo. What's interesting is that he used to be the Cycling Coach, but I'm happy that Vincenzo got that job instead.)

Slightly Dislike

  • 76. Oscar (Basically nothing to say. IDK why I even liked him in the first place.)
  • 75. David (He's kinda overrated and a bit annoying in Baseball, but at least he has good Tennis teammates...)
  • 74. Silke (She's somehow growing on me, and IDK why. Probably because she hasn't done anything to me in a while. She's SO underrated.)


  • 73. Maria (She was annoying in Baseball and Black Armor, but I honestly think her design isn't that hideous than I thought it was, and on top of that, she didn't do much to me in a log time. She's also CRIMINALLY underrated.)
  • 72. Tomoko (Other than having a bad design, she...really hasn't done ANYTHING AT ALL. That means I hated for nothing other than having a bad design...)
  • 71. Helen (I call her a Karen because of how she looks. And why is your mouth so close to your nose? It's absurd! Almost as absurd as Sakura! But she's also annoying in Baseball and Table Tennis. Table Tennis...She ONLY does backspins!)

Slightly Like

  • 70. Anna (She has less titles that she did before, thanks to her Tennis and Boxing PRO Class Beginner title removed.)
  • 69. Michael (I'm liking that he's high ranked, I'm liking that he looks related to Kathrin...I'm starting to like this guy now.)
  • 68. Hayley (She seems to be underrated. I honestly feel bad. But WHY does she play with Daisuke and Takumi in Tennis?)
  • 67. Tyrone (Somewhat fun in Boxing, but he DEFINITELY would have been higher up if he didn't hog the Black Armor three times...that's just ridiculous, dude. I also somewhat do not like his design. At least he plays with Eva in Basketball and makes a good ship with her.)


  • 66. Ursula (She looks like the shy and secretive person.)
  • 65. Cole (Why does everyone hate him for being the first boss of Showdown?! He's boring, yes, but still, I like him. He was kinda fun in Wii Party.)
  • 64. Ian (Only reason I like him is because he made Miyu and Lucia Black Armor. Other than that, not much to say about this man.)
  • 63. Asami (Short and adorable! Actually quickly helped me in Rodent Rundown too. I don't see how she looks like a fish, though.)
  • 62. Kentaro (He used to be annoying in Baseball, but I like his design, and that he plays Basketball with Nick and Baseball with Luca and Abby. Also, he's very underrated. One user seems to like him and said he deserved Black Armor, but that was ironic considering he's in "Despise" on his tier list. Your poor guy...So, I like him again.)
  • 61. Shouta (He isn't that much of a problem in Tennis anymore. Looks cool in Black Armor too.)
  • 60. Jessie (She ain't doing so bad in Baseball. She's underrated, and it makes me feel sad...)
  • 59. Emma (I just like her presence. Black n' blonde, ya know? She's also underrated...)
  • 58. Tatsuaki (He's tough and buff! He was a good challenge in Boxing too.)
  • 57. Andy (I'm sorry, but WHY does he play with Steph in Tennis AND Baseball? At least he also plays with Keiko in those two sports, that saved him from being in Neutral. Looks like he could be a comedian. He's underrated, too, and it makes me sad.)
  • 56. Pablo (Quite worthy in Basketball.)


  • 55. Kathrin (She's growing onto me. It's been a long time since she was annoying to me, and she's REALLY underrated too. I also LOVE how she looks in Black Armor.)
  • 54. Takashi (Back then, every user used to hate him because of his looks...Which really pisses me off. People can hate a person because of their looks, but also be a nuisance in something, but this man...oh man...)
  • 53. Rainer (I like his design, and he's mostly fun in Wii Party.)
  • 52. Nelly (OP old lady! I love it! She should have been at least an Advanced in Wii Party. She's pretty challenging in Table Tennis too.)
  • 51. Yoshi (Great teacher for Lucia, and plays Basketball with Midori and Theo! and quite underrated as well. She had a good improvement to WSR too.)
  • 50. Steve (Basically male Yoshi.)


  • 49. Gabi (That eyeshadow really makes her have personality. Plus, she looks awesome as a boss, and very underrated too. Swordplay Duel. She actually wasn't all that hard. Either the placements screwed up or she just felt bad for me that I had to go through JAMES. Either way, I really appreciate her for that.)
  • 48. Marisa (Some parts of her is proof of why Marisa is pretty and not ugly. Plus, she looks AWESOME in Black Armor. She made some Miis I love Black Armor in her boss stage as well. Plus, based off her internal ID and looks, and also diffculty in Wii Party, she's basically Lucia's mother, and I honestly cherish Lucia.)
  • 47. George (I will agree with HowILoveIt, he does look like an easygoing farmer. He wears Black Armor in Stage 20! He also plays with Chika in Basketball! But WHY does he play with Matt and Fritz in that same sport?)
  • 46. Martin (He has a good design! His shades are awesome! Plus, I feel bad for his skills, and he was a worthy challenge in Cycling.)
  • 45. Marco (It's-a-me, Marco! He looks awesome in Black Armor too.)
  • 44. Rin (She's very easy to recreate and looks awesome in Black Armor.)
  • 43. Ai (Same as Jackie, except she wasn't annoying in Swap Meet. And I feel bad for her because she gets hate because she is a brick wall in Swordplay, but I don't hate her for that, in fact she was a challenge in that sport. She should have been an Advanced. AI is the future!)
  • 42. Giovanna (Underrated. Those eyes really give her personality, and she plays with Keiko in Basketball. She looks like she could be Holly's best friend, honestly feel bad for her because she looks related to Elisa.)
  • 41. Naomi (She's really fascinating and underrated. I feel bad that she's an Anti-PRO and 98th place in Cycling. She seriously deserves more love!)
  • 40. Gabriele (Epic Italian Man. I do nit mind his looks at all! He's funny looking. His boss apperance is GODLIKE! He gives me a good challenge in Stage 10. Plus, he plays with Stephanie in Basketball and is an cool Advanced Mii.)
  • 39. Megan (She is quite boring in sports, but not as useless as Chris. I feel bad for her cause she's the lowest ranked Mii in both Average and Total Skill, and gets hated for it. And she should have been at least an Advanced in Wii Party!)

Really Adore

  • 38. Akira (I love his shades and his improvement to Wii Sports Resort...I keep wishing he was Black Armor, due to his one-hearted status, and him being a PRO in Swordplay.)
  • 37. Alex (I love his design, with the dreadlocks and all that. Plus I love the French, and that he slightly improved in Wii Sports Resort. He isn't too annoying to play with, and he should have been Purple or even Black Armor in Showdown! He definitely deserves more than Beginner!)
  • 36. Mike (I would have made this man be a Expert in Wii Party. Plus, I find it interesting that he's the Extreme Canoeist. Also, he's very underrated. MarioWiiTheFan360 said he looked like a "dumb pedo of Matt" which does NOT make sense AT ALL! You poor guy...)
  • 35. Vincenzo (He's a helpful guide in Cycling. If it wasn't for him then Cycling would have been a total annoyance to me. He also looks cool.)

Extremely Adore

  • 34. Theo (Average bisexual kid who is OP as hecc! ^^)
  • 33. Holly (She makes a good challenge in Table Tennis, and a girl who is obsessed with the 80s is a HUGE yes for me! It's just her stereotype, people...I also like how she's an Advanced in Wii Party.)
  • 32. Fumiko (She deserved so much better. At least she's good enough in Table Tennis...but Advanced isn't enough! She deserved Expert.)
  • 31. Víctor (He's OP! I wish he was a PRO in Basketball, and since he's a PRO in Swordplay, she should have in Black Armor. People never saw his full potential I guess...)
  • 30. Hiromasa (That goofy grin! Plus, he's a great boss for the Forest.)
  • 29. Gwen (She always comes up in the sky, to have a good time. But, first of all, I don't even know about some of y'all, but she looks SO CUTE! I agree of what Great Soup! Thinks of her! She's a good challenge in Swordplay and looks awesome in Black Armor too...I feel bad that she's so bad in Total Skill Level and Cycling too. Plus, she got me the stamp "Camera Shy" my first day. And of course, I like to ship her with Miguel.)
  • 28. Siobhán (She's an OP kitty cat! She deserved at least Expert, as she is high skilled and a worthy backspinner in Table Tennis. I also like how she teams up with Shinnosuke and Saburo in Basketball. She reminds me of Nick for some reason, but I really love it!)
  • 27. Ren (He's also a cute nerdy boi! He makes a good challenge in Boxing too. HE IS NOT BORING!)
  • 26. Sota (He looks unique, he looks like Ai's sibling, and I like that. He's also so OP and a challenge in Wii Sports Resort! He deserved at least an Expert in Wii Party!)
  • 25. Luca (He looks really cool, and I feel bad for him because he never got the chance to be a PRO in one sport. His best sport is Boxing, and he deserved Expert instead of Standard.)
  • 24. Keiko (She looks like a very sweet girl. She plays Baseball with Eva and Tennis with Yoko, which I like. But I feel bad that she sucks at Table Tennis though...She deserved more than a lowly 30! I'm really glad she got Expert.)
  • 23. Saburo (He's a detoriation Mii, just like Sarah. He also got Beginner in Wii Party, as if getting downgraded in WSR wasn't bad enough? He needs at least Expert.)
  • 22. Misaki (She's so pretty, and just like Haru, she has a GODLIKE Basketball team! She has Haru and Abe, and plays on Pierre and Shohei's teams! I do love her improvement to Wii Sports Resort and her Black Armor appearances too.)
  • 21. Ryan (STOP. RYAN. ABUSE.)

Living Legends

  • 20. Susana (She's really growing on me. She's a fun high PRO in Basketball and Cycling, she's OP, her favorite color is black...I just love her a lot to be honest. Many people see an ugly lesbian, but I see a tomboy trying to be herself. She's also one of the more fun Expert Miis. Plus, her and Shohei are Basketball buds. Susana judges Shohei by his height. "Aww...Look at you! So adorable!" And I honestly thought that was also adroable. If you seen that deviation that Arra made on DA, you'd know what I'm talking about.)
  • 19. Shohei (Lkennedy1410 made me like this Mii more than ever. She said thet people only hate her because of Table Tennis and his eyes? Thank you, Grace, for talking to me about the tragic abuse of this Mii. I used to not like him for Table Tennis, because he was too hard, but those eyes really add in to his uniqueness. I like it. Plus, he and Susana are Basketball buds, and he's actually really OP. Oh, and he and Shinta should swap diffculties, because Shohei seems fit for Expert, while Shinta does NOT! :()
  • 18. Stéphanie (Imma make this clear. Very underrated Mii. She's fun in Swordplay Showdown, Basketball, and Table Tennis. She's very OP. She deserved every bit of Master. Her design too. Why do her slanted eyes get criticized? I find them and her cute. Also one of my ships with Pierre. I imagine her as Pierre's clumsy buisness partner.)
  • 17. Yoko (She's one of the best bosses, she looks awesome, and she gives it her all in Boxing. Also plays with Keiko and Mike in Tennis. I just find her very fun to play against.)
  • 16. Shinnosuke (He was helpful in Baseball. I took him down at ease. He also looks cool, because he managed to pull off that bow cut like THAT. Well done, Shinno! I'm gonna decide to love him more now, considering he's now underrated...Seriously, a lot of people despise him now because of his design and BASEBALL? Also, don't forget MaiLightApple...I also feel ever so bad for him AGAIN because he looks related to Shinta.)
  • 15. Eva (She's so OP! I love it! I also love that she's a Black Armor in Stage 10, a challenge in Swordplay Duel (she’s a very good defender and I earned 2 stamps while competing against her), and that she's a PRO in everything (except Table Tennis, sadly)! She needs Master, no doubt! I like to imagine her and Tyrone as a couple.)
  • 14. Abe (He's OP and deserved to regain his PRO status in Cycling, after having lost it, he might have gone into a deep depresssion. He got hit hard in Wii Party though. Standard? C'mon Nintendo! He deserved Master! HE'S RANKED #2 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!)
  • 13. Ashley (She looks like a nice lady. She also gave me a challenge in Tennis. She was always fun to play with when I first played Standard Difficulty in Wii Party. I like to ship her with Abe too. They seem like an OTP for life!)
  • 12. Alisha (Underrated. People are saying she didn't deserve Master because of skills...WHEN THAT'S WHAT SHE REALLY DESERVED! It's the same situation with Cycling, having the Cycling Champion title stolen from you.)
  • 11. Miguel (All you can do is love him. He's just so helpful in Island Flyover, while also taking you down to the Island, along with Gwen, who which I keep thinking is his wife. He really dosn't deserve to be a Basketball Beginnner. He's an awesome boss!)
  • 10. Eddy (This guy shares a name with me, and that's simply put, awesome! He's really fun to play with at times, especially Swordplay and Cycling. He's also really helpful in the Pair minigames in Wii Party, as he actually was one of the few who helped me in Clover Hunt! He looks simply AMAZING in Thin Purple Armor as well. It's a shame he didn't wear the Normal version (The one Stephanie has in Stage 6). He just doesn't have a care in the world. Fun fact, he was actually my favorite Mii WAY before I joined this wiki, even before WiiSportsandMIiLover joined. Plus, he's basically Pierre's younger brother, and I cherish Pierre! That's a huge plus!)
  • 9. Mia (She is not forgettable! I swear, she might be like, the Mii called forgettable most times, and everyone dislikes her for that...I feel bad. Plus, she's one of the very few green armors in Stage 19, and the only one to not appear in the next...That she didn't deserve. She ALSO didn't deserve Beginner! She deserved Master. She's PRO two times, in Table Tennis and Cycling, which makes me feel happy for her more. And speaking of Cycling, one time I was out of breath, and while the other high-ranked cyclists were speeding ahead of me, she decides to slow down for a while, causing me to get a better placement in the 5th stage! I thank her for that!)
  • 8. Sarah (Same as Saburo. She's BY FAR the best boss! Why did she get downgraded? I guess Nintendo doesn't like her much...At least Saburo is a PRO in Cycling. But Sarah's PRO Status is no where to be freaking found! Plus, she got OVERSHADOWED by THAT ABOMINATION of a Mii and is no where to be seen on the Message Board....And to top it all off, she got BEGINNER...You poor girl...)
  • 7. Nick (I love his design...he's a cute nerdy boi! His design reminds me of Abby, which I love! He's so worthy in Boxing and Baseball! In fact, he REALLY should have been the champion of Baseball, not THAT ABOMINATION of a Mii. Sadly, his skills have decreased in Wii Sports Resort, being below 500 in all sports, and the vice-beginner in Cycling. And he got Standard in Wii Party too, which he didn't deserve at all! If I had to make him become a PRO at a sport, I would make him a PRO in Basketball, that's all.)
  • 6. Miyu (I just feel bad for her. At least she's really good in Baseball! I like how she plays with Nick too. But she plays Tennis with Matt while also having a trash skill level too...And to to it all off, she got Beginner...BEGINNER! You poor thing...Also, she's my favorite admin's favorite Mii. She does NOT look like Dora, you mindless idiots!)
  • 5. Haru (She's adorable and you can't deny that. she's so easy to recreate, and she's fun at times! She's so fun in Baseball, and I LOVE her Black Armor appearance! Not to mention that she's a challenge in Basketball! She has a GODLIKE basketball team! Misaki and Abe? WOW! Plus, she caused me to go to MAX level in Table Tennis Post-Champion after many people were complete jerks to me. I thank her for that!)
  • 4. Midori (I just love her so much! She has a great design! Nintendo was really clever making her hair and favorite color green, because her name means green in Japanese. I also love how she's a challenge in Basketball and Swordplay. She also plays Basketball with Theo and she's really fun to play with too! Did she HAVE to have a trash skill level in Table Tennis, to ruin her awesome stats in WSR? Plus, it's basically the same situation with Shohei, but with WuhuTourist and 3Bebo3. Plus, she did awful in a Spin-Off game. Halfway through the game, she had only 200 medals! She then got a big boost with 37,000 medals, only for half of them to be taken away by Rachel. SHE DIDN'T EVEN WIN IT!)


  • 3. Pierre (Lemme make this clear: I adore OP Miis. Pierre is definitely the most OP Mii you can find. He always manages to be a challenge in every sport, even the Tennis related sports (the only ones he's not a PRO at, sadly). I also love how he's a challenge in Basketball, and that he teams up with Shohei and Misaki in that sport. I cherish his talent in Cycling as well, because he managed to stay strong while Nelly and Tommy are lacking their skills in Cycling. A worthy challenge there as well. Also, are we just gonna ignore the fact that he has a hidden talent in him in Wii Party? He's one of the least annoying Master Miis, unlike that...nose loving cherry blossomed girl...*cough* Sakura *cough* But anyways, his luckness lways tries to be hidden. He's also very helpful in Balance Boat. He helped me win Rodent Rundown by guarding the rat and leting me go in. He was the first teammate I had that when that minigame appeared in the game, we won it. We also got first in Beginner! I'm not kidding. FIRST. He helped me unlock intermediate. I absolutely love his design too. Unlike a few people, I think the mole fits him! He deserves every bit of becoming #1 in Total Skill Level. And on top of that, I'd love to see him in Black Armor. Plus, when WiiSportsandMiiLover first joined the WSW, he had Pierre as his favorite Mii...I love Pierre for that too because of nostalgia. So, that's basically it. He's the best male BY FAR!)
  • 1 as well. Lucía (So there are just a ton of reasons why I love this freckled son of a gun so much! Her design is straight up adorable. She just looks like a cute tomboy who wants to have fun with everyone! I love her pigtails too They are so iconic, as Lkennedy1410 says. Second, she's the best Champion! Apparently, people just don't get it. "She's too hard to beat because she's a cheater" But she's not. It's called "being a worthy challenge"! I also cherish how there's another sport that she's a PRO at. Cycling, along with Pierre. And she's a worthy challenge there as well. Third, she's a really fun Master Mii! She's one of the actual good Master Miis to play with, unlike *cough* Steph *cough* Takumi *cough*. Plus, she's a helpful one in Balance Boat. We got 5th place in the rankings as a pair! And I feel bad for her because she has Matt and Fritz in Basketball...The list goes on why I love this gurl so much! Best Champion and Master Mii!)
  • 1 as well. Chika (Underrated. But, for the most part, unlike some people, I absolutely LOVE her design. Gwumpy! She looks like a shy, gothic gurl who wants to be left alone. I love it so much. And then there was WSR. She was a fun and worthy challenge in Table Tennis, and she has a shoe, which makes her funny to look at as an opponent! Although...I will never forget the time when Jake stole a PRO class title from her in Duel and Speed Slice. Bruh, he's already the 3rd best Mii in Boxing, and Chika was an Anti-Pro who was SO CLOSE TO NOT BEING ONE!!! And then there was the other freaking times when she struggled...I really hate the fact that she plays with Matt and Daisuke in Basketball and that she's partnered up with James in Balance Boat and Fritz in Flycycle Team. Then Beginner...Beginner diffculty in Wii Party! You're telling me that Sandra and Eduardo are somewhat hateful, debut in WSR (so they have less sports to compete in), and are Anti-Pros that are so close to not being one, and get Expert, but Chika can do the same and ends up being a Beginner? Wow...just wow. Master galore! Maybe I'm biased, but FYI, I DON'T CARE! I also wish that she had black armor...like once. She deserved it more than half the Miis that got it. In conclusion, THERE ARE JUST SO MANY THINGS I LOVE ABOUT HER! I LOVE YOU SO FREAKING MUCH CHIKA! NOTHING WILL EVER MAKE ME HATE YOU!!!!!)

How I Rank the Non-CPUs


  • 23. Don (Underrated, but boring design. He is literally Michael’s twin.)
  • 21. Tutori (Well, he’s a bit overrated. But he looks so happy...)
  • 20. Peter (Okay, WHY are there three Nicks? It's just getting old.)


  • 19. Will (Reminds me of Sota and Theo. But he also reminds me of Matt...)
  • 18. Erin (She looks like a newscaster.)
  • 17. Cory (Okay, he’s way too overhated for being an account on the WSW. I like him.)
  • 16. Naz (He’s underrated. 100% BETTER THAN SAKURA!)
  • 15. Matsui (I like how he runs in the Wii Fit credits.)


  • 14. Chad (The clone of Ryan and John. He even plays with Ryan in a promotional picture of Swordplay!)
  • 13. John (He stays consecutive while playing the drums.)
  • 12. Mineo (He’s just one away from maximum weight. I also like how he uses eyes that don’t support eye color!)
  • 11. Kurt (He’s intresting....Something about him makes me love him. IDK though.)


  • 10. Harano (He reminds me of Nick for some weird reason.)
  • 9. Ross (Same as Harano, but it’s also with Saburo.)
  • 8. Mia (Underrated. She lives in 1958, and you can’t convince me otherwise.)
  • 7. Alyssa (That hair looks good on her, unlike others who use the overused hairstyle.)
  • 6. Donna (Alyssa’s twin. I imagine them as country singers!)
  • 5. Jen (Best Preview Mii! She should have appeared in WS and WSR other than Helen. Plus, she’s a helpful Wakeboarder. I like to imagine her as Marsha's older sister.)
  • 4. Maeda (She looks like Pian-Pian’s older sister. Also, she does a good dance pose. I like how she's the only WIi Fit Mii to be female. It's also very unique how she has an odd choice for an eyebrow color.)


  • 3. Ray (Best Wii Fit Mii! He was the first Wii Fit Mii to be discovered. He’s also a helpful Boxing Coach. I also like how he uses Matt's training room. What a legendary Mii.)
  • 2. Marsha (She's so cute and you can't deny that. She looks like Lucia. Big plus. On top of that, I like how she has another version of her with a purple dress. She gets a lot of love in her comments too.)
  • 1. Naoko (She looks so cute! I headcanon her and Marsha as best friends. And despite her kissing her nose, she makes it look good, unlike Sakura. It honestly gives me charm, and I don't know why. On top of that, she doesn't have a Wii Music artwork, and it’s so sad she had to play in only one song...In conclusion, she's my favorite Non-CPU Mii! A very easy 10/10!)

How I Rank the Swordplay Showdown Bosses

  • Cole - He gets so much hate for being defensive...I feel bad. I will agree though, he should attack slowly more, probably every 5 secs...But he didn't deserve to be a boss. 6/10
  • Gabi - I like her twirling moveset. Looks intimidating as a boss. 8/10
  • Miguel - One of my favorite Miis, and he looks fit in the Beach, but...WHY does he hold his sword where the pelvis is? That looks wrong on SO many levels! 7/10
  • Alisha - If you try and hit back, she'll stun you TWICE! Amazing moveset for one of my favorite Miis. 10/10
  • Hiromasa - Same as Gabi. This stage is one of the main reasons why I love Hiromasa a lot. He is so fit as a boss and looks so menancing with that grin. 9/10
  • Sarah - Same as Hiromasa. But instead of Hiromasa's grin fooling you, she looks like she's about to kill you! Amazing in Black Armor, and fitting defensive moveset. 10/10
  • Marco - Same as Sarah. 9/10
  • Asami - Same as Sarah and Marco, yet Unfitting for a boss. 6/10
  • Anna - Looks intimidating as a boss. Also fitting since she's the Vice-Champion in Swordplay. 8/10
  • Gabriele - Oh, this man takes the CAKE! He looks amazing in Black Armor and doesn't hold back at all. One of the reasons why I adore Gabriele. 10/10
  • Tomoko - Bit annoying as a boss, but looks cool in Black Armor though. 5.5/10
  • Takashi - I think the Obese Armor fits him. He looks very cool in Black Armor too. Also fitting slighty aggressive moveset. 8.5/10
  • Marisa - Also looks intimidating in Black Armor. I like the "set up and then attack" moveset she has. 8.5/10
  • Ian - My guy Ian has great taste in gurls! 10/10
  • Barbara - I tend to like these types of bosses less. Copies Marisa's moveset and makes it look dumb. Doesn't fit as a boss IMHO. 3/10
  • Shinta - Same as Barbara, except this guy makes it look MORE annoying! One of the DUMBEST choices EVER for a boss! I don't know HOW he even got to be a boss when it looks like he doesn't know what his name is! 0/10

How I Rank the Sports

  • 1. Table Tennis (Let's go, guys! My favorite sport! You get good skill from playing it, the PRO Miis are so fun and worthy as well. Oh, and Lucia takes the CAKE! She is the most fun champion EVER! She was absolutely meant to kick butt.)
  • 2. Swordplay (I'm actually getting close to being slightly obsessed with Speed Slice. It's suck a goofy mode. Showdown is so addicting on the other hand, and the Miis look awesome in Black Armor.)
  • 3. Air Sports (What could be more relaxing than flying in an airplane and getting a good relaxation time? On top of that, this sport developed a couple in-game. Miguel X Gwen! YAY!)

Lucky Haru Badge Collection

  • 1. 171,000
  • 2. 172,000