• I live in wont tell you
  • I am Female


fine, i'll do a tier of cpu miis just for thinking about my opinion of those miis.

The opinion might be change.

in reality i'm french, and i can change myself of character, other than being Celestia Ludenberg all of the time >:|

I have a lack of confidence on myself.

My least favourite miis

Hates because they are weird or too overrated

Matt (WS) (if there's a reason why I hate you the most and then you dont know, then I hope I'll put you in detention forever. And we gonna talk about what's really wrong with you, because inside of me, you're the worst Mii ever. I hope you'll deserve your punishment you psycho son of a deadbeat dark skinned edgy guy!! At least, you was always easy in Swordplay and in Boxing, that made you not to be in this bad list of the 25 least favourite of mine, but still.)

Pit (Matt's clone, but a bit better, the only thing than I like him is than he's not becoming a meme, but still)

Ray (don't ask me, it's looks like a fusion between Matt and Theo, expect he has voice, ugh..)

Joost (Thank you to HowILoveIt than he reminds me of Pavel's rip off. And thank you to Unknown Channel to give him a dirty personality, and he's literally a arrogant and snarky child, YUCK!)

Akira (WS) (I HOPE YOU DON'T BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH MISAKI, OR YOU'RE ABOUT TO HAVE A BROKEN NECK AND BACK, BOTH OF IT! AND HE'S NOT EVEN FUN IN TABLE TENNIS, HE HAS NO EMPATHY ON ME, unlike Lucia who is at least nice towards me, AND THE WORST, IS THAN THIS IDIOT IS USUALLY BLOCKS MY WAY BEFORE I WAS PLAYING WITH LUCÍA, I AM PLAYING WITH TINTIN IN TIBET OR WHAT?? Literally this person wants me to suffer more than I expected. Also, Balance Boat, it looks like he stoles my place for putting the Mii to give me a freaking game over, because he falls off a only single mii, what a jerk. |:<)

David (WS) (I think and I'm sure he's best friend with Midori... and if there's a reason why I hate you the most and then you don't know, the you'll get a detention for years, Nintendo... how about putting Midori in pro in Cycling instead of that guy, huh? He's getting on my nerves so much, than I really want to throw some Christian cross on your horrible face. I am aware than the rankings of Cycling has changed, but it doesn't mean than I still like you, no no. And also, I know you're trying to be best friend with this girl just to be a damn liars, also, are you supposed to be a real joke fighter in Boxing? Why do you do boxing anyway? I could literally punch you and just k.o. you in like 20 or even 10 seconds! the only good thing about you is than you're easy in Table Tennis. And that's fair |:| )

Greg (do you have a fetish for self harming you weirdo? Are you s####### or what?? ò_ó)

Marie (Some peoples literally loves you, and I hate it. You're becoming overrated, but the worse, is than your design and your redhead looks you more into a annoying and arrogance appearance. Alberto was literally right, you don't even deserves loves. Even if I love redheads, you're the worst of them!)

Shinta (He didn't deserves to be a Swordplay showdown boss. Not only he looks like he almost didn't know than he exist (by his look) but NINTENDO HAD TO DO PUT HIM INTO A BETTER LEVEL THAN SOME OF THOSE MIIS, JUST BLOODY AWFUL!!)

Takumi (I feel he might be a good husband for Misaki, to be honest that's make a cute couple..... but, after a good thinking, I feel than HowILoveIt wanted him to stay away from Misaki, now I think I have to deal with my old ship of a pride (basically, a deadly sin) zeti in a sonic game (Zavok, lol) and Misaki, ugh... I think I need to do not give too much trust on Takumi, due because I don't know what to do with him... he also reminds of Henry Elsner in Communications, expect this guy has glasses, and Takumi doesn't have one, I love Henry Elsner, but no longer for Takumi, and unfair in Baseball too. And also, no Emily x Takumi. EMILY DIDN'T DESERVES A HORRIBLE BEING LIKE HIM IN HIS BASEBALL TEAM, RUNS AWAY MY DEAR, HE'S A JERK, RUN!!! THIS SHIP LOOK LIKE A MEME ANIMATIONS OF "Do you trust me?" (Or "don't trust me", duh) EMILY BEING THE GIRL WHO IS ABOUT TO FALL, AND HIM, TAKUMI, THE ONE THAN IS GIVING THE HAND TO EMILY, BUT END UP FAKING UP, AND SO EMILY FALL. WHY DID YOU GUYS HAS TO SHIP EMILY WITH TAKUMI, THAT'S SO LITERALLY DUMB!!)

Barbara (WSC) : (Extremely overrated and OP, if she's playing at Na-Rae or Enrique's teammate, then it's even worse.... and the worst of the worst, is than Poofesure love this basic b####, seriously, are you kidding me?? Are you okay, I think than he and you should need a therapy, Poofesure, because he's too childish and says horrible jokes, and you, because you need to stop being too overrated and overpowered, if you want, you can just go away, and crying in the corner, thanks Poofesure. Also, she's lucky and overpowered in Highway Rollers and Tennis, which makes me hates her more! Ò○Ó)

Eduardo (WSR) (OHHHHHHHH, I SWEAR HE COPIED DAVID'S APPEARANCE, and look at his face... his goddammit (sorry for that word) face.... this face looks like he's wants to kills minors (peoples who are under 18 years old) and I know you're gonna be other than a horrible monster to me!!)

Fritz (I am about to beat your ass and your genital parts for being with what son of a edgy dark skinned man named Matt, you son of a shy dumb Lucas's(main character in Mother 3) rip off!!)


Hates because of names

Matt (WSC) (please change your dumb name you horrible idiot, who created that name, Nintendo, you make us than only one Matt (the WS one, screw that man) wasn't enough, so you've just created one more just to make me pissed off by his name, and saying than he was "beautiful" doesn't means I like that guy, I think now than HowIloveIt was right, he's a dumb jerk who tried to have a normal name but has already one, and I think than the name Matt shouldn't have been created, thanks for making me mad, now I am able to say than everyone who called Matt is a huge mistake...)

Matt (MKWII) (ugh!)

Kazuhiko/Kazuhiro (is this neccesary to have two names for a person??)

Cory (Literally Nick 2.0, don't even like it.)

Hates because of levels

Nick (one thing : Boxing, why do you always scare me up, I feel I am about to have a heart attack by your fault, LITERALLY, YOU'RE A ANNOYING VERSION OF ABBY IN BASEBALL, YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE VICE CHAMPION IN BASEBALL, SCREW YOU!! And I could HowILoveIt in the corner, saying "Leave Nick alone, he's managed to be with Miyu in Baseball" SCREW THIS THING! THIS SPORT + HIM IS LITERALLY PUTTING HIM ON THE 10 LEAST FAVOURITES MIIS!! ugh.)

Sakura (What a beautiful name she has for a champion like her, expect she's a champion on my least favourite sports, AND I DON'T EVEN WANT TO PLAY WITH HER.. UGH. And she's having a very fast moves on Table Tennis, which it's not fun to play with. At least, Sarah is very fun when playing with her and her fast moves in Table Tennis than this baseball champion annoyance.)

Mark (ugh.. too OP)

Elisa (why are you seeking attention because of someone than I don't like has to hate you because of Baseball, THAT'S JUST COMPLETELY DUMB! Poofesure and you are both dumb! SARAH AND ALICE ARE BETTER THAN YOU AND THE POPULAR BITCH IN WSC, THAT'S JUST COMPLETELY DUMB!)

Steve (playing with him in Baseball is a whole definition of "ahah, I'm in danger" egh.)

Maria (WS) (Baseball in this sport with her has been entered in the chat)

Xiaojian (HOW A KID LIKE HIM CAN BE SO OP????? Hopefully, they nerfed him in Wii Party U. Good for him. Otherwise, he would have been in my top 15 least favourite Miis, without expection)

Abe (Too OP, and don't make that face, don't even do this, are you scared of people or what? If you're so Overpowered, why are you scared of me -_-)

Nelly (The same thing with Na-Rae and Abe, but hopefully she's not pro in Cycling, and hopefully she's a Beginner CPU Mii in Wii Party, expect she was super easy on Swordplay, so I've apologized her, but no!!! SHES WAS A BITCH IN FACE FLIP, SHE LITERALLY WON THAT SHIT, WHEN WE ARE AT THE BEGINNING, SHE WAS THE FIRST TO PLAY, AND SHE ALREADY KNOWS ALL OF THE CARDS!! SO SHE GOT FIRST! I WON'T APOLOGIZE HER ABOUT IT, F### HER!!)

sira (one course : SNES Ghost Valley 2. Yes, I would like to put Mario Kart Wii Staff courses, because I can.)

Theo (seriously, I hate OP miis like him, this one has so much hate by Poofesure, just like Elisa, BUT HE DESERVES TO BE HATED! Literally, in Baseball, I was almost to lose against him, with his pity team.. I just literally having a tie between him and I, it literally gives me nightmares... at least, Eva is not worse. Also, his appearance makes no sense, he looks like he's 5 years old ò_ó)

Dylan (one word : Tennis)

Hates because of other things

Tyrone (this man is a horrible black armor bully, for one time, please let Midori, Siobhan or even Elisa put this black armor, for once! Just let them using the black armor instead of being a horrible being and using the black armor three times, huh? You son of a jerk >=( )

Yuya (This seems very confusing about how he's in a artwork of boxing and while in the game, he didn't appeared... WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO HIM NINTENDO?? ARE YOU A LIAR AS ZI-KAI DOES OR WHAT??)


My top 25 least favourites miis

here's the list of the fives worst miis, ugh, screw for the eleven last one (11 to the 1, of course) (there's in the same position, do not being confused with it)

  • 25. Greg
  • 24. Dylan
  • 23. Marie
  • 22. Fritz
  • 21. Shinta
  • 20. Steve
  • 19. Takumi
  • 18. Kazuhiro
  • 17. Shu-Hui
  • 16. Matt (WSC)
  • 15. Tyrone
  • 14. David (WS)
  • 13. Nelly
  • 12. Maria (WS)
  • 11. Matt (MKW)
  • 10. sira
  • 9. Hyun-woo
  • 1. Sakura, the most unfair and popular hypocrite champion in Wuhu Island, hate this girl!! Ugh!
  • 1. This copycat of David in Wii Sports named Eduardo from Wii Sports Resort, he's nothing other than a monster to me.. SCREW THIS IDIOT! UGH!! (ノ °益°)ノ 彡 ┻━┻

Who is the worse between those seven? Definitely Sakura or Barb.

The borderline miis (a bit of loves, but quite into slightly dislikes)

Zi-Kai (dear Mr. Toad, THANK YOU FOR RUINING HIM YOU SON OF A DEADBEAT LIAR!! And also, thank you too, Kiddo, you two are perfect to be the worst peoples in this fandom. Now it seems than I less hate him, for some reasons.)

Alex (The only thing I like about him is his hair, otherwise.. he's literally Nick's apprentice, expect he's not a b#### in Baseball. and also, he was dumb anf lucky in Board game island >:/ )

Ai (This name is too short, but this is Japanese logic, so whatever, but a tough appearance + name that could be as love or whatever it is = VERY BAD COMBINATION. The reason why she's here is because she's easy in Basketball.)

Sota (OP, egh, expect he was easy in Table Tennis and is somehow better than Ai tbh.)

Enrique (same case for Sakura, expect, I didn't played him in Baseball yet, so Idk what to say...)

Pierre (whenever I see him on Face Flip. I want to run away and screaming of help FOR FREAKING CRYING OUT LOUD!! The reason why I only like you it's because you're having very fast reactions in Table Tennis, he's a bit fun to play with)

Pavel (he's reminds me of a normal nice blond student. But the ultimate burger has decided to ruin it for me. |:[ )

Luca (I noticed than he was overrated, nothing to say, be here)

the other not in the list?

My average list of the miis are the other who are not said..

My favourite miis without reason



Chris (WS)

Mia (both)


My favourite miis with reason

Haixiang (I always forgot that mii, poor him, he needs more loves. "he looks like a male Haru" only the eyes, the color for the eyebrows and hair, and his skin color, otherwise, I don't just see it more how he could be like Haru.. |:^ )

Hiroshi (WHO DID THIS TO YOU IN TENNIS?!? Poor him, like seriously, I know he's ugly with his lips, but his level in Tennis makes me feels bad for him... so I think he's okay.. I mean, between the adore and the like list. But he's literally having the same issue with Emily, is he let me win for some reasons?? Seriously, sometime, pros like those two don't even react like real pros..)

Barbara (WSR) (Overhated, she needs more respect for her, even if she's looks like a boy.)

Millie (A British girl uwu (In Miiverse, she is as London, don't make the difference))

Chika (cute sad adorable upset little dragon gangs >//w//<)

Andy (Fat Adult 40 years old version of Matt. But he feels guilty and let me win against him in Boxing, and also, I like big dudes, like him, and Marco. (Delilah is a exception))

Ryan (he needs to be protected, save him from Matt in Wii Sports, he really need it, poor Ryan..)

Alice (she honestly deserves better than Barb imo)

Takashi (easy in Table Tennis, enough said)

Emily (LITERALLY SO OVERHATED, Baseball and her appearance are the reason why nobody likes her at all..... I was playing at her in Baseball for the first, and at the first round, I've got 9 points, and then Emily 4 points, which I just didn't have trouble playing against her, so please. Do not scream at me than I've cheated, I just played to my best, and if you want proof, then here. Just don't be rude against me later, okay? Is she's having empathy against me?? Tell me girl, are you okay? You're literally let me win for some reasons... You, and me, at the night, tell me about your problem to me, okay? And this girl was kind of easy in Table Tennis, which is a good thing. Kind of a challenge, kind of a rival. it's good. Yes, she could be kind of annoying in Baseball, BUT GOSH! THERE'S OTHER MIIS WHO ARE HORRIBLE AND HAVING NO EMPATHY IN THIS SPORTS, THERE'S NOT ONLY THE WORST SERIAL KILLER EMILY, OH MY GOD.. you know than could more worse than her too (you know, Sakura, Nick, Maria...) and do not give her the voice of Heather from Total Drama. I dare than Emily hates Heather irl. She's having the same issue as Keiko has. For the love of god, I extremely adore her, fight me! And also, she's completely easy in Table Tennis, so, stop complaining about her in this sport for crying out loud)

Mao wining against Emily

SiMO : (she's very adorable in the weird way! I love her!)

Naomi (her name for the country seems to tricking you, because her name is not of Japanese, even if it's very look alike, but from a unknown nationality)

Megan (Poor her, look how her level is low :[ )

Yunyun (she's baby, for the love of Jesus, protect her in all cost. Seriously, this cute thing deserves better, for good!)

Emma (same case as Theo, Elisa and Shinnosuke are having.... ahhhhhhhhhhh... I really hates you Poofesure.. it's just a game you son of a spoiled rager gamer)

Xixi (I imagine her a relationship with a fictional characters in a Mario Game, that could be the cutest dream)

Bowen (He's looks unique, compared to the other.)

Marco (I feel he's one of my favourite mii who looks like fat. For some reasons)

Donna (Wii Music) (she looks like Fleur in K-12 for me, expect this one has tanned skin, and Fleur has pale skin, which it's kinda beautiful.)

Gabriele (He's looks weird, likes he become a fusion between of a face of a human and a tree face. But i think now I'll don't hate him, I kinda like him now, I probably know than he's cute with his weird face, also, I wonder if he could've be Champion of Swordplay, that would be so cool, if this would be true, then I give a cuddle to him, and a very intense uppercut on Matt's (WS) horrible face)

solami (she looks like Chris (WS) but cuter! I love it very much!)

Julie (Trying to have the biggest lips but everything goes wrong... and I weirdly begins to like her for some reasons, let's just say she just put too much lipstick on her lips and pretending to play the clown for being a dumb idiot inside of my brain, also having very fast moves, she's very fun to play with, unlike Sakura and Akira)

Delilah (yeah, I like ugly woman, and? If you don't like me with this then fight me)

Chris (WSC) (So you have a account in Miiverse, if you continue to appears a lot of time, then you will end up like my dear Millie or Mizuho, sweetheart.)

Ursula (I like her as for the level, but as for the name.. ew.. Anyway, very easy in Swordplay and a piece of cake in Basketball, that's what she gets a bit more love on her.)

Jialan (totally a Chinese who likes arts martials, what a angel)

Mizuho (goddamn she's appearing everywhere, she's literally the mascot Mii of Nintendo, with Millie and Chris)

Keiko (She's probably reminds me of a cute clever Japanese girl with uniform clothes, you should really deserves better, like Miyu needed to. Also, I do not care if peoples hates her because of Baseball, just, leave her alone... oh jesus)

Kathrin (oh god her forehead is beautiful)

Rin (she's very easy to recreate her, let's be honest)

Rachel (She's really need to get help, poor her, why this son of a ugly Kiddo has to use you as a target for doing innapropriate things on Zi-Kai (screw that liar).... WHHYYYYYYYYY ;-; the only thing than i don't like is kinda her name...)

Siobhan (her name is very unique, she's looks like she's a smart Irish girl)

Giovanna (she's a redhead, I love redheads peoples, so she deserves to be here.)

Na-rae (Overhated, even if she's like overpowered. SHE DIDN'T DESERVES MUCH HATES! Even if she's a coach in Boxing)

Yoko (very unlucky in Board Game Island, woah. And also, redhead, which makes me love her more!!!)

fuyu (she's so adorable!!! >w< )

Kentaro (WS) (He always catch the ball in Baseball, but I like how easy he is in Table Tennis, also, thicc boi, which it means than I like him more!)

Sophia (her hairstyle seems to make me like her.)


Masako (she might be beautiful, but in personality, she's very serious about anything. And also, she was a mom in all of the beginning?! nice >:] )

Clara (her levels seems to be very good!)

Shinnosuke (that's a too long name, but I guess I like him more, just like Elisa and Theo.. poor those three.. I mean, four....)

Ilka (She's literally makes Poofesure pissed off in Wii Party U. That's what I wanted, thank you girl.)

Miyu (her hair fit her with a good reason, also, she really deserves better.)

Xiao-Tong (her level is pretty normal, perfect! nothing to say about her)

Sandra (I like her, but I hate her design, her stats seems very good than the other.)

Marit (Susie's clone, but a bit OP)

Midori (Protect her, also, a pretty good choice of the hair, hair + her face : p e r f e c t i o n uwu, and I don't even understand why her eyes makes someone into a nightmare for some of those peoples? For me, her eyes looks charming and very cute for me. And she also needed to be champion at Cycling or if it is not, to be at least being pro in Cycling)

Susie (Protect her too, even if she's chubby owo)

Uta (she looks like Susie's cousin, and I adore it!)

Faustine (Totally a french smol child, I mean a young teenager uwu)

Naoko (A beauty and cutie with pigtails appeared, guys! UwU)

Anna (WS) (Underrated, she needs more respect, and also, very fast reactions of her in Table Tennis, quite fun to play)

Mitsu (I feel like she's a nice grandma)

Misaki (She's reminds me of a japanese beautiful singer, because I can think so. Sadly she was kind of annoying in Swordplay when I was very young... she will be more higher if it wasn't for Swordplay)

Asami (She seems to be the third worst female mii in Swordplay in Wii Sports Resort, but she's lucky, because she's the best boss in Swordplay showdown, perfect for the advanced gamers fighting for training the other peoples who they are not good at Swordplay, and she's Master in Wii Party, I love her even more about making Poofesure pissed off about her, but I'm afraid about Asami's page being vandalized by some dumbs Poofesure fans changing her name into goldfish, if they do that, then I wont hesitate to block them immediately, don't think..)

Elena (not only she looks gorgeous, but she's also a tomboy... I love her, but she can't surpass the most gorgeous mii, the one and only, Barb! Nah kidding, she's popular, lucky and toxic... Araceli! Of course!)

Yoshi (I adore this grandma, if she could marry to someone, then it should be with Bowen, without hesitation.)

Gabi (Looks a gamer who likes playing games, including the good and the crappy one, I just like her design tho-)

Dunbar (he literally win against Poofesure, like it)

Mike (Redheads! :D and which he's the extreme canoiest, he deserves a better place~!)

Araceli (probably the most gorgeous Mii so far. Love her)

Eva (fun to play with, actually one of the best almost pro at everything so far.)

Polly (I feel she's the kind of loli to do a job like breeding robots for behaving very well, also she beats Poofesure in Wii Party U, congrats girl)

The best champion

Sarah (here, she's playing with Elisa, I wont tell to you why I like her with that son of a champion who is completely beautiful. Also, very fun to play with in Table Tennis, she's having fast reactions tho- And.... she's severely awesome as a Swordplay showdown bosses!)

Lucía (I was dumb for saying than Lucía was unfair in Table Tennis, at least, she kind of give me empathy in this sports, unlike that idiot with red sunglasses. Also, she's a mediocre champion... poor her.. and most of peoples says : "SHE'S UNFAIR!!" FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, GOSH! YOU GUYS JUST DON'T HAVE ANY EMPATHY ON HER. she's overhated... poor her :( )

My top 60 favourites miis!

  • 60. Stéphanie
  • 59. Emma
  • 58. Kathrin
  • 57. Jialan
  • 56. Dunbar
  • 55. Rachel
  • 54. Mike
  • 53. Alice
  • 52. Giovanna
  • 51. Kentaro (WS)
  • 50. Megan
  • 49. Marit
  • 48. Barbara (WSR
  • 47. Xixi
  • 46. Xiao-Tong
  • 45. Yoko
  • 44. Mitsu
  • 43. Clara
  • 42. Susie
  • 41. Hayley
  • 40. Gabi
  • 39. Hiroshi
  • 38. Delilah
  • 37. Anna (WS)
  • 36. Eva
  • 35. Bernardo
  • 34. Julie
  • 33. Misaki
  • 32. Marco
  • 31. Gabriele
  • 30. Ursula
  • 29. Shinnosuke
  • 28. Mizuho
  • 27. Naomi
  • 26. Haixiang
  • 25. Chris (WS)
  • 24. Mia (Wii Sports Resort)
  • 23. Sophia
  • 22. Siobhan
  • 21. Masako
  • 20. Miyu
  • 19. Rin
  • 18. Anne
  • 17. Bowen
  • 16. Na-rae
  • 15. Yoshi
  • 14. Jin-ah
  • 13. Ilka
  • 12. Yunyun
  • 11. Helen
  • 10. Chika
  • 9. Asami
  • 8. Elena
  • 7. Lucía
  • 6. Araceli, the most gorgeous Mii in the Wuhu Island
  • 5. Sarah, the best champion and showdown boss of Wii Sports!
  • And number one.....



don't ask me why, you guys already know why uwu



For defeating Poofesure in the Master difficulty! Congrats girl! Also, I very like her! So it's make more fair :)


a very good Mii tbh, also stop thinking than she's unfair in Baseball or even in Table Tennis, goes to the others sports with her in it AND FIGHT! You guys will probably change your opinion about her someday.

and Keiko!!

same thing for Emily, the expection is than she's not pro in Baseball and Table Tennis. But peoples keep complaining about her in Baseball, stop being edgy everyone, goes play with her in the others sports, c'mon, you guys will likes her in Table Tennis or even in Tennis right?

Least to the Best favourites Guests mii

Now let's deal with the guests in Wii Sports, they are just bland, but we gonna do a list for them! :)

6.) Guest B (Overrated for using them in smash)

5.) Guest C (Same for him)

4.) Guest F (Same for her)

3.) Guest D (Looks like David (WS) but in female and I hate it)

2.) Guest A (Loved by some speedrunner, and I don't like him |:< )

1.) Guest E (I'm okay with that guest, but I prefer the CPU Mii :3 )

Least to the best favourites Sports

Yes, I needed to do it.

16. Baseball (Screw this sport, I hate it, I hope this sport should dissapear... Really, this sports just always get me in my nerves, Nick, Sakura, Maria, Steve, Takumi, Theo and Víctor ruined it for me)

15. Basketball (Screw this sport, for making me afraid when a cpu mii get the ball when I'm having the ball)

14. Frisbee (It could have be highter if we could have a Vs. mode with cpu miis)

13. Power Cruising (same case for the 15.)

12. Canoeing (same case for the 15. and the 14. And god please, put Mike in champion for this one.)

11. Dogfight (same for the 15., the 14. and the 13. Also, please put Miguel in champion in it)

10. Bowling (I can't be (sometimes) able to win without doing a strike in this sport.)

9. Golf (boring, but in a kinda good way. Indeed, it gives me the calm around.. UNLIKE BASEBALL, HUH??)

other things....

Also, I tried to stop some idiots users who makes vandalized things on miis page.

And those Idiots users must stop do vandalize pages.

I mostly occupe on this wiki about Japanese names of every Miis, yes, you've heard what I said.


Friends : every kinds of admins

Semi Friends : You Crab

Semi Enemies : Mr. Toad (A.K.A Mr. Mario, his block was over, I hope he didn't tell lies on me over and over again)

Enemies : LilCakey, Kiddo (I hope you'll go to the jail forever), Candy, Fakimi (ugh, the one I hate the most only in the wiki, he harrash someone to die, he deserves to be in jail for that..), Poofesure (in YouTube, ugh, this one is way WORSE than the other because he harrash to hate Elisa, not only that, he hates Theo and Shinnosuke too.. Poor those three miis, if I saw you irl, then I could totally beat you in Swordplay, you son of a bully.), The Ultimate Burger

Other thingy

I also have some miis I created (If some of you knows my miis, then you should know who are they in Discord, especially for Unknown Channel, Végégon and Zerousage)

And I really want to show you all (there's 16 seasons in all, so sixteen protagonists, and some semi protagonists, also this sort of text is meaning than they are antagonist or anti hero )

Season 1

Non exclusive (official) (Wii Sports + Resort)

Mao, Mαικα, Masayoshi, Rose, Barbara (my version, not the WSR and WSC), Naku, Kanashi, Rebecca, Jeremy and Kyokan are my first part of my own official (non exclusive) miis than I created.

As for Crystal, Barbie, Shine, Piiro, Fakku, Shai, Awaremi, Kowaii, Dadakko, Poteto and Ikatteiru are the second part of my own non exclusive miis I created too

For the third part of my own non exclusive miis, here's Denwa, Jinba, Musen, Ressha, Koen, Ningyo, Hoshi, Batt, Shinda, Mochi and Neko..

For the fourth part of my own non exclusive Miis, here's Sozoteki, Jikan, Kokoro, Fukai, Niku and Yume

For the final part of my own non exclusive Miis, here's Amalie and Jamphel

Exclusive (Resort only)

For the first part, it's gonna be Basu, Ichigo, Mikan, Naibu, Sotogawa and Hi

For the second part, it's gonna be Maiko and Doku

For the third part, it's gonna be Hoso, Ha and Syujyutsu

I probably gonna put them in My Miis wiki, if I am not lazy. -3-

overall levels of all of my miis (didn't completed yet) :

1. Hi: [+1411]

2. Naibu: [+1338]

3. Doku: [+1274]

4. Ikatteiru: [+1131]

5. Hoshi: [+1113]

6. Batt: [+1089]

7. Fukai: [+1052]

8. Mochi: [+1034]

9. Jikan: [+972]

10. Barbie: [+944]

11. Ningyo: [+915]

12. Musen: [+892]

13. Sozoteki: [+882]

14. Shinda: [833]

15. Awaremi: [+797]

16. Kokoro: [+783]

17. Koen: [+780]

18. Maika: [704]

19. Fakku: [+693]

20. Masayoshi: [690]

21. Crystal: [683]

22. Shine: [+642]

23. Barbara (my version): [636]

24. Kowaii: [+626]

25. Jeremy: [+619]

26. Rose: [+611]

27. Basu: [+596]

28. Sotogawa: [+587]

29. Kyokan: [542]

30. Naku: [531]

30. Niku: [531]

32. Yume: [+492]

33. Denwa: [+475]

34. Ressha: [+468]

35. Shai: [+466]

36. Jamphel: [+453]

37. Amalie: [+452]

38. Kanashi: [+451]

39. Piiro: [+437]

40. Neko: [+406]

41. Rebecca: [+405]

42. Jinba: [+346]

43. Poteto: [341]  

44. Dadakko: [+331]  

45. Mao:

46. Ichigo :

47. Mikan :

48. Maiko :

49. Hoso :

50. Ha :

51. Syujyutsu :

All of my miis

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