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Hello. I'm a Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort fan. BTW, I can be active here too :) : https://mopeio.fandom.com/wiki/User:Bshao1245

My PBs or/and skill levels for each sport (Miis of Default, Beef Boss, and my Mii, aka Ben will own these PBs and will be according to speedrun.com). I'll try my best to list the new WRs!

Cycling (all PBs owned by Beef Boss, placement comes from speedrun.com):

Skill Level: 2500 (my mii)

6-Stage: 14:46.99, off WR by 7.41 seconds, 3rd place in current PBs and 18th in obsolete runs (WR is a 14:39.58 by Murasaki, WR vid here:https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1036669649/?&tt_content=channel_name&tt_medium=embed) Lemme tell you this. I didn't touch this category for a WHOLE WEEK. And after a few attempts after coming back, I achieve this. Just unbelievable. (Achieved on 5/29/21)

14:46.99 Individual Times - or + Placement Time difference for each staged comapred to: 14:48.86 Comment about time:

2:17.73 (2:17.73) -0.33 72th (-0.33) 2:18.06 (Nothing major here to help me. Just clean cycling man)

4:15.88 (1:58.15) +0.24 48th (+0.57) 4:15.64 (Game didn't want me to be successful because it made me breathless like a meter away from the finish line, which is like 0.5 seconds, and I was saved by Shouta from bleeding out anymore time)

6:23.36 (2:07.48) -0.24 24nd (-0.48) 6:23.60 (Had a terrible turn approaching the second bridge, but everything else was clean

8:56.72 (2:33.36) -0.68 7th (-0.44) 8:57.40 (Shoutouts to Lucia for helping me in this stage, which basically recovered all the time I lost for a couple bonks at the first uphill part and missing the "shortcut")

11:45.38 (2:48.66) -1.67 1st (-0.99) 11:47.05 (Well, ok I was 2:47 pace into the bridge part, but I can't be mad at a new best segment)

14:46.99 (3:01.61) -1.87 1st (-0.20) 14:48.86 (Nothing was wrong here, including the horrific turn out of the volcano, which I learned to pedal out of by boost out of the volcano instead of opting for a sharp turn with no boost)

2:17.65 (2:17.65) (From a failed attempt on 4/30/21)

4:15.23 (1:57.58) (From my 14:48.86 on 5/29/21)

3 Stage A time: 6:22.23 (2:07.00) (From my 14:49.95 on 5/5/21)

8:55.59 (2:33.36) (From my 14:46.99 on 6/12/21)

11:44.25 (2:48.66) (From my 14:46.99 on 6/12/21)

14:45.56 (3:01.31) (sub 14:46. Nice) (From a failed attempt on 6/1/21)

3 Stage B: 8:23.60

6-Stage 3-Stage (Meaning I got these times in a 6-stage)

3 Stage A: 6:23.36 (3rd in current PBs and 5th in obsolete runs), off WR by 2.65 seconds (WR is 6:20.95 by Professor, WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bA2YJDFvZg0), but there are better times done in a 6-stage, but most of the top runners consider it as cheating, since the placements are different) (Achieved on 5/2/21)

3 Stage B: 8:23.63 (3rd in current PBs and 7th in obsolete runs), off WR by , and off 3-stage WR by 3.83 seconds (WR is 8:19.54 by Murasaki, but this comes from a 6-stage. The submitted WR is an 8:19.77 by Professor (real WR vid here: https://player.twitch.tv/?video=v1036669649&parent=www.speedrun.com&autoplay=false&time=0), (Submitted WR here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/4Wg-DK9NU3A?autoplay=0&wmode=transparent&start=0)

SoB 3-stage: 14:46.99

3-Stage (only times in 3 stages)

3-Stage A: 6:24.89 (3rd in current PBs and 6th in obsolete runs), off WR by 3.94 seconds (Achieved on 5/16/21)

3-Stage B: 8:22.85 (3rd in current PBs and 5th in obsolete runs), off WR by 3.31 seconds. Off submitted WR by 3.08 seconds (Achieved on 5/31/21)

SoB 3-Stage: 14:47.74

AVG time between times: 11:47.36(5)

Both 6 and 3-stage times:

3-Stage A: 6:23.71 (3rd in current PBs and 5th in obsolete runs) (Achieved on 5/5/21)

3-Stage B: 8:23.18 (3rd in current PBs and 5th in obsolete runs) (Achieved on 5/2/21)

SoB 3-stage: 14:46.89 (sub 14:47. POG)

1 Stage (these include 6 and 3-stage runs):

Around The Island: 2:17.65, tied for 3rd place in current PBs and tied for 9th with obsolete runs (with Jordan97), off WR by 1.22 seconds (goal was sub 2:18) (WR is 2:16.41 by Murasaki. WR vid here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1021228994/) (This was made ONLY because of RNjesus gifted me with lucky boosts) (achieved on 4/30/21)

To The Beach: 1:57.13, 3rd place in current PBs and 5th in obsolete runs (Wow. If only Ian didn't slouch and make me push him, this would've been a 1:56, and possibly even WR!), off WR by 0.4 seconds (WR is a 1:56.73 by Murasaki. WR vid is here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/982556543?filter=highlights&sort=time) (Achieved 5/16/21)

Across the Bridge/Wobbly Bridge: 2:06.51, 3rd place in current PBs and 9th place in obsolete runs, off WR by 1.36 seconds (Goal was sub 2:07) (WR is by Murasaki with a 2:05.15. WR vid here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/994027003?filter=highlights&sort=time) (Achieved 5/2/21)

SoB 3-Stage A: 6:21.29 (2nd according to speedrun.com if done in a 3-stage A race)

Over Talon Rock/Icarus Bluff: 2:33.06, 4th place in current PBs and 17th in obsolete runs, off WR by 2.21 seconds (Goal is sub 2:33) (WR is a 2:30.85 by Murasaki. WR vid here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/974850818?filter=highlights&sort=time) (Achieved on 5/4/21)

Up The Volcano: 2:47.20, 3rd place in current PBs and 11th in obsolete runs, off WR by 1.59 (Goal was sub 2:48) (WR is a 2:45.70 by Professor. WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/vBMUqfCktE8?autoplay=0&wmode=transparent&start=0) (Achieved on 6/12/21)

Into Maka Wuhu/Crater Core: 3:00.86, 3rd place in current PBs and 9th in obsolete runs, off WR by 1.77 seconds (Goal was sub 3:01, and I may go for sub 3) (WR is a 2:59.16 by Professor. WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/9E5uNHbvdSY?autoplay=0&wmode=transparent&start=0) (Achieved on 6 or 7/??/?)

SoB 3-Stage B: 8:21.19 (3rd according to speedrun.com if done in a 3-Stage B)

SoB: 14:42.31 (would place 3rd on speedrun.com if I were to do this in a 6-Stage) (Community SoB is 14:33.98 at the time I writing this)

Golf: Skill Level: Above 2000 (My Mii)

18 Holes: -17 (Default and yep, choked -18)

Classic: -11 (Default)

Resort: IDK like -7 or 8 (Default from my 18 hole high score PB. If you want my best score playing just Resort and no Classic after, I have a +8 but I sucked back then so forget it)?

Forget 3 holes don't play them much unless for speedrunning reasons.


Duel: 2500 and all 5 stamps obtained

Speed Slice: 2500 and all 5 stamps obtained

Showdown: 2500 and all 5 stamps obtained

Speedruns (No videos but I mean, you can ignore these because I've learned that nobody can trust you when there is no video proof for your high-level times, even though for real, I did perform these, but still nobody will trust me besides my friend)

Wii Sports Resort


18 holes golf: 11:00.5xx, 18th place in current PBs, and tied for 51st in obsolete runs (with Bender(sus) and Zennan/JiggsGuy), off WR by 48 seconds (Fook you game) (I'm going to give a shoutout to Benders for tying and beating my PB here in the same day at the time of writing this, which is 5/1/21) (WR is a 10:14 by Sir_Tyler. WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbaauGmQVmM) Y'know why I DIDN'T Get sub 11? Here are 4 words for ya: 12 (chip-in replay for eagle, which probably didn't lose much time since I got a max backspin shot, and missing the chip-in would make it roll backwards for a long time. In fact, I think I SAVED time over missing the chip-in. Yes, you're brain isn't tricking you. I'll still put it here just it case it did lose time), 14 (I overhit the driver shot even though I hit the bunker, and now I really wish the ball had just stayed in the bunker, because guess what??? If I were to do that in that run, MY RUN WOULD'VE BEEN LIKE A 10:52... yeah that's how much time I lost on a birdie vs. birdie comparison) 16 (missed putt... like somehow even though it was 15 ft away, which would mean a 1.2 putter shot would've enough to give me a birdie, and as it would turn out, about a 10:53. But instead, the game decides that "Hey, how about we give you a 0.9 putter, that sounds great!" and a 0.9 putter shot turned out to be the max for the ball to go, without touching the hole), 17 (bad ball placement for a giveup, where is takes about half a second longer shot putt because there is a slope requires the ball to turn as soon as the ball gets onto the rock, climb down the rock, before finally touching the water, which doesn't seem too bad, but what was time? 11:00.5xx. HUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH), 13th place (5:34 Resort, 5:26 Classic. This should've been an 10:XX considering my Resort time was a PB, PLUS a 7th place time of near sub 5:30, which would probably translate to like a 5:0X to a high 4:5X Classic, which would've been insane. Like I'm talking a 10:43 to a 10:31, which would place between 7th to 3rd. BTW a high 4:5X would mean like something higher than a 4:56.666, a low 4:5X would mean something lower than a 4:53.333, and a mid 4:5x would be between a 4:53.333 to a 4:56.666)

9 hole classic: 5:08 (WR is a 4:48 by Sir_Tyler. WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fe5-XxvBbx8) (Note: The classic rules have changed, so now you have to add 8 second instead of 3 when you play classic from the 9-hole menu. 5:05 if you remove the three seconds required to be added because of a reset [even if you start the timer from the menu, you still have to add 5 seconds]), 8th place in current PBs, 15th in obsolete, off WR by 17 seconds

9 hole resort: 5:34 (WR is a 5:12 by Sir_Tyler. WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qP4r0gK-S94) (5:31 if you remove the three seconds added required because I restarted), tied for 10th place (with ZMeistro) in current PBs, tied for 19th in obsolete runs (with the TheRoadRunner and ZMeistro), off WR by 22 seconds

3 hole Special: 1:48, 5th place in current PBs, tied with 8th place in obsolete runs (with MineXeniM (twice) and ZMistero), off WR by 5 seconds (WR is a 1:43 by MinexeniM. WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DsedxmBfCw)

3 hole Classic B: 1:30, 6th place in current PBs, 8th place in obsolete runs, off WR by 4 seconds (WR is a 1:26 by The_GMeister. WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MlnkpIwKYE)

3 hole Classic A: 1:33 (x3. First time I ended by putting, the second time I went for driver chip and somehow made it despite not wasting much time making sure to get the right power and angle, and the third time I had a really slow ending putt, which probably cost me a 1:32), 5th place in current PBs, and tied for 12th place in obsolete runs (with MineXeniM (thrice), Garrett (The_GMeister), Sir_Tyler, and Danny (Dannyh09) off WR by 8 seconds (WR is a 1:26 by MinexeniM. WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fs-D9lGlnEc)

3 hole classic C: 1:34, 9th place in current PBs, tied for 22nd place in obsolete runs (with MineXeniM and Zennan/JiggsGuy) off WR by 9 seconds (WR is a 1:25 by MinexeniM. WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqv842vbxv4) (I want to note that about 3 days eariler, I got on an insane run. It all came down to a driver chip on hole 18, with everything on the line. I set it up, hit the ball, and it hit the flag, and watched it about to sink in for an incredible 1:29 run. Everything seemed to be aligning perfectly, until, (lets imagine I showed you the video, since I don't have a video) *ball bounces... out of the hole* I watched my run fade away as the ball bounced out of the hole by 0.6 F**KING FEET and having to watch a nagging replay, which was like a dagger in the heart. I don't care about that anymore though. I'm happy that I've been able to complete a Eagle, Birdie, Eagle Classic C run in a speedrun for now with a still impressive time, though hole 18 was a tad bit slow with a 38 second time, where I'd say the optimal 18 hole time would be a 37 or 36 second time for speedrunners like me)

Edit 1: And great, pain and suffering again. I was on an insane run. I got Eagle in 16, then made an insane putt on 17 and it somehow didn't replay despite it being a tough putt (17yd with a upward slope and I needed some pretty big adjustments. Note that any putt that's 20 yds with any mere adjustment is going to trigger a replay (by my experience) no matter how small it is, and having a giant adjustment from about 40ft would be a replay). I had bad wind on 18 (28 S), then took my second shot, which you might've guessed it missed the island, but it just BARELY made it on thanks to the ball hit the edge of the rock. I set up for the driver chip in. But unfortunately, I failed again, but not because it bounced out. No, it was because of the wind. Remember: it was 28 S wind. But it was pointing SW here because of the angle. So when I went up to hit the shot, it hit the flag, but because of the wind, it didn't make it in. Would've been a 1:26 if I got it, which would've been good for 2nd place. God damn it)

Golf Giveup%: 13:24, 9th place in current PBs, 20th in obsolete runs, off WR by 57 seconds (WR is a 12:31 by Sir_Tyler, which, if you don't know, is a sub Darbian. WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8qwR46ayNE)

Edit 1: Seriously?? I really need to go through pain and suffering again?? I got a 13:25 (or I would've if I didn't restart because I knew it wasn't PB) giveup%... ALL THANKS to THESE HOLES: 12 (I literally tried to what the WR does, which was to 9 iron 1 dot shot into the rough, then putt for the rest of the shots, instead I f**ked up everything and fell short by miles), 14 (one wedge shot), 15 (one wedge shot), and 18 (one wedge shot): Time loses: 12, lost 10 to 20 seconds, 14, 15, and 18, lost 3 or 4 seconds, each

Total time lost: 19 to 32 seconds


Swordplay Showdown

Swordplay normal stages: 14:58, tied for 8th place in current PBs (with Count), tied for 17th place in obsolete runs (with Count, DragonSlayer, and JP), off WR by 47 seconds (WR is a 14:11 by Dingers. WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/dqDZcage6Gs?autoplay=0&wmode=transparent&start=0 ) (LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sub 15 has been achieved!) (Achieved on 5/22/21)

Waterfall Reverse: 1:48, 2nd place in current PBs, 4th place in obsolete runs, off WR by 14 seconds (WR is a 1:34 by Dingers. WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fMxg-wblFw) (Achieved on 5/16?/21)

Castle Reverse: 1:37, 3rd place in current PBs, 5th in obsolete runs (off WR by 13 seconds I think) (I slaughtered the last 15 enemies like they were cows) (WR is a 1:24 by Dingers. WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOg9BJg8-_g)

Swordplay Showdown Pro Class: 15:17, 2nd place in current PBs, 6th in obsolete runs (off WR by 19 seconds) (Achieved on 5/18/21) (WR is a 14:58 by Dingers) WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/pRoKgGt2Hj4?autoplay=0&wmode=transparent&start=0)

Swordplay Showdown Superstar Class: 26:59, 3rd place in both obsolete and current PBs/runs, off WR by 37 seconds (WR is 26:22 by JP) (WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/58sVglTIIsk?autoplay=0&wmode=transparent&start=0) (Achieved on 5/11/21)

Swordplay Showdown 2500: 33:44, 2nd place in both obsolete and current PBs/runs, off WR by 22 seconds (WR is 33:22 by Dingers (WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LptMlg1ethA&t=1959s) (Achieved on 5/13/21) (Superstar Class time was a 28:20, which is over half a minute faster. The only major mistake I got was doing Mountain Reverse. This time, I didn't do an extra round! But, I lost 20 seconds after Superstar Class against my PB, but I still got a 33:4x, which was what I was aiming for. Next goal: 33:2x!)

Swordplay Showdown Reverse Stages: 17:11, 8th place, off WR by 3 minutes 16 seconds (done in a all stages run) (WR is a 14:55 by Dingers. WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/XknX0z3PPK8?autoplay=0&wmode=transparent&start=0 (Achieved on 5/15/21)

Swordplay Showdown 20 stages: 32:13, 5th place off WR by 2 minutes 46 seconds (I am speechless. I did this on my first completed attempt of this speedrun. Like, WHATTT??? The last 3 stages got intense, as I was on the verge of death in all 3 of them, including both 19 and 20, where I got to 1 heart by 50% of stage, which isn't good. The Matt battle was intense, but I still was still able to clutch it out!) (WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/XFNeWijavGQ?autoplay=0&wmode=transparent&start=0) (Achieved on 5/15/21)

Swordplay Showdown stage 20: 1:54, off WR by 7 seconds (WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/xPOuxhf--3A?autoplay=0&wmode=transparent&start=0) (Achieved on 5/16/21)

All Sports

All Sports: 17:4X, 32nd to 35th place in current PBs, 140th to 158th in obsolete PBs, off WR by 1 minute, 37 seconds to 1 minute, 46 seconds (WR is a 16:03 by Vncz. WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4KIVZRxz5o)


Cycling Pro Class: 56:31 (Tied WR) (This was a great run. 5 OR 6 SUB 1:57s (including a new PB of 1:57.13). HOLY F**K. The 3-Stage A races were also clean, including a 3-stage-performed (meaning a PB done in a 3-stage instead of a 6-stage) PB of 6:24.98. The only mistake I had was when I turned to early on my first 3-Stage A race on Across the Bridge, where I turned way to early, costing a second, because I slowed down a TON. Other than that, the rest of the time loss was due to Miis being poopheads (AKA RNG). (Other WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzckMgpwrpY&t=3407s)

Wii Sports

Golf 9 Holes: 5:18, NDS (No disconnected shots), 19th place (Any%), tied for 53rd in obsolete runs (NDS and tied with Tendog), tied for 70th for Any runs (again, tied with Tendog), off NDS WR by 43 seconds, off DS WR by 1 minute, 10 seconds.. that my only PB in Wii Sports xD (Non-DS WR is a 4:35, DS WR is a 4:08. DS WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foHIhxSm-2I. NDS WR vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QDqNxtB8a0)


  • I've been playing Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort for 5 years
  • I had never heard of WSC until I joined this Wiki
  • It's only been recently I've started to play Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort seriously (June or July 2020 is when I started really speedrunning, and tbh I think it's because of Summoning Salt's WSR golf video, and that also got me down the pathway to speedrun different categories, like All Sports and of course, Golf).
    • I actually started speedrunning this game in January 2020, but I didn't realize it and it technically doesn't count because that was only Cycling, which uses IGT (In-Game-Time) instead of real-time.
  • According to speedrun.com, I'm the only person to ever get a 15:00 twice (15:00.98 in about June 2020, and a 15:00.2 in February 2021) in 6-stage Cycling.
  • My first sub 15 Cycling 6-stage was a 14:59.94, which according to speedrun.com, is the smallest gap between a 15:00 flat vs. a sub 15 ever.
  • My Former PB in 6-stage of the 14:55.07 was done by complete accident, because I wanted to do Across The Bridge PB attempts, but my brain completely forgot that and I clicked 6-stage, and I decided to do some attempts, and I got this run.
  • Every game/gamemode in Wii Sports and WSR that has CPUs, I'm superstar class in all of them.
    • I'm max skill level in every Wii Sports Resort sport that is a CPU-based game.

Haru Lucky Badge Collection

159,000th edit (4/4/21, or 4/3/21 for where I lived at the time I made the edit that gave me the badge)

160,00th edit (4/11/21)

161,000th edit (4/19/21) 162,000th edit: (4/28/21??? IDK)

(This is a page dedicated to...) MATT (least favorite Mii)

Matt. Yes, I'm talking about Poof fans (some of them) who say "Wow he's a god." First thing I'm gonna do? Roast all you Matt fanboys.

The Roast

Poof fans (again, some of them) call this dude a god. Those guys have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. If you Matt fans say people that are haters of Matt have bad reasons, fine, people can't be hated for their popularity, but I mean, YOU have bad reasons too, so it kinda evens out (except for the people that think people re overrating them, which in that case, fine, IRYO). Ok, yes, I get it. He's Champion in 2 sports, cool. He's the only person to be a Champion in both Wii Sports and WSR and is the only 2x champion in the Wii Sports series, cool. But can you tell me of just ONE more reason besides maybe him being a Master Mii that he is a god? Might seem easy, until you try to make up a reason. First of all, do you know how bad he is outside of being Master Mii and being a Champ in 2 sports? Here's a perspective: Take out Matt from the sports he's Champion at (boxing and all Swordplay modes). He loses 3097.5 skill points. His new skill point total is 3205.5 (90th out of 100 by Total Skill Level). This also makes him a non-pro. Oh wait, I'm not just gonna do that. Lets give Matt beginner in Wii Party. This will lose him 1200 skill points. New total skill level: 2005.5 (98th out of 100). Can you explain how laughably bad that is?? That would be the worst total skill level for a CPU that debuted in Wii Sports. What do you call him now? A loser or a champion still? If you said he's still a champion regardless of how bad he is outside of his champion sports and him being a Master Mii, or that you think that was too harsh to Matt, or that he's still good in Table Tennis, well TOO BAD, he's swapping places when Cole. Goodbye to 765 skill points, and now he's the supreme Lolcow of the Wii Sports series (1240.5, 99th F**KING PLACE OUT OF 100). If you STILL say that he's still a champ anyways, then here's a fact that DOESN'T include throwing away Matt's skill level: For every sport Matt participates in that he ISN'T champion at, RYAN (an anti-pro) is better than him outside of Table Tennis. Do you guys still think Matt is a champion, or now do you think he's a sucky opponent outside of his "god" sports?? Now, if any of you Matt fanboys wanna make 1 more dang excuse, you can message me on my Message Wall and tell me and I'll respond. Now it's time for personal experience with Matt.

The damn' nightmare experience with Matt

When I first encountered Matt as a champion, it was in Duel. I wasn't as good as I am today, so I got completely smacked by him for SOOOOO long. Like he literally predicted the future for every attempt to attack him. It was so impossible until FINALLY, I beat him. The next time I would ever encounter him would be in Showdown, where he can literally block any attempt of hitting him that I threw at him. Horizontal hit: Oh well he can block it even if he doesn't block correctly. Vertical hit: Nah he can block everything! LIKE WHAT CAN I DO??? I only beat stage 20 when I defeated Matt before George, who is way less annoying. Then, I encountered him in Boxing, he wasn't very annoying, and actually he wasn't so hard (Thank you Matt! Finally some sport that I can beat your a** in), since I employed a strat where I go back and forth until they get a slow-mo punch, where then I will some punches before going back to the strat. Repeat this strat until a K.O. or a decision. This is the only time I'd say I wasn't annoyed by Matt. Then, I saw him in Speed Slice. Again, I didn't have much of an issue at first with him due to me exploiting pause buffering, which I think everyone should know how to exploit here. Unlike Boxing though, I came back here with a new goal in mind: Beat Matt With No Pause Buffering. During this journey to him, whenever there was a close slice between me and my opponent (where Matt looks to the right a left and then shows who won the round), 9 times out of 10, he would pick my opponent, even if I was the one who actually sliced his object first. THAT IS JUST BULLS**T BRO. MORE BULLS**T THAN ANYTHING I'VE ENCOUNTERED (well, at least at the time, because it gets more bulls**t). MATT, TELL ME! DO YOU LIKE HUMANS OR CPUS, BECAUSE IT SEEMS YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT CPU'S AND NEVER CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!! When I got to Matt himself, guess what happened? If you guessed he somehow got more bulls**t, you should think about going to Harvard University because you have an IQ of 200 (It should be obvious I'm joking, soooooooo don't think about applying for Harvard unless you're actually a genius in real life), because yep, that's exactly what happened. LIKE WHAT?? MATT I THOUGHT YOU WERE ALREADY AT YOUR LIMIT WITH BEING BULS**T, YET YOU STILL FIND A WAY TO GET MORE BULLS**T. He was the biggest cheat code EVER. EVER!!!! EVERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! He knew when to slice the millisecond the object appeared on the screen like SOMEHOW. MATT, ARE YOU CHEATING, OR YOU JUST THE GUESSING KING?? Even if you were pause buffering, you wouldn't know where to swing until the arrow on the object appear, yet Matt knows it as soon as the smallest bit of the object appears! I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT TO DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! TELL ME MATT??? WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO MATT BESIDES QUITTING? NOTHING??? But where he really triggers me is in Wii Party. At first, he wasn't much of a nuisance at first, as he even helped me win a Globe Trot game by securing the W for me by picking up the last picture. Seems like he's finally being kind to me. RIGHT??? Well, if you've seen my comment that gave him my rating on his page, you know that's NOT how it ended. Nope. S**t went down, because what actually happened, is that all of a sudden, he got this bright idea to into an absolute nuisance when I started to play Master Board Game Island. I honestly at this point made him my least favorite Mii, because he constantly stole win after win after win after win from me, and he made me break off little bits of the battery cover for my Wii Remote. This included one where Alisha where she made me teleport from first to last place. Now, you might be wondering what this happens to do with Matt. Well, Alisha somehow didn't win. Who won that game? Matt! How surprising, right???? RIGHT???????? LIKE, ARE YOU MATT'S ACCOMPLICE ALISHA OR WHAT????????????? WANNA TELL ME ALISHA??? I SMELL SOMETHING FISHY WITH THAT W FROM MATT. If my Wii Remote breaks when Matt's playing, I'm blaming him. When I finally beat Board Game Island, I literally had to celebrate for Matt for getting last place along with the fact that I finally won. But, if you thought that's the end, nope it's not the end of this path for Matt to #1 nuisance on my list. We still have one more minigame that he tortured me. That is balance boat. In Beginner, he wasn't that bad, since it uses the entire boat, and Intermediate was basically the same. When I got to expert mode though, he basically turned on "nuisance mode". He kept making suicide moves by putting Miis in places where the boat would be set up to tip over and f**k me. LIKE CAN YOU ACTUALLY DO S**T FOR ME??? Today I blame Matt for me not being able to beat expert mode to this day, because he was the one that I most frequently played with in the minigame for whatever reason. I'm just really glad I've beat his a** in every sport he appears, along with taking him to the cleaners in Wii Party, but that was once, but it's still something. EVERY TIME I SEE MATT, I WISH I WOULD BEAT HIS HEAD OFF UNTIL HE GETS DECAPITATED (no I mean this literally, this ain't an exaggeration) *sigh* ok I'm done with my rant. So, final rating: -infinity/10 (yes I really hate him that much I can't stand him ANYMORE and I can't do anything right if Matt's in the house, because he's apparently a curse to me every time he sees me).

P.S. Matt. Do everyone on Wuhu Island a favor, including me, and get the hell out of here and find somewhere else that no one is going to be annoyed by you. No. Actually, go to an abandoned island and DIEEEEEEEEE!!!!