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"Oh, no! Why is Ultimate Obstacle Course still under construction?"

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Ultimate Obstacle Course is an activity in Wii Fit U, similar to Obstacle Course, but harder.

Unlike Obstacle Course, you aren't limited to just running straight forward; you can go sideways or diagonally and can be more challenging.

Difficulty level

  • Beginner
  • Expert

Things added to make the Obstacle Course harder


  • They roll around the course trying to squish the player.


  • It slows down the player when they walk on it.

Tilting Platforms

  • They tilt when you are standing on them because of your weight being on one side.
  • Some of these have large holes in them.

Conveyor Belts leading to a fall

  • The conveyor belts from the original Obstacle Course are there to either slow you down or speed you up, but the conveyor belts point out of the Course on this one, meaning you'll most likely fall if you don't move quick.