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U Can't Catch Mii (NA) / Can't Catch Me! (PAL)
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Wii Party U


3-4 Players


20 seconds


"The Gamepad player will turn invisible and must hide from the rival players for 20 seconds. Specific panels light up when the Gamepad player steps on them so keep your eyes peeled."

U Can't Catch Mii/(Can't Catch Me! in Europe) is a 1 vs Rivals Minigame in Wii Party U.


The rival player(s) will run around and try to catch the solo player, using the panels on the floor as clues.

The solo player will wander around and try to avoid getting caught by the rival players by using the D-Pad.


  • The solo player must use the joysticks on the Wii U GamePad to move.
  • The rival player(s) must hold their Wii Remotes horizontally and use the D-pad to move.


  • This Minigame has an outfit that has not appeared in any other.

    Said outfit on a male Mii (John) and a female Mii (Cristina).

  • When the scientist Mii drinks the liquid from the test tube and becomes invisible, they drop it. However, when the camera changes angles, the tube doesn't appear where.

    See how there's nothing around where Joana was standing, even though in the introduction, she drops the tube onto the floor.

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