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Tightrope Walk (Tightrope Tension in PAL) is a Balance excercise in Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus.

Walk in place to cross the tightrope. Bend and straighten your knees to jump, but be careful not to fall out of the tightrope.


The player must walk past the tightrope, but there's a black robotic jaw in their way. To get past the robotic jaw, the Mii must jump. In later difficulties, there are 2 more jaws and another obstacle, birds (that cover the screen with their feathers) and wind (That makes it harder for the player to regain their balance).

Note: If the player walks too fast, they'll lose their balance.


  • Beginner: Black jaw
  • Advanced: 3 Black jaws and Bird Feathers
  • Expert: 3 Black jaws and Wind


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