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    11:53, August 20, 2020

    I am not sure if one of my story ideas on the blog post is too violent for the wiki.

    I will be working on Battle for Wuhu Island. which is an action story about countries battling for Wuhu Island.

    But still, All  CPU miis with nationalities on the rival countries will be listed as different nationalities with the ally countries.

    However, the violence is where Miis get paralyzed in a ragdoll portrayal, and it has bombs, missiles, guns, bombers, tanks, jets, corvettes, submarines, and deaths. No blood.

    I am not sure if i should create this story on my blog. If not, i will reduce the violence of it or work on another CPU Miis story.

    Also, it contains custom Mii characters. I can't upload anything to My Miis Wiki for some reason.

    Most users made stories about CPU Miis, so i decided to create my own.

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