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    For your information, I will not be showing the unblocked version of these I. E. Uncensored version. I know you are an avid Tomodachi photo uploader and the last screenshot, the one with the user talking about your Photo of Ray's family, should be offending to you, right (because it hints slight contempt of the photo)? What is your view on this overall situation of "fanon" pictures like yours being frowned upon? 
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    • a fanon image of Ray in Tomodachi Life shouldn't be allowed in Ray's gallery. it's totally fine on stuff like user pages, but in actual page galleries is where we are drawing the line.

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    • I see. I'm sorry giving you trouble, but it's just basically my opinion, whether I want posting Tomodachi images or not. I didn't think of posting here.

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    • You gave no actual trouble. 

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    • as long as you don't post it to actual pages you're fine. don't worry about it ^^

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    • A FANDOM user
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