The Whale Shark

The Whale Shark is a large blimp that flies around Wuhu Island. It is unknown who operates or owns The Whale Shark. It is adorned with the Wii logo.


  • After collecting 70 iPoints, the blimp will show the player's Mii's face instead of the logo, as shown to the right.

    An example of the Whale Shark after collecting 70 iPoints.

  • The Whale Shark has 20 balloons on the back of the blimp.
  • At night it lights up. This can be seen in Basketball and Island Flyover.

Island Flyover Information

Wii Logo:

  • Daytime: “Sky, sea, and sand! ~ Wii Sports Resort ~”
  • Evening: “Surfing, slicing, slaloming! ~ Wii Sports Resort ~”
  • Night: “Swinging, splashing, shooting! ~ Wii Sports Resort ~”

Mii Design:

  • Daytime: “You did it, (Mii character’s name)! Hope you enjoyed flying around the island!”
  • Evening: “Amazing, (Mii character’s name)! You were born to fly!”
  • Night: “Wow, (Mii character’s name)! You know this island better than the locals!”
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