The Whale Shark is a large
The Whale Shark
blimp that flys around Wuhu Island. It is unknown who operates or owns The Whale Shark. It is adorned with a Wii Sports Resort logo.


  • After collecting 70 i-Points, the blimp will adorn the player's Mii instead of the logo, as shown to the right.

    An example of the Whale Shark after collecting 70 I-Points with Fumiko

  • The Whale Shark has 20 balloons on the back of the blimp.

Island Flyover Information

Wii Logo:

  • Daytime: “Sky, sea, and sand! ~ Wii Sports Resort ~”
  • Evening: “Surfing, slicing, slaloming! ~ Wii Sports Resort ~”
  • Night: “Swinging, splashing, shooting! ~ Wii Sports Resort ~”

Mii Design

  • Daytime: “You did it, (Mii character’s name)! Hope you enjoyed flying around the island!”
  • Evening: “Amazing, (Mii character’s name)! You were born to fly!”
  • Night: “Wow, (Mii character’s name)! You know this island better than the locals!”