The Candle

The Candle.png
A screenshot of The Candle

The Candle is an extremely large lighthouse on Wuhu Island. It was accidentally built twice its originally planned size, resulting in it being a major landmark. In Wii Fit’s Wii Fit Island, The Candle rests on a promontory called Seagull Point. As Wuhu Island's peninsula is slightly longer, but since has yet to receive a new name, it still may or may not be called Seagull Point.

In Island Flyover (having unlocked balloons beforehand), the Candle will have a giant green balloon with many smaller balloons inside it, as do many landmarks in the game. It also lights up at night.

Island Flyover Information:

  • Daytime: “This lighthouse was mistakenly built at twice the planned size.”
  • Evening: “Some say it was designed to look like a candle, but that’s just a myth.”
  • Night: “This lighthouse shines as bright as 1,600,000 candles!”

When you fly close to the Candle, Morse code can be heard. The messages are translated below.

  • Why does anyone use Morse code anymore?
    • Good question.
  • Morse code takes forever.
    • It sure does.
  • Does anyone out there know Morse code?
    • Sorry. Use your radio.
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