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The Balldozer
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Wii Party U


5 seconds (After the player drops all their balls)


"Win big at minigames to collect as many balls as possible. Then drop them in the Balldozer to get points."

The Balldozer is a mode in the TV Party section of Wii Party U.

This game mode lasts a total of 30 minutes acording to the game.


The players must collect the most points. To earn points, they have to use balls they get from playing Minigames to make the balls on the top floor fall down to the bottom floor and have them go into the pit. After five rounds, the player with the most points wins.

In order to earn balls, players have to play an All-Play Minigame. The players get an amount of balls that is “opposite” of their place (first place gets four balls, fourth place gets one, etc.). If there are less players, the last reward is removed.


The game will start off with a Minigame to decide the order that will be used for the round. This will happen with every round.

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After the Minigame ends, the order will be decided for that round.

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When they get to round three a bonus ring will pop up. Two of them will pop up for the last round. The ring will no longer be used on a player's turn once all balls are used and all five seconds are out. The balls the come out are the player’s color, gold, and the purple skull bat ones.

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After five rounds of playing Minigames to decide the order and putting balls onto the Balldozer, the player with the most points earned wins.

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There are six types of balls in the game, with each having different values in respect to the player who drops them in (blue gives the blue player a point, red gives red player a point, etc.)

Name Image Point Value
Blue Ball +1
Red Ball +1
Green Ball +1
Yellow Ball +1
Gold Ball +10
Skull Ball -5


  • Making a ball fall on a bonus ring will cause an avalanche of balls of your color to fall onto the entire Balldozer.
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