Tennis in Wii Sports.

Tennis is one of the 5 games featured on Wii Sports and Wii Sports Club. The objective of the game is to hit the ball over the net and make it bounce twice on the opposing team's side. The main gameplay involves using the Wii Remote like a racket and swinging it as the ball comes toward the player. The player(s) can choose to play a single game, 2-out-of-three, or a three-out-of-five match. They can also choose whether to play against a real-life opponent or a Mii.

Characters in order by skill level

The Miis that are able to appear on your team are never opponents unless you lose the first match are: Hiroshi, Shouta, Chris, Ren, and Abby.

Non Pro Opponents include: Matt, Miyu, Oscar, Shinnosuke, Lucía, Martin, Alex, Fumiko, Jake, Julie, Emma, Rin, Nick, Yoshi, Haru, Marco, Naomi, Emily, Akira, Luca, Ryan, James, Misaki, Steve, Kentaro, Silke, Jessie, Jackie, Pierre, David, Rachel, Sakura, and Ashley.

Pro Level opponents include: Anna, Ai, Mike, Yoko, Keiko, Andy, Steph, Helen, Michael, Kathrin, Víctor, Takumi, Hayley, Daisuke, Theo, Saburo, Tyrone, Eva, Maria, Tatsuaki, Sarah, and Elisa.

There are 60 Tennis players in total.

Skill Levels



Left or Right Racket

Left handed:

Shouta, Abby, Matt, Fumiko, Emma, Rin, Nick, Haru, Emily, Akira, Luca, Ryan, James, Kentaro, Jackie, Pierre, David, Rachel, Anna, Ai, Yoko, Andy, Michael, Kathrin, Daisuke, Theo, Saburo, Eva, Maria, Sarah

Right handed:

Hiroshi, Chris, Ren, Miyu, Oscar, Shinnosuke, Lucía, Martin, Alex, Jake, Julie, Yoshi, Marco, Naomi, Misaki, Steve, Silke, Jessie, Sakura, Ashley, Mike, Keiko, Steph, Helen, Víctor, Takumi, Hayley, Tyrone, Tatsuaki, Elisa


  • Depending on the time of the swing, the ball will move in a different direction.
    IMG 20171209 120623

    CPU only match Stephen beats sarah

  • The height of the bounce can be changed when the Wii Remote is swung from a lower or higher angle.
  • You can change the court into the training court variant by pressing the 2 button after the warning screen.
  • To watch a computer generated game, You have to set all of your players to CPU.


  • To swing a fastball, watch the ball when it reaches the peak of the user throwing it up, and then hit it. If you did it successfully, the ball will go very fast and produce a white trail.
    • You can also press "A" and try to hit it right away to produce a fastball.
  • Holding 2 when the screen turns black after the warning screen will let you play on a blue court.
  • Slightly move your Wii remote upwards to make a ball go higher and possibly produce a curve ball.
  • Using your front line for tennis is the best and fastest way for beating opponents, especially Masters [PRO★].
  • Anyone can hit the tennis ball, so it is best to has quick reactions and to have some practice as well.
  • You can play with a teammates, but when you reach master, playing with teammates make you lose skill points.
  • Play "Best of 5" Games to achieve the most skill points (up to about 250 skill points).

Wii Sports Club

The game reappears as one of the current games in Wii Sports Club. Unlike in Wii Sports, shots like smash hits and topspin have been readded. The single game works similar to Table Tennis from Wii Sports Resort as the player has to get 7 points and a match point to win.

WiiU screenshot TV 0144D (9)

LilGreenYoshi using the frying pan.

The first CPUs faced are Olga and Pit at Level 1, while the champions are Alice and Barbara faced at Level ★5. When the player beats the champions, they get to use a frying pan as a racket by holding down the 1 button with the Mii select screen displayed, and then pressing A.

CPU Miis (According to Grade)

Every odd numbered grade, there are 3 CPUs, every even numbered grade has 2. (The exceptions are Level ★3 with 2, Level ★5 with 2, Level ★10 with 17 and Level 1 with 7 if you include the the following:) People never faced in person and are partners are Araceli (top left), Marie (bottom left), Rui (top right) and Chris (bottom right). After Grade ★10, the player will start facing CPUs not faced in any Grade or just any.

There are 67 tennis players in total.


Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Level 4:

Level 5:

Level 6:

Level 7:

Level 8:

Level 9:

Level 10:

Pros - Stars

Level ★1:

Level ★2:

Level ★3

Level ★4

Level ★5 (These CPUs are faced at Level ★4, but when the player gets to Level ★5, they have to face the champions):

Level ★6:

Level ★7:

Level ★8:

Level ★9:

Level ★10: