Teeter Targets is a minigame found in Wii Play Motion. It is the seventh minigame found in Wii Play Motion and has 3 Game modes. It was developed by Nintendo.

Game Modes



In this Game mode, you use the Wii Remote by moving it up or down to move the Teeter up and down.If you flick it up fast enough, i'll launch the ball up, the goal is to break all of the targets.Touching the green Diamond adds 30 seconds to the timer, and if the ball falls into the void, you loose 10 seconds.If you run out of time before beating the level, you have to retry.There are 30 levels in Challenge mode.


Versus Mode is the second mode found in Teeter Targets, and is 2-Player.In this game mode, you have to hit the most targets as possible with your paddle, which is either blue or red depending on who you are. If the ball lands on the flipper of the other colour, it changes colour into that paddles colour. Unlike challenge mode, you don't have to hit all the targets to progress.


In Endless, there are 3 different modes in Endless. In all game modes you only have 1 life before you have to start from the beginning.In the Sideways and upwards stages, points are counted by meters.

Bounce Stage

In Bounce Stage, you have to flick the ball into the Red String to gain a 'flip' (the point system Bounce Stage.) every time you get a flip, the string moves slowly upwards, making it harder to obtain a flip without losing the ball.

Sideways Stage

In Sideways Stage, you have to mode a ball through a narrow tunnel using Teeters.The further you go through the stage, the harder it is to make sure the ball doesn't fall into the void below the flippers.

Upwards Stage

In Upwards Stage, you have to fling the ball up the many flippers in the tunnel. After awhile, the tunnel disappears, with dangerous voids on the sides making it harder.

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