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Teammate Madness/Team Building
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Wii Party U


2-4 players


"Build the perfect soccer team of Mii players in Team Building! Put together the best combination of colors to create the best team possible."

Teammate Madness (Team Building in NA and Mii Poker in Japan) is a TV Party mode in Wii Party U.

This game mode last around twenty to thirty minutes, according to the description.


Each round the player has to make a team based on poker hands to earn points by using Miis they want to put on their team of five. The winner of a Minigame gets to pick five Miis to replace, with the ones lower having one less Miis to replace than the last (second gets four, third gets three, etc.) The set of Miis in the middle changes after a player decides what to put in their row.

The colors of the Mii’s jerseys are orange, pink, purple and green, though a Mii may appear with a star on their jersey that represents any color and generate points. The numbers range from one to thirteen.

This game can be played with three or five rounds and the player with the most points wins.

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Jin-ah as a Star Mii

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Different matches give more points. If the player makes no match it will be counted as "poor teamwork"PAL, or "no team chemistry"NA, and earns no points.

List of Teams and Points

Teams are based on poker hands.

Poor Teamwork/No Team Chemistry (役なし no role): The player has not been able to make a match of any kind (pink one, orange three, green eight, purple nine, and orange thirteen). This kind of match gives 0 points.

Team of Two (ワンペア one pair): When two teammates share the same number the player earns one point.

Double Duo (ツーペア two pair): When there are two sets of teammates that share same numbers two points are earned.

Team of Three (スリーカード three of a kind): When three teammates share the same number, three points are earned.

Super Team/Serial Team (ストレート straight): If the player makes an order with an increasing amount of numbers, four points are awarded. They are rewarded by three times as much of the colors are the same.

Matching Team (フラッシュ flush): When the order has Miis that have the same color, five points are earned.

3-2 Team (フルハウス full house): When the player makes a group of three and a group of two, seven points are earned.

Team of Four (フォーカード four of a kind): When the player makes a group of four, ten points are earned.

Perfect Team: When the player makes an order of five, they are awarded sixteen points.


  • This game shares a lot of traits similar to Swap Meet from Wii Party, where the player(s) need to match up a row in a specific way to get points.
  • If a round starts and a Mii with a star outfit appears, Party Phil will say “I’m seeing stars!”.
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