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Tabletop Gauntlet
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Wii Party U


2 Player


"Control contraptions along the maze to get your ball to the goal before your opponent. Use pegs, pushers, and paddles to manipulate your ball around the board!"

Tabletop Gauntlet is a game in Wii Party U.


In stage 1, you and a colleague manipulate a course and deliver 3 balls of your color (blue or red) to the end, using the joystick on the Wii U GamePad. Whoever gets all 3 balls to the end the fastest wins that section. You will also get a tutorial with white balls to show you how the section of the map behaves. There are 3 sections for this stage.

The first section starts with a teeter totter with 3 sections. Going up on the joystick heightens both ends of the teeter totter, while going down lowers both.

The seconds section has a maze which you will go across on, the down (for the other player, it is up). You will then go farther across before going up (down), and across again.

The third section has you go down a slope and use pegs that sprout up when pressing L on the Wii U GamePad. There are 5 sets, with a wrecking ball before and after the third. Note: You can use the pegs at the right momentum to get across some parts of this section, but be wary, as you can fall into a pit if you are not careful.

Stage 2 has 3 sections.

Section 1 has normal pegs at the beginning with a twist with the others: They have ramps that have the pegs in the center. There are 5 sets, with the first being a slope/normal peg. Note: Try to not go too drastically fast, but not dreadfully slow, as the pegs will launch you either backwards or upwards, making progression slower.

Section 2 has another maze, but there are now panels that can obscure your view go forward, then up (down), along with going to the left, then up (down), then to the right, then down (up), and then got to the right. After the arrow pointing right, you will encounter a new part of the maze with tunnels that completely obscure your view. Go the the right, then go down (up), then go to the right, up (down), right again, then down (up), along with going to the right again. Then, go up (down), and finally one more right.

Section 3 has a more complex design, with pegs in the beginning that shoot up, then ones in the block after the shoot you forward, along with a block that is in your way that you must get shot at with the pegs that shoot you forward. After that is a part with a peg to get into an area with a bunch of paddles that can be controlled with the L button, along with stationary bumpers and windmills in the middle that move if your ball(s) hits them. There are more bumpers on the sides. There is also a wrecking ball after this, so be careful. Note: stone blocks will respawn after every ball is made.

Time Attack Mode

The players must use the whole stage and get to the end without stopping.

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