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Tabletop Baseball
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Wii Party U


2 Players


"Play Ball! One player pitches and the other swings in this Tabletop baseball game. Pitchers can throw fast or slow while batters try to knock it out of the park!"

Tabletop Baseball is a game featured in GamePad Party in Wii Party U. In this game the main goal is to have more points than your opponent by hitting home runs, singles, triples and doubles.


To play this game, the players must be face-to-face with their opponent with Left or Right control stick being in front of them. They then must pull back on their L/R stick to take a stance and let go as a batter, and throw the ball by pulling L/R back. Boxes in the back of the screen determine how many bases the players move after the ball is hit. Whomever makes the most Home Runs and gets the most points wins.

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One player will be batting and trying to get as many points as they can get while the other will be pitching and trying to avoid the other player from getting points.

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Here's how it works:

  • Holes: Out
  • Crown: Home Run
  • Green Squares: Single
  • Blue Squares: Double
  • Yellow Squares: Triple
  • Yellow Triangles: Foul
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