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Table Tilt is a Balance exercise in the Wii Fit games.


Beginner difficulty

The levels

  1. The first level consists of a circle with one hole and one ball that starts in the center.
  2. A second ball joins in a platform with one hole shaped like two interconnected ovals.
  3. The third level is shaped like a cross with two balls on two sides and two holes on the other.
  4. This level is shaped like a three-sided fidget spinner with three balls on the sides and a hole in the middle.
  5. This level is shaped like an S with three balls and two holes.
  6. This one is shaped like five interconnected squares, one in the middle. The hole is on one of the sides, and the four balls are in the other squares.
  7. There are two platforms and five balls
  8. There are eight balls in a W-shaped platform

When you get in the hole

When all balls fall down the hole, 20 seconds are added to the timer.

Advanced difficulty

The levels

  1. The first level has one ball on a star-shaped platform.
  2. Two balls are on two separate platforms (both have slopes).
  3. The platform is shaped like a hula hoop, with two balls.
  4. This level is a square... only with slopes in the middle. There are three balls.
  5. This level has five balls on a circle with squares blocking off parts of it.
  6. Almost the same as level 4, only with 5 balls...
  7. It's a circle... only with bumps on it.
  8. The level consists of 8 balls on four separate platforms shaped into a square

When balls get into the hole

30 seconds (or until the timer reaches 99) are added to the timer.

When you finish

  • You did it.jpg
    All the Miis will appear out of their balls and cheer at the end.
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