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If you're looking for the sport from Wii Sports Resort, go to Table Tennis (Wii Sports Resort).

Table Tennis is one of the 9 games found in Wii Play. It is unlocked after an attempt on the previous game, Find Mii.

Gameplay (1-player mode)

The screen when you get to 999 rallies.

The objective of the game is that players will only have to move their Wii Remote around to hit the ping-pong ball across the net. Miis will continue to crowd the table after the player sets up a higher combo. The game ends when you miss one of the serves, or if you make 999 returns. If they do get 999 points, they will get a message saying “Incredible!”.

Gameplay (2-player mode)

The players must return balls to each other and get an amount of 11 points.


  • Every 10th return, an applause can be heard, and this applause gets louder after the 40th, 70th, and 100th, as well as every 50th turn (except for 50). There are also more Miis in the audience when more returns are made.
  • The 2-player game mode is similar from the same version from Table Tennis, but the players will need 6 instead of 11 points.