Sword Play

Sword Play is one of 12 games available to play in Wii Sports Resort. Taking advantage of the Wii MotionPlus, the main mechanic of the game is using your Wii Remote like a sword to hit an opponent/opponnents. There are 3 variations of the game.


The objective of the Duel is to knock your opponent off the high-rise platform. It is played in a two-out-of-three style match. If both fighters are unable to knock each other off then the round is a tie. If the match is tied then the game goes to Sudden Death, where the playing field becomes extremely small. The stamps are: Met Your Match, Cliff Hanger, One-Hit Wonder, Straight to the Point, and Last Mii Standing. If you have beaten the champion(Matt),at the Mii selection,hold the 1 button.Then you can use Matt's purple sword to fight.Your skill should be around 1500 to fight Matt.

Speed Slice

The objective of Speed Slice is to cut an object faster than your opponent. The referee (Matt) will toss an object at the player, and the player must cut that object in the specified direction before your opponent can.


The objective of the Showdown is to defeat the oncoming horde of Miis. The player has three hearts, and must defeat the army of sword-wielding Miis without taking three hits.

Showdown Bosses


  1. Cole (Showdown Beginner)
  2. Gabi (Sword Superstar)
  3. Miguel (Sword Superstar II)
  4. Alisha (Sword Superstar III)
  5. Hiromasa (Sword Superstar IV)
  6. Sarah (Sword Superstar V)
  7. Marco (Sword Superstar VI)
  8. Asami (Sword Superstar VII)
  9. Anna (Showdown Level Star)
  10. Gabriele (Amateur Showdown Trainer)


  1. Tomoko (Semi-Pro Showdown Trainer)
  2. Takashi (Pro Showdown Trainer)
  3. Marisa (Junior Sword Handler)
  4. Ian (Top Sword Handler)
  5. Barbara (Star Sword Handler)
  6. Shinta (Sword Tamer)
  7. Steph (Veteran Master)
  8. Fritz (Charismatic Master)
  9. Yoko (The General)
  10. Matt (Ultimate Showdown Master)
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