Swordplay Duel versus Ryan (Notice the masks are off)

Swordplay is one of 12 games available to play in Wii Sports Resort. This sport takes advantage of the Wii MotionPlus, the main mechanic of the game is using your Wii Remote like a sword to hit an opponent/opponents. There are three variations of the game, which are Duel, Speed Slice, and Showdown.


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Miyu and Lucía about to fight each other in Swordplay Duel.

The objective of Duel is to knock your opponent off the high-rise platform. It is played in a two-out-of-three style match. If both fighters are unable to knock each other off in time then the round is a tie. If the match is tied then the game goes to Sudden Death, where the playing field becomes extremely small. The stamps are Met Your Match, Cliff Hanger, One-Hit Wonder, Straight to the Point, and Last Mii Standing. If you have beaten the champion, at the Mii selection, hold the 1 button. Then you can use Matt's purple sword to fight, while wearing the same type of armor that Matt wears, but blue. You will fight against Matt if your skill level is 1485 or higher.  

Note: the Miis' levels in Duel and Speed Slice are the same.  

Duel (and Speed Slice) Mii Levels (in order):

  1. Ryan (Level 11-15)
  2. Fumiko (Level 26-30)
  3. Miyu (Level 41-45)
  4. Kathrin (Level 56-60)
  5. Asami (Level 71-75) (Boss)
  6. Martin (Level 86-90)
  7. Mike (Level 101-105)
  8. Steve (Level 116-120)
  9. George (Level 131-135)
  10. Naomi (Level 146-150)
  11. Ian (Level 161-165) (Boss)
  12. Vincenzo (Level 176-180)
  13. Chris (Level 191-195)
  14. Megan (Level 206-210)
  15. Hiromasa (Level 221-225) (Boss)
  16. Tomoko (Level 236-240) (Boss)
  17. Holly (Level 251-255)
  18. Gabriele (Level 266-270) (Boss)
  19. Shohei (Level 281-285)
  20. Keiko (Level 296-300)
  21. Emma (Level 311-315)
  22. Alisha (Level 326-330) (Boss)
  23. Takumi (Level 341-345)
  24. Rachel (Level 356-360)
  25. Greg (Level 371-375)
  26. Eduardo (Level 386-390)
  27. Ashley (Level 401-405)
  28. Elisa (Level 416-420)
  29. Cole (Level 431-435) (Boss)
  30. Nick (Level 446-450)
  31. Lucía (Level 461-465)
  32. Mia(Level 476-480)
  33. Theo (Level 491-495)
  34. David (Level 506-510)
  35. Sarah (Level 521-525) (Boss)
  36. Barbara (Level 536-540) (Boss)
  37. Tatsuaki (Level 551-555)
  38. Sandra (Level 566-570)
  39. Emily (Level 581-585)
  40. Helen (Level 596-600)
  41. Siobhán (Level 611-615)
  42. Steph (Level 626-630) (Boss)
  43. Marisa (Level 641-645) (Boss)
  44. Hayley (Level 656-660)
  45. Julie (Level 671-675)
  46. Haru (Level 686-690)
  47. Kentaro (Level 701-705)
  48. Silke (Level 716-720)
  49. Fritz (Level 731-735) (Boss)
  50. Ren (Level 746-750)
  51. Susana (Level 761-765)
  52. Luca (Level 776-780)
  53. Rainer (Level 791-795)
  54. Stéphanie (Level 806-810)
  55. Tyrone (Level 821-825)
  56. Saburo (Level 836-840)
  57. Yoshi (Level 851-855)
  58. Jessie (Level 866-870)
  59. Yoko (Level 881-885) (Boss)
  60. Hiroshi (Level 896-900)
  61. Ursula (Level 911-915) (You'll play at dusk when you face the 900 Miis)
  62. Oscar (Level 926-930)
  63. Miguel (Level 941-945) (Boss)
  64. Sakura (Level 956-960)
  65. Giovanna (Level 971-975)
  66. Chika (Level 986-990)

Pro Class

  1. Jake (Level 1001-1005)
  2. Maria (Level 1016-1020)
  3. Tommy (Level 1031-1035)
  4. Alex (Level 1046-1050)
  5. Sota (Level 1061-1065)
  6. Eddy (Level 1076-1080)
  7. Misaki (Level 1091-1095)
  8. Pablo (Level 1106-1110)
  9. Marco (Level 1121-1125) (Boss)
  10. Eva (Level 1136-1140)
  11. Shouta (Level 1151-1155)
  12. Gwen (Level 1166-1170)
  13. Michael (Level 1181-1185)
  14. Abe (Level 1196-1200)
  15. Patrick (Level 1211-1215)
  16. Abby (Level 1226-1230)
  17. Daisuke (Level 1241-1245)
  18. Midori (Level 1256-1260)
  19. Shinnosuke (Level 1271-1275)
  20. Jackie (Level 1286-1290)
  21. Nelly (Level 1301-1305)
  22. Víctor (Level 1316-1320)
  23. Andy (Level 1331-1335)
  24. Ai (Level 1346-1350)
  25. Pierre (Level 1361-1365)
  26. Takashi (Level 1376-1380) (Boss)
  27. Akira (Level 1391-1395)
  28. Hiromi (Level 1406-1410)
  29. Shinta (Level 1421-1425) (Boss)
  30. James (Level 1436-1440)
  31. Gabi (Level 1451-1455) (Boss)
  32. Rin (Level 1466-1470)
  33. Anna (Level 1481-1485) (Boss)


  1. Matt (Level 1496-1500) (Final Boss)

After you beat the Champion you will have to beat random Miis in random order all with 1500-2500 armor. (Listed down below.)

The Armors of Swordplay Duel


Stamp Name Description
Cliff-Hanger The final battle ring appears if the two opponents are still locked in a draw after three rounds. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. You can get this stamp in single-player mode only.
Straight to the Point Push your opponent out of the ring with a lunge in single-player mode.
Met Your Match


Draw three rounds in a row to get to the final battle ring, then draw again for a completely even match in single-player mode. You may not have won, but it's no easy feat!
One Hit Wonder

(All Too Easy)

Push your opponent out of the ring with only one strike in single-player mode.
Last Mii Standing

(There Can Only Be One)

Defeat the champion in a duel. The key is to never let your defenses down and attack any gaps you see. There may be some sort of reward if you win this...

Speed Slice

Speed Slice

Speed Slice Gameplay

The objective of Speed Slice is to cut an object faster than your opponent (such as watermelons) Matt, the referee will toss an object at the player, and the player must cut that object in the specified direction before your opponent can. But if you are facing Matt in Speed Slice, the referee will be Ryan (shown dueling above). The levels of the opponents are the same from Swordplay Duel.

Speed Slice Armors

2018-04-05 (1)-0

Anna (Vice-Champion) playing Speed Slice.

They usually wear the same armor, but with a special slicing sword to slice things with.


  • Sushi Roll
  • Egg
  • Flower Vase
  • Watermelon with Red Inside
  • Watermelon with Yellow Inside
  • Wood
  • Cantaloupe with White Inside
  • Cantaloupe with Yellow Inside
  • Orange
  • Candle
  • Bamboo
  • Bread
  • Acorn
  • Pencil
  • Diamond
  • Timer
  • Cake
  • Board

(Most of these items are hidden in Archery)


Stamp Name Description
Slice and Dice Win the contest without missing a single object by slicing the wrong way or failing to slice within the time limit. You can only get this stamp in single-player mode.
Slicing Machine Correctly at least one of each of the 18 types of objects in single-player mode. Different colors count as different types. You'll need to play several rounds to get them all!
Psychic Slice Cut an object correctly before it even hits the ground in single-player mode. You have to be psychic—or lucky—to pull this off.
Double Time

(Double Digit)

Slice the alarm clock when the two digits on the display are the same, such as 8.8, 7.7, or 6.6. You can only get this stamp in single-player mode.
A Cut Above Beat the Speed Slice champion. Empty your mind and slice with your instincts!



The beginning of a Swordplay Showdown stage.

The objective of Showdown is to defeat the oncoming horde of Miis. The player has three hearts and must defeat the army of sword-wielding Miis without taking three hits. Each level has a Boss (each Boss has black armor and a purple sword) at the end of the level. They have three hearts and are hard to defeat (especially the later ones). This is the list, the level in Swordplay Duel (and Speed Slice) and the picture of the Bosses from every level of Swordplay Showdown:

Normal Stages

After you defeat all the normal stages, you can play the reverse stages. They are a lot harder.

Reverse Stages

Swordplay Showdown Bosses-0

The 20 Bosses from Swordplay Showdown


The Miis who aren't Bosses can come in five different colors of armors: Green, Gold, Red, Purple, or Black. Their behavior, health, and occurrence depend on what armor they're wearing. It's always the same Miis who appear in determining stage and armor, and they always use a red sword except in Volcano and Volcano Reverse which on perspective, use a light magenta sword instead because of the light in the volcano.

Green Armor

The Miis that come in this color of armor are the easiest to defeat. They sometimes defend themselves while running towards the player, but when they're close, they never defend themselves again. They delay to attack you, but at later levels, in which they rarely appear, they may be quick to attack. These Miis are most common in the early stages. They have one heart. They are not encountered at all in Stage 10 and most of the reverse levels, although some do appear in very small numbers in Stages 1718, and 19 and stop appearing after 19 (Mia is the last one).

Gold Armor

The Miis that come in this color of armor are still not difficult to defeat, but they have a difference compared to the ones who wear green armor: they practically only defend themselves, still taking time to attack, but in more advanced stages, they can become more aggressive and offensive, prioritizing attack over defense. Miis with this armor are fairly rare at first, but they gradually become very common as the game progresses. They have one heart. They are present in 18 stages (the two they are not in are stages 7 and 8). In the reverse stages, these Miis will be quick to counterattack. They will strike almost as soon as you get in a swing's reach, and will also be very common in those reverse stages. Misaki is the first one in this color of armor. They seem to be the opposite of Green Armors, considering they grow stronger and appear in bigger numbers whereas Green Armors never get any stronger and appear in smaller numbers the longer you move on.

Red Armor

The Miis that appear in this color of armor are more dangerous than the last two types. They mostly defend themselves while changing the direction of the defense just a little and take time to attack. Initially, they only hit if they manage to block a player's swing, but later on, they will become more aggressive and offensive. They first appear in Stage 2 (Gwen is the first one) and become common at later stages, especially in the Reverse Stages. They have two hearts. They have thicker bodies than all of the other Miis, except for a couple of Bosses being Miguel, Marco, Takashi, Ian, and Steph, which can lead to them being vulnerable to attack even when they're defending due to being a larger target.

Purple Armor Thin

The behavior of these Miis is somewhat similar to that of those with Gold Armor at later stages. They tend to be more aggressive and attack more frequently than normal Purple Armored Miis. They begin to appear in Stage 12 (Sandra, Steve, Greg, and Andy are the first four) and are somewhat common in the Reverse stages. They have two hearts, similar to Miis who use purple armor. There are 2 variants of Thin: Lanky (Worn by Gwen, Yoshi, Hiromi, etc.) and Skinny (Worn by Midori, Ai, Ursula, etc.).

Purple Armor

The behavior of these Miis is identical to those who use red armor, with one exception: they change the direction of their defense more often, making it easier for you to be blocked and counterattacked. They also have thinner bodies compared to the Red-Armored, making them harder to hit. They only begin to appear in Stage 6 (Stéphanie is the first one), becoming common in the Reverse Stages. They have two hearts.

Black Armor

Although these Miis are not Bosses, they behave exactly like one. What sets them apart from a Boss is the color of the sword they use, which is red, just like all the Miis of the previous categories. Sometimes, they are as big as an actual boss, while at other times, they are smaller like every other Mii. They only begin to appear in Stage 10 (Eva and Abe are the first two) and even after that, they are somewhat rare. These Miis only appear in greater quantities in Beach Reverse and Volcano Reverse and somewhat normal quantities in Castle Reverse and Mountain Reverse. They have three hearts and have 3 variations: Small (first worn by Daisuke), Lanky, (first worn by Eva and Abe), and Bulky (first worn by George, Mike, and Chris).


Stamp Name Description
Not a Scratch Clear any stage without taking a hit and losing a heart.
Sword Fighter

(Stage 10 Beaten)

Defeat all of your foes to clear the first 10 stages. You can't just swing wildly and hope for the best—it takes finesse.
Perfect 10 Clear Stage 10 without taking a single hit and losing a heart.

(Stage 20 Beaten)

Fight through the final Showdown stage. You must master the art of parrying.
Untouchable Fight through the final Showdown stage without taking a single hit and losing a heart.

Final Boss: Matt

Matt is the final and toughest Boss in Swordplay Showdown. He is bigger than the other Miis that wear Black Armor. The easiest way to defeat him is when he is in front of the Mii you are targeting. He is the toughest Boss because he is quick to attack and counterattack, and even when you successfully block one of his attacks, he will try to block you. He is ultimately defensive and strikes extremely often. He seldom lets you hit him and might easily use up all your hearts. Once you defeat Matt, you win.


  • The player will also play in the evening in Duel if their skill level is between 1900–1999.
  • In Duel, if the player holds 2 at the "Select Players screen", and don't release, they will play at sunset.
  • The Speed Slice food and clock objects are also used in Archery as hidden targets in any of the stages.
  • In Showdown, once the player beats the champion, they can use a purple sword. (remember to press and hold 1 at the "Select Players screen").
  • Some of the opponents in Showdown have sported all available armor colors including Rin, Kathrin, George, Takumi, Lucía, Hiroshi, Rachel, Stéphanie, Ursula, Haru, Maria, Nelly, Tyrone, Eduardo, Shouta, Miyu, Theo, Gwen, Pablo, Tommy, Abe, and Misaki.
  • In Showdown, there are 1035 rivals in total.
  • There is a glitch where the game will target a Mii in the back of or in the middle of an approaching crowd. This is useful for wailing on the rivals that are not targeted and is the most useful in Volcano Reverse.
  • This sport is the most dangerous if the WiiMotion Plus does any of the following:
    • Come out of the Wii Remote
    • Not detect
    • Get off-centered by a lot
    • You swing but the sword doesn't work correctly
  • Akira and Kentaro are only seen with one heart in Showdown.
  • In Showdown, the player can play at High Noon, Dusk, or Night. The game cycles through the three times of the day every time the player plays a stage.
  • In Speed Slice, the player can push the item away without cutting it by stabbing it.
    • Aim with the sword pointing to the item (works best with round objects) and jab with the Wii Remote. The item will be pushed back, and then it will despawn. However, this will result in a red "X" over your item.
  • The difference between Purple Armor and Purple Armor Thin is that a Mii wears the same armor, but they have different legs and knee pads. That and the Purple Armor Thins attack quicker.
  • An interesting pattern that the player may find is that the gender of the bosses in Showdown are switched in the reverse stages, except in the 9th and 19th, the 10th and the 20th stages have the same gender,
    • Cole/Tomoko, Gabi/Takashi, Miguel/Marisa, Alisha/Ian, Hiromasa/Barbara, Sarah/Shinta, Marco/Steph, Asami/Fritz, Anna/Yoko, Gabriele/Matt.
    • This pattern goes M/F, F/M until the player gets to the ninth pattern where it changes to F/F, M/M.
  • Before the project was finished, the Miis did not have the masks on when fighting (as seen in the picture on the very top of this article, where Ryan is not wearing a mask.)
  • The most amount of skill points you can earn in Duel is 100 per match.
  • The most amount of skill points you can earn in Speed Slice is 200 per match.
  • The most amount of skill points you can earn in Showdown is 85 for the first stage (Bridge), and 100 for the other stages.
  • In Showdown, when the combos reach a multiple of 10, a horn will be heard in the background.
  • The Miis in Green Armor have thinner legs than the ones in Gold Armor.
  • Out of all 100 Miis in Showdown, Nelly is the one Mii to make the fewest appearances, excluding Bosses. She only appears seven times.
    • Luca and Helen on the other hand, make the most appearances, each showing up 17 times.
      • Ren makes the most consecutive appearances, showing up 11 times in a row.
  • In Showdown, if a defeated enemy is on the ground, he/she will glow blue and disappear. If he/she falls off a cliff or into the water, a parachute will send him/her into the air out of sight.
  • In Duel, both Miis can be knocked off at the same time. This will result in a tie.
  • In Duel, the higher your level is, the more people in the audience there are. This also happens in Tennis and Table Tennis.
  • In Showdown, if the player hacks the game, it is possible to change the type of Armor that a Mii wears by .exbin editing. It is also possible to change the stage.
    20200416 194918

    Proof of said statement. All of these Miis are not supposed to wear Black Armor and the place they are in is not an actual stage in the normal WSR.

  • Showdown's tutorial plays more like Duel rather than Showdown, as it involves the player facing off against Ryan by himself, wearing the armor that he wears in Duel instead of Showdown, while being able to take an endless amount of hits, unlike Showdown's enemies.
  • Every time when a rival with more than one heart, specifically Red, Purple, and Black Armors, a suspenseful sting adds to the music.
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