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Not to be confused with Chambara from Nintendo Switch Sports.

Swordplay Duel versus Ryan (Pre-release. Notice the masks are missing).

Swordplay is one of 12 games available to play in Wii Sports Resort. This sport takes advantage of the Wii MotionPlus. The game's main mechanic is using your Wii Remote like a sword to hit an opponent/opponents. There are three variations of the game, which are Duel, Speed Slice, and Showdown.

Miyu and Lucía about to fight each other in Swordplay Duel.

The objective of this mode is to knock your opponent off the high-rise platform. It is played in a two-out-of-three style match. The first player to win 2 rounds wins. You can still win if you win one round and tie two other rounds outside of the final round. If neither player can knock his/her opponent off twice within 3 rounds, then the round is a tie. If the game is tied, the game goes to a final round, where the playing field becomes extremely small, and the white and red portions of the platform will sink. The stamps are Met Your Match, Cliff Hanger, One-Hit Wonder, Straight to the Point, and Last Mii Standing. If you have beaten the Champion, at the Mii selection, hold the "1" button. Then you can use Matt's purple sword to fight while wearing the same armor that Matt wears, but blue. You will battle against Matt if your skill level is 1485 or higher.

Note: The opponents' levels in Duel and Speed Slice are the same.

Duel (and Speed Slice) Opponent Levels (in order):

  1. Ryan (Beginner/Level 11 to 15)
  2. Fumiko (Vice-Beginner/Level 26 to 30)
  3. Miyu (Level 41 to 45)
  4. Kathrin (Level 56 to 60)
  5. Asami (Level 71 to 75) (Boss)
  6. Martin (Level 86 to 90)
  7. Mike (Level 101 to 105)
  8. Steve (Level 116 to 120)
  9. George (Level 131 to 135)
  10. Naomi (Level 146 to 150)
  11. Ian (Level 161 to 165) (Boss)
  12. Vincenzo (Level 176 to 180)
  13. Chris (Level 191 to 195)
  14. Megan (Level 206 to 210)
  15. Hiromasa (Level 221 to 225) (Boss)
  16. Tomoko (Level 236 to 240) (Boss)
  17. Holly (Level 251 to 255)
  18. Gabriele (Level 266 to 270) (Boss)
  19. Shohei (Level 281 to 285)
  20. Keiko (Level 296 to 300)
  21. Emma (Level 311 to 315)
  22. Alisha (Level 326 to 330) (Boss)
  23. Takumi (Level 341 to 345)
  24. Rachel (Level 356 to 360)
  25. Greg (Level 371 to 375)
  26. Eduardo (Level 386 to 390)
  27. Ashley (Level 401 to 405)
  28. Elisa (Level 416 to 420)
  29. Cole (Level 431 to 435) (Boss)
  30. Nick (Level 446 to 450)
  31. Lucía (Level 461 to 465)
  32. Mia (Level 476 to 480)
  33. Theo (Level 491 to 495)
  34. David (Level 506 to 510)
  35. Sarah (Level 521 to 525) (Boss)
  36. Barbara (Level 536 to 540) (Boss)
  37. Tatsuaki (Level 551 to 555)
  38. Sandra (Level 566 to 570)
  39. Emily (Level 581 to 585)
  40. Helen (Level 596 to 600)
  41. Siobhán (Level 611 to 615)
  42. Steph (Level 626 to 630) (Boss)
  43. Marisa (Level 641 to 645) (Boss)
  44. Hayley (Level 656 to 660)
  45. Julie (Level 671 to 675)
  46. Haru (Level 686 to 690)
  47. Kentaro (Level 701 to 705)
  48. Silke (Level 716 to 720)
  49. Fritz (Level 731 to 735) (Boss)
  50. Ren (Level 746 to 750)
  51. Susana (Level 761 to 765)
  52. Luca (Level 776 to 780)
  53. Rainer (Level 791 to 795)
  54. Stéphanie (Level 806 to 810)
  55. Tyrone (Level 821 to 825)
  56. Saburo (Level 836 to 840)
  57. Yoshi (Level 851 to 855)
  58. Jessie (Level 866 to 870)
  59. Yoko (Level 881 to 885) (Boss)
  60. Hiroshi (Level 896 to 900)
  61. Ursula (Level 911 to 915) (You will automatically play at dusk when you face the 900s opponents)
  62. Oscar (Level 926 to 930)
  63. Miguel (Level 941 to 945) (Boss)
  64. Sakura (Level 956 to 960)
  65. Giovanna (Level 971 to 975)
  66. Chika (Anti-Champion/Level 986 to 990)

Pro Class

  1. Jake (Pro Class Beginner/Level 1001 to 1005)
  2. Maria (Level 1016 to 1020)
  3. Tommy (Level 1031 to 1035)
  4. Alex (Level 1046 to 1050)
  5. Sota (Level 1061 to 1065)
  6. Eddy (Level 1076 to 1080)
  7. Misaki (Level 1091 to 1095)
  8. Pablo (Level 1106 to 1110)
  9. Marco (Level 1121 to 1125) (Boss)
  10. Eva (Level 1136 to 1140)
  11. Shouta (Level 1151 to 1155)
  12. Gwen (Level 1166 to 1170)
  13. Michael (Level 1181 to 1185)
  14. Abe (Level 1196 to 1200)
  15. Patrick (Level 1211 to 1215)
  16. Abby (Level 1226 to 1230)
  17. Daisuke (Level 1241 to 1245)
  18. Midori (Level 1256 to 1260)
  19. Shinnosuke (Level 1271 to 1275)
  20. Jackie (Level 1286 to 1290)
  21. Nelly (Level 1301 to 1305)
  22. Víctor (Level 1316 to 1320)
  23. Andy (Level 1331 to 1335)
  24. Ai (Level 1346 to 1350)
  25. Pierre (Level 1361 to 1365)
  26. Takashi (Level 1376 to 1380) (Boss)
  27. Akira (Level 1391 to 1395)
  28. Hiromi (Level 1406 to 1410)
  29. Shinta (Level 1421 to 1425) (Boss)
  30. James (Level 1436 to 1440)
  31. Gabi (Level 1451 to 1455) (Boss)
  32. Rin (Level 1466 to 1470)
  33. Anna (Vice-Champion/Level 1481 to 1485) (Boss)


  1. Matt (Level 1496 to 1500) (Final Boss) (You automatically play at dusk in the match.)

After you beat the Champion, you can use Matt's Purple Sword and defeat Miis in a random order, all with the 1500 to 2500 armor (listed down below).

The Armors of Swordplay Duel/Speed Slice


Stamp Name Description
Cliff-Hanger The final battle ring appears if the two opponents are still locked in a draw after three rounds. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. You can get this stamp in single-player mode only.
Straight to the Point Push your opponent out of the ring with a lunge in single-player mode.
Met Your Match


Draw three rounds in a row to get to the final battle ring, then draw again for a completely even match in single-player mode. You may not have won, but it's no easy feat!
One Hit Wonder

(All Too Easy)

Push your opponent out of the ring with only one strike in single-player mode.
Last Mii Standing

(There Can Only Be One)

Defeat the champion in a duel. The key is to never let your defenses down and attack any gaps you see. There may be some sort of reward if you win this...

Speed Slice Gameplay

The objective of this mode is to cut objects faster before your opponent does and be the first to get 10 points. Matt, the referee, will toss an object at the players, and you must cut them in the given direction before your opponent does. The slicing ways are horizontally (left or right), vertically (up or down), and diagonally. However, when you face Matt, Ryan will take his place as the judge. If both players slice the object in the same way simultaneously, the player who sliced faster gets the point.


  • Sushi Roll
  • Egg
  • Flower Vase
  • Watermelon with Red Inside*
  • Watermelon with Yellow Inside
  • Wood
  • Cantaloupe with White Inside
  • Cantaloupe with Orange Inside*
  • Orange*
  • Candle
  • Bamboo
  • Bread*
  • Acorn
  • Pencil
  • Diamond
  • Timer*
  • Cake*
  • Board

*Seen as a secret target in Archery


Stamp Name Description
Slice and Dice Win the contest without missing a single object by slicing the wrong way or failing to slice within the time limit. You can only get this stamp in single-player mode.
Slicing Machine Correctly at least one of each of the 18 types of objects in single-player mode. Different colors count as different types. You'll need to play several rounds to get them all!
Psychic Slice Cut an object correctly before it even hits the ground in single-player mode. You have to be psychic—or lucky—to pull this off.
Double Time

(Double Digit)

Slice the alarm clock when the two digits on the display are the same, such as 8.8, 7.7, or 6.6. You can only get this stamp in single-player mode.
A Cut Above Beat the Speed Slice champion. Empty your mind and slice with your instincts!

The beginning of a Swordplay Showdown stage.

The objective of this single-player mode is to defeat the oncoming horde of enemy sword fighters without getting hit three times. The player has three hearts and must defeat the army of sword-wielding adversaries without taking three hits. Each level has a Boss (each Boss has black armor and a purple sword) at the end of the level. They have three hearts and are hard to defeat (especially the later ones). This is the list, the levels in Swordplay Duel (and Speed Slice), and the picture of the Bosses from every level of Swordplay Showdown:

Normal Stages

After clearing all the normal stages, the reverse stages are unlocked. These levels are notably much harder than their normal counterparts and go in the opposite direction.

Reverse Stages

The 20 Bosses from Swordplay Showdown

Types of Armor


The enemies who aren't Bosses can come in five different armor colors: Green, Gold, Red, Purple, or Black. Their behavior, health, and occurrence depend on what armor they're wearing. The Miis always appear in the same armor for a specific stage. They always use a red sword except in Volcano and Volcano Reverse, which in perspective, uses a light magenta sword instead due to the light in the volcano.

Green Armor

The Miis that come in this color of armor are the weakest and easiest to defeat. They sometimes will defend themselves when approaching the player but will rarely block (and only for a short period) when they are in striking distance of the player. Most of these Miis delay for a long time before attacking you, but some of them are slightly quicker. They have one heart. They are encountered commonly and in large quantities in many of the regular stages (Yoshi and Jake are the first two), but they do not appear at all in most of the reverse levels, with Stages 17 to 19 being the exceptions. Mia is the last Mii to wear this armor.

Appearances: Stages 1 to 9, 17 to 19

Most common Mii in this armor: Andy and Jessie

Gold Armor

The Miis who wear this armor color are still not difficult to defeat at first, but their movesets are drastically different from those of the Green Armored enemies. In the regular stages, they almost only defend themselves and take a long time to attack. However, in the reverse stages, they gain more aggressive movesets (all attack more frequently and some attack twice in a row), and some of these Miis will even behave similar to Boss and Black armored Miis by wasting no time to accurately strike the player as soon as possible (Pablo and Stéphanie are the first two to exhibit this behavior, in Stage 11). Like Green Armor, they have one heart. These Miis are not too common at first (Misaki is the first one) but become abundant as the game progresses. They seem to be the opposite of Green Armors, considering they grow stronger and appear in larger quantities. In contrast, Green Armors never gain improved movesets and appear less in the later stages. Helen is the last Mii to wear this armor.

Appearances: Stages 1 to 6, 9 to 20

Most common Mii in this armor: Luca

Red Armor

The Miis that appear in this armor color are a little bit tougher and more dangerous than the last two types. They are primarily defensive and change the direction of their defense only a little. They will usually only attack after successfully blocking a player's swing. They also attack much faster than the early versions of the Gold Armored Miis. Some of them will twirl their swords in a circular motion before hitting the player, and the same thing goes for some Purple Armored opponents. Keiko is the first Red Armored opponent to exhibit this kind of behavior, and she shows this in Stage 15, though she may not display this behavior sometimes when the player goes through that stage. They have two hearts and first appear in Stage 2 (Gwen is the first one) and are present in many of the after that in increasing quantities. Haru is the last Mii to wear this armor.

Appearances: Stages 2 to 7, 9, 11, 14 to 17, 19, 20

Most common Mii in this armor: Yoshi

Purple Armor

The Miis who wear this armor color behave identically to the Miis who wear red armor, with one exception. They constantly change the direction of their defense (especially when the player is moving their sword around) to make it much more difficult to hit them, making it much easier for the player to be counterattacked. In addition, they will occasionally switch the direction of their attack right before they swing. Some Purple Armored opponents will twirl their swords in a circular motion before hitting the player. Haru is the first Purple Armored opponent to exhibit this kind of behavior. She shows this in Stage 15 though sometimes, she may not display this kind of behavior when the player goes through that stage, or only either of them or two show this behavior. They have thick kneepads but have slimmer bodies than the Red Armored Miis, making them more challenging to hit. They have two hearts and first appear in Stage 6 (Stéphanie is the first one), and are also present in many stages after that. Luca and Sakura are the last two Miis to wear the regular variant of this armor.

Appearances: Stages 6 to 12, 14 to 16, 18, 19

Most common Mii in any Purple Armor variant: Chika

Purple Armor Thin

Miis who wear this type of armor have varying movesets and behaviors, and some can be much more difficult to defeat than others. The three movesets that these Miis have are:

  • A defensive moveset (similar to regular Purple Armored Miis).
  • A twirling moveset (where the Miis twirl their swords in circles and attack randomly).
  • An extremely aggressive moveset (similar to the behavior of the last few Bosses).

Unlike the regular Purple Armored Miis, these Miis have thinner kneepads, and their armor has a slimmer design. They have two hearts, and they also have two variants: Slim and Lanky. The Slim variant is first seen in Stage 12 and first worn by Sandra, Steve, Andy, and Greg, while the last Mii in this variant is Fumiko. The Lanky variant is first seen in Stage 17 and first worn by Jackie and Maria, while the final Mii in this variant is Pablo.

Appearances (Slim): Stages 12, 14, 16, 19

Appearances (Lanky): Stages 17 to 20

Black Armor

Although these Miis are not Bosses, they will behave exactly like one. What sets them apart from a Boss is the color of the sword they use, which is red (the same color sword as all of the other armors) rather than the purple sword that the bosses have. They have varying levels of aggressiveness: Defensive in Stage 10, 13, and 20, Aggressive in Stage 12 ( Daisuke being the only one), 13, 14, 17, and 20, and Aggressive and Defensive in Stage 18, 19, and 20. Some of them twirl their swords in a circular motion before hitting the player, though they rarely exhibit this behavior. They are often as big as an actual Boss, but sometimes, they appear in smaller variants and are the same size as the other Miis. They have three hearts and first appear in Stage 10 (Eva and Abe are the first two) and are somewhat rare even after that. They only appear in slightly larger quantities in Stage 14 and Stage 19, and they appear in substantial amounts only in Stage 13 and Stage 20. (Matt (the final Boss) is the last Black Armored Mii in general, while Chris, George, and Mike are the last non-Boss Black Armored Miis.) There are five variants of Black Armor: Lanky, Small, Small Thin, Obese (reserved for bosses), and Bulky.

These appearances are for non-boss Miis only:

Appearances (Lanky): Stages 10, 12 to 14, 17, 18, 20

Appearances (Small): Stages 18 to 20

Appearances (Small Thin): Stages 19, 20

Appearances (Bulky): Stage 20 only

Most common Mii in any Black Armor variant: Tyrone


Stamp Name Description
Not a Scratch Clear any stage without taking a hit and losing a heart.
Sword Fighter

(Stage 10 Beaten)

Defeat all of your foes to clear the first 10 stages. You can't just swing wildly and hope for the best—it takes finesse.
Perfect 10 Clear Stage 10 without taking a single hit and losing a heart.

(Stage 20 Beaten)

Fight through the final Showdown stage. You must master the art of parrying.
Untouchable Fight through the final Showdown stage without taking a single hit and losing a heart.

Final Boss: Matt

Matt is the final and most challenging Boss in Swordplay Showdown, since he is the Champion. He is bigger than the other Miis that wear Black Armor. The easiest way to defeat him is when Matt is in front of the Mii you are targeting. He is the most challenging Boss because he is quick to attack and counterattack, and even when you successfully block one of his attacks, he will try to stop you. Matt is ultimately defensive and strikes exceptionally often. He seldom lets you hit him and might easily use up all your hearts. However, since he has the largest hitbox in the game, it can be easy to hit when you are actually able to hit him. Once you defeat Matt, you win and have cleared all the stages!


  • There is a glitch where if you manage to skip over Chika but not get to pro class, Jake is your opponent, even though you aren't in pro class yet.
  • The player will also play in the evening in Duel if their skill level is 1900 to 1999 (right before advancing into Superstar Class).
    • However, the player can manually change the time of day for the duel to sunset by holding the "2" button before pressing OK on the Mii selection screen and releasing it right after the warning screen.
  • In Duel, both Miis can be knocked off at the same time. It will result in a tie.
  • In Duel, the higher your level is, the more people in the audience there are. It also happens in Tennis from Wii Sports and Table Tennis.
  • The most amount of skill points you can earn in Duel is 100 per match.
  • Archery also uses the Speed Slice food and clock objects as hidden targets in any of the stages.
  • In Speed Slice, the player can push the item away without cutting it by stabbing it.
    • Aim with the sword pointing to the item (works best with round objects) and jab with the Wii Remote. It will push the thing back, and then it will despawn. However, this will result in a red "X" over your item.
  • The most amount of skill points you can earn in Speed Slice is 200 per match. Skill points are awarded based on how many points the player wins (as long as they go against the computer). The formula is 20 * (player's score - opponent's score).
    • For example, if the player has beat Anna 10-8, the player would get 40 points because 10 - 8 = 2.
  • In Showdown, once the player beats the champion, they can use a purple sword. (Remember to press and hold the "1" button at the "Select Players" screen.)
  • In Showdown, there are 1035 rivals in total.
  • An interesting pattern is that the gender of the bosses in Showdown are sometimes switched in the reverse stages, except in the 9th and 19th, the 10th and the 20th stages have the same gender,
    • Cole/Tomoko, Gabi/Takashi, Miguel/Marisa, Alisha/Ian, Hiromasa/Barbara, Sarah/Shinta, Marco/Steph, Asami/Fritz, Anna/Yoko, Gabriele/Matt.
    • This pattern goes M/F, F/M until the player gets to the ninth pattern, where it changes to F/F, M/M.
  • Some of the opponents in Showdown have sported all available armor colors, including Rin, Kathrin, George, Takumi, Lucía, Hiroshi, Rachel, Stéphanie, Ursula, Haru, Maria, Nelly, Tyrone, Eduardo, Shouta, Miyu, Theo, Gwen, Pablo, Tommy, Abe, Misaki, Ren and Daisuke.
    • In contrast, Akira and Kentaro have only one heart in Showdown, meaning they only wear green or gold armor.
  • Out of all 80 non-Boss Miis in Showdown, Nelly is the one Mii to make the fewest appearances. She only appears seven times.
    • On the other hand, Luca and Helen make the most appearances, each showing up 17 times.
    • Ren makes the most consecutive appearances, showing up 11 times in a row, appearing in every reverse stage.
    • Greg is the latest non-Boss Mii to make their first appearance in Showdown. He first appears in Stage 8.
  • In Showdown, when a defeated enemy remains still on the ground, it will glow blue after a few seconds and disappear. If it falls off a cliff or into water, a balloon will instantly inflate and float it away (only in some stages).
  • Showdown's tutorial plays more like Duel rather than Showdown, as it involves the player facing off against Ryan by himself, wearing the armor he wears in Duel instead of Showdown while taking an endless amount of hits, unlike Showdown's enemies. Unlike duel, it is set in front of the ruins, but unlike Showdown's actual gameplay, it features an audience of Miis watching.
  • In Showdown, the player can play at High Noon, Dusk, or Night. The game cycles through the three times of the day after the player completes or loses a stage, which will then cycle to the next level they choose.
  • In Showdown, with the exception of Bosses, there is no type of armored mii that appears in every single stage.
  • In Showdown, whenever a rival with more than one heart becomes the player's next target (specifically Red, Purple, and Black Armors), a suspenseful sting adds to the music.
  • In Showdown, when the combos reach a multiple of 10, you will hear a horn in the background.
  • There is a glitch where the game will target a Mii in the back or middle of an approaching crowd. It helps wail on the rivals that are not targeted and is the most useful in Volcano Reverse.
  • This sport is the most dangerous if the Wii MotionPlus does any of the following:
    • Come out of the Wii Remote.
    • Not detect.
    • Get off-centered by a lot.
    • You swing, but the sword doesn't work correctly.
  • The highest amount of skill points you can earn in Showdown is 85 for the first stage (Bridge) and 100 for the other levels.
  • In Showdown, with a well-aimed strike on a rival who has one heart, it is possible to knock them into another enemy, which can cause one heart to break, but you need the right trajectory for this to work.
  • If the object to cut in Speed Slice is a flower vase, you can cut the flower without cutting the vase.
  • If the object to cut is a candle, if you swing close to it but not cut it, you will blow it out.
  • Swordplay Duel is the only sport to have all 40 CPU Miis debut in Wii Sports Resort appear as spectators.
    • However, they will only appear in the audience section as 2D sprites.
    • They appear because where CPU Miis appear in 3D, only Miis with IDs of 0 to 59 will appear.
  • Guest F is fighting Ryan for a promotional picture.

    There are some Swordplay Promotional pictures that include that before the project was finished, the Miis did not have masks on when fighting (as seen in the picture on the very top of this article, Ryan is not wearing a mask). Also, Guest F is fighting Ryan without a mask too.