Swordplay Duel versus Ryan

Swordplay is one of 12 games available to play in Wii Sports Resort. Taking advantage of the Wii MotionPlus, the main mechanic of the game is using your Wii Remote like a sword to hit an opponent/opponents. There are 3 variations of the game.


The objective of the Duel is to knock your opponent off the high-rise platform. It is played in a two-out-of-three style match. If both fighters are unable to knock each other off then the round is a tie. If the match is tied then the game goes to Sudden Death, where the playing field becomes extremely small. The stamps are: Met Your Match, Cliff Hanger, One-Hit Wonder, Straight to the Point, and Last Mii Standing. If you have beaten the champion,at the Mii selection, hold the 1 button. Then you can use Matt's purple sword to fight. Your skill should be around 1496-1500 to fight against Matt.  

Duel Mii Levels (in order, confirmed):

Lv. 0-99

Ryan, Fumiko, Miyu, Kathrin, Asami (Boss), Martin

Lv. 100-199

Mike, Steve, George, Naomi, Ian (Boss), Vincenzo, Chris

Lv. 200-299

Megan, Hiromasa (Boss), Tomoko (Boss), Holly, Gabriele (Boss), Shohei, Keiko

Lv. 300-399

Emma, Alisha (Boss), Takumi, Rachel, Greg, Eduardo

Lv. 400-499

Ashley, Elisa, Cole (Boss), Nick, Lucía, Mia, Theo

Lv. 500-599

David, Sarah (Boss), Barbara (Boss), Tatsuaki, Sandra, Emily, Helen

Lv. 600-699

Siobhán, Steph(Boss), Marisa (Boss), Hayley, Julie, Haru

Lv. 700-799

Kentaro, Silke, Fritz (Boss), Ren, Susana, Luca, Rainer

Lv. 800-899

Stéphanie, Tyrone, Saburo, Yoshi, Jessie, Yoko (Boss), Hiroshi

Lv. 900-999 (You'll play at sunset here.)

Ursula, Oscar, Miguel (Boss), Sakura, Giovanna, Chika

PRO Level

Lv. 1000-1099

Jake, Maria, Tommy, Alex, Sota, Eddy, Misaki

Lv. 1100-1199

Pablo, Marco (Boss), Eva, Shouta, Gwen, Michael, Abe

Lv. 1200-1299

Patrick, Abby, Daisuke, Midori, Shinnosuke, Jackie

Lv. 1300-1399

Nelly, Víctor, Andy, Ai, Pierre, Takashi (Boss), Akira

Lv. 1400-1499

Hiromi, Shinta (Boss), James, Gabi (Boss), Rin, Anna (Boss)

1500 Champion (You'll play at sunset here)

Matt (Final Boss)

The Armors of Swordplay Duel

Speed Slice

Speed Slice

Speed Slice Gameplay

The objective of Speed Slice is to cut an object faster than your opponent. The referee (Matt) will toss an object at the player, and the player must cut that object in the specified direction before your opponent can. But if you are facing Matt in Speed Slice, the referee will be Ryan (shown dueling above). The level of the opponents is the same from Swordplay Duel.

Speed Slice Armors

2018-04-05 (1)-0

Anna (Vice Champion) playing Speed Slice.

They usually wear the same armor, but with a special slicing sword to slice things with.



The beginning of a Swordplay Showdown stage.

The objective of the Showdown is to defeat the oncoming horde of Miis. The player has three hearts, and must defeat the army of sword-wielding Miis without taking three hits. Each level has a Boss (Black Armored with Purple Sword) at the end of the level. They have three hearts and are hard to defeat (specially the latter ones). These are the list, the level in Swordplay Duel (and Speed Slice) and the picture of the Bosses from every level at Swordplay Showdown:

Normal Stages

After you defeat all the normal stages, you can play the reverse stages. They are a lot harder.

Reverse Stages

Swordplay Showdown Bosses-0

The 20 Bosses from Swordplay Showdown


The Miis who aren't Bosses can come in five different colors of armors: Green, Gold, Pink, Purple or Black. Their behavior, health, and occurrence depends on what armor they're wearing. It's always the same Miis who appear in determined stage and armor, and they always use a red sword except in Volcano and Volcano Reverse which on perspective, use light magenta sword instead.

Green Armor

The Miis that come in this color of armor are the easiest to defeat. They never defend themselves, and they delay to attack you. But at later levels, in which they rarely appear, they may be quick to attack. These Miis are most common in the early stages. They have one heart. They are not encountered at all in Stage 10 and in most reverse levels, although some do appear in very small numbers in Stages 17,18, and 19.

Gold Armor

The Miis that come in this color of armor are still not difficult to defeat, but they have a difference compared to the ones who wear green armor: they practically only defend themselves, still taking time to attack, but in more advanced stages, they can become more aggressive and offensive, prioritizing attack over defense. Miis with this armor are fairly rare at first, but they gradually become very common as the game progresses. They have one heart. They are the only Non-Boss Miis that are present in every stage.

Red Armor

The Miis that appear in this color of armor are more dangerous than the last two types. They mostly defend themselves while changing the direction of the defense just a little, and take time to attack. Initially, they only hit if they manage to block a player's swing, but later on, they will become more aggressive and offensive. They first appear in Stage 2 (Gwen is the first one) and become common at later stages, especially in the Reverse Stages. They have two hearts. They have thicker bodies than all of the other Miis, with the exception of a couple of Bosses being Miguel, Marco, Takashi, Ian and Steph, which can lead to them being vulnerable to attack even when they're defending due to being a larger target.

Purple Armor Thin

The behavior of these Miis is somewhat similar to that of those with Gold Armor at later stages. They tend to be more aggressive and attack more frequently than normal Purple Armored Miis. They begin to appear in Stage 12 (Sandra, Steve, Greg, and Andy are the first four) and are somewhat common in the Reverse stages. They have two hearts, similar to Miis who use purple armor.

Purple Armor

The behavior of these Miis is identical to those who use red armor, with one exception: they change the direction of their defense more often, making it easier for you to be blocked and counterattacked. They also have thinner bodies compared to the Red-Armored, making them harder to hit. They only begin to appear in Stage 6 (Stéphanie is the first one), becoming common in the Reverse Stages. They have two hearts.

Black Armor

Although these Miis are not Bosses, they behave exactly like one. Some of them have the same larger size of the Bosses. What sets them apart from a Boss is the color of the sword they use, which is red, just like all the Miis of the previous categories. Sometimes, they are as big as an actual boss, while at other times they are smaller like every other Mii. They only begin to appear in Stage 10 (Eva and Abe are the first two) and even after that, they are somewhat rare. These Miis only appear in greater quantities in Beach Reverse and Volcano Reverse. They have three hearts.

About Matt

Matt is the final and toughest Boss. He is bigger and angrier than the other Miis that wear Black Armor. The easiest way to defeat him is when he is in front of the Mii you are targeting. He is the toughest Boss because he is quick to attack and counterattack and even when you successfully block one of his attacks, he will try to block you, which is a characteristic given to Matt and Matt only. He is ultimately defensive and strikes ultimately often. He almost never lets you hit him and might easily use up all your hearts.


  • The reverse stages are called reverse because they're in the opposite direction of the respective normal stages.
  • You'll also play at Sunset in Duel if your skill level is between 1900-1999
  • In Duel, If you hold 2 at the "Select Players screen", and don't release, you will play at sunset.
  • In Showdown, once you beat the final stage, you can use a purple sword. (remember to press and hold 1 at the "Select Players screen").
  • Some of the opponents in Showdown have sported all available armor colors such as Rin, Takumi, Lucía, Rachel, Ursula, Haru, Maria, Nelly, Tyrone, Daisuke, Shouta, Miyu, Theo, Gwen, Pablo, Tommy, and Misaki.
  • There are 1665 rivals in total.