Suzanne Face Image
Title None
Gender Female
Favorite Color Forest Green
Level N/A

If you are looking for her Wii Sports counterpart, go to Kathrin.

Not to be confused with Susana.

Suzanne is a Mii from Wii Music. She appears in 2 preloaded songs. She plays in Marsha Plus Four! and Mia Deluxe Six.

Instruments Suzanne Plays

  • In Marsha Plus Four!, she plays the double bass.
  • In Mia Deluxe Six, she plays the electric bass.

Differences between Suzanne and Kathrin

  • Suzanne has blue eyes and Kathrin has green eyes, they are a lot bigger and are moved slightly higher.
  • Suzanne has pink lips and Kathrin has orange lips, they are also slightly higher.
  • Suzanne has brown eyebrows and Kathrin has dark blonde eyebrows, and they are also moved up.
  • Suzanne's favourite colour is forest green but Kathrin's favourite colour is white.
  • Suzanne's nose is slightly higher.


  • Her Japanese name is Suuzannu.
  • In her Wii Music artwork, she plays the violin.


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