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Superstar Class
Superstar Class is any skill level in Wii Sports Resort from 2000-2500. You cannot exceed skill level 2500.

In the Superstar Class, players face CPUs with higher skill levels than when the player faced them before. A notable example is Ryan, the worst Swordplay player, being near or in the Superstar Class.


  • If you apply the CPUs on the Superstar Class system, Elisa is the only CPU in Superstar Class.
    • This classification for Elisa is de facto as the superstar class does not exist in the original Wii Sports, which is where Elisa holds the skill level of 2000 in Tennis.
  • The highest the CPU Miis go in Superstar Class is 2520, a skill unattainable by the player.
  • When you reach Superstar Class, the narrator says "Superstar Class!".
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