Summerstone Castle

Summerstone Castle
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The Summerstone Castle also known as Lakeside Castle is a castle near Duckling Lake. It can be seen in Island Flyover as well as Swordplay Showdown Stages 9 and 19. Summerstone Castle does not appear in Wii Fit, however, It does appear in Wii Fit Plus. In Wii Fit U, the castle was redesigned, being shorter with a small island connected to it via a bridge. It appears in Pilotwings Resort as an iPoint location.


  • It is the only castle on Wuhu Island.
  • There's a passageway for cars, explaining why there are cars going through the entry of it. (Seen when playing Canoeing.)

Island Flyover Information:

  • Daytime: “It’s not an easy hike, but the view from the castle is amazing!”
  • Evening: “This castle has unbelievable views--especially at sunset!”
  • Night: “The high walls of the castle make for a perfect spot to watch fireworks.”
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