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Suggestions is an assistance mechanic in Wii Party and Wii Party U where Party Phil gives advice to the player(s) on what games to play. He recommends the games based on the number of players and the time they want to spend (short game or long).

How it Works

To start off, Party Phil will ask you how many players will participate in a game.

After that, it will let you select the Miis. After you have selected the Miis, you must decide between a short game or a long game. Pick "A short game" if you don't want to take long and "A long game" if you want your fun to last. Party Phil will then suggest 3 types of games you can play.

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It will then show the Miis that will participate, and then it will start the game.

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After all that, you can start playing the game. After you finish, you will have the choice to go back to Suggestions.

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If you go back to Suggestions, the process will start from picking a game of the category you picked (long or short).

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