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The Logo of Streetpass Mii Plaza.

StreetPass Mii Plaza is a digital game on the Nintendo 3DS.


The StreetPass Mii Plaza uses the internet and a location-based technology to distribute Miis to other 3DSes with the same app. It will update upon every StreetPass encounter. The Miis can be used in different ways, such as the player’s personal Mii being given a bio for greetings and a description.


1st Major Update

  • Addition of 4 new DLC Games
  • Massive increase in Music variety
  • Added 99 new hats
  • Addition of Slide Show for viewing completed Puzzle Swap panels
  • Addition of StreetPass Map for tracking locations of met Miis
  • Addition of Accomplishments
  • Free Pixel-Mario Hat for those who update Streetpass
  • Access to various games is at bottom screen for convenient use
  • Added shop, coupon shop, game screen (fountain with game icons) & update widget to selection.
  • Choose from 6 emotion types while greeting other miis. (Found in greetings menu)

2nd Major Update

Starting with the release of the update in Japan on April 1st, 2015 and worldwide April 16th, 2015, the following additions and changes were made to the Plaza.

  • Game Pack 2, which includes Ultimate Angler (Streetpass Fishing regions outside of America) and Battleground Z (Streetpass Zombies in regions outside of America)
  • Streetpass Premium, a new way to interact with Miis to meet.
    • Adds the VIP Room and Streetpass Birthday to the main menu (have to purchase Premium to use). Additional Tickets can be earned from Streetpass Birthday.
  • Updates to Game Pack 1
    • Find Mii II: Adds the Usagi Support option to the main menu (allows the Streetpass Usagi to help the player at the cost of Coins) and the ability to see what Hats you haven't collected on the Map (by holding X while you can see the Map)
    • Flower Town: Can now hold R to auto-read text. Holding R to fast-forward during Harvesting has been sped up.
    • Mii Force: Can now skip the level intro, level ending, and cutscenes by pressing B.
  • Additional Hats and Suits to buy with Tickets.
  • New dreams for the future have been added to the profile menu, for Streetpass Zombies' release.
  • Adds Speech Bubbles, which are unlocked through Tickets to customise the player’s Streetpass greeting.
    • Each of the eight games they have access to in the Plaza have a free Speech Bubble themed for them, in addition to a Thought-bubble and an Streetpass Usagi themed ones given for free for updating.
  • Adds the Play Selector option to the main menu, allowing the player to remove games from the Plaza (this does not uninstall them) and then restore them in any order, as well as allowing the player to play them directly from its menu.
    • Games not actively in the Plaza will not be included when loading Streetpass Plaza with new Miis and it checks for games the player hasn’t played yet, allowing them to ignore the games they have finished or don't play any more.
  • The Music Gallery is updated to include the new music tracks


There are 14 games found in Streetpass Mii Plaza released between the launch of the 3DS and September the 1st 2016 with the 5.0 update. Puzzle Swap, Find Mii and Find Mii II are free and you could choose between Slot Car Rivals or Market Crashers when the 5.0 update was released. All other games cost money but can be bought in a bundle with other games that released in that update.

  • Puzzle Swap: The player collect pieces to a 3D picture.
  • Find Mii / Streetpass Quest: Hire heroes or use accumulated Miis to fight enemies in a turn based RPG fight to earn hats.
  • Find Mii II / Streetpass Quest 2: The sequel to Find Mii / Streetpass Quest.
  • Mii Force / Streetpass Squad: Command a team of Miis and mercenaries against the Gold Bone Gang.
  • Flower Town / Streetpass Garden: Become a master gardener and grow plants.
  • Warrior's Way / Streetpass Battle: Build an army and conquer the world.
  • Monster Manor / Streetpass Mansion: Battle entities and escape a haunted mansion.
  • Ultimate Angler / Streetpass Fishing: Catch fish while hunting the Legendary Fish.
  • Battleground Z / Streetpass Zombie: Save a city under attack by zombies.
  • Slot Car Rivals / Streetpass Slot Racer
  • Market Crashers / Streetpass Trader
  • Feed Mii / Streetpass Chef: Make dishes for others to make money.
  • Ninja Launcher / Streetpass Ninja
  • Mii Trek / Streetpass Explorers: Explore over a map to find relics while avoiding dangerous animals and hazards.


  • The background music changes in milestones for how many Miis the player has, with changes being at 20, 50, 100, 300, 500, and 1,000 Miis, including their Mii.
  • Upon release of the first major update, the shop was glitched, preventing anyone from purchasing the DLC until it was updated shortly after release.