Standard Miis are the second easiest CPU Skill in both Wii Party and Wii Party U.

The other four CPU Skills are BeginnerAdvancedExpert and Master.


Wii Party

Top row: Abe, Ai, Anna, Ashley, Barbara, Chris, Helen, Hiroshi, Ian, and Luca.

Bottom row: Maria, Megan, Nick, Shouta, Siobhán, Sota, Steve, Tomoko, Vincenzo and Yoshi.

2- Standard

Wii Party U

Top row: Bernd, Bowen, Carlo, Delilah, Dylan, Guillermo, Jin-ah, José, Joseph, Juliette, and Kazuhiko.

Bottom row: Maria, Mark, Millie, Pedro, Rui-Lin, Se-young, Sho, Shu-Hui, Victor, Xiuping and Yuriko.

2- Standard-0
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