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Standard Difficulty is a CPU rank in Wii Party and Wii Party U.


Compared to Beginner Difficulty, Standard Miis tend to perform better in minigames, although they are still fairly easy to beat in. The other four CPU Skills are Beginner, AdvancedExpert and Master.


Wii Party

Top row: Nick, Abe, Ashley, Megan, Chris, Helen, Hiroshi, Maria, Ai and Shouta.

Bottom row: Siobhán, Tomoko, Luca, Ian, Sota, Barbara, Steve, Vincenzo, Yoshi, and Anna.

20201019 114143.png

Wii Party U

Top row: Bernd, Bowen, Carlo, Delilah, Dylan, Guillermo, Jin-ah, José, Joseph, Juliette, and Kazuhiko.

Bottom row: Maria, Mark, Millie, Pedro, Rui-Lin, Se-young, Sho, Shu-Hui, Victor, Xiuping, and Yuriko.

20201019 114221.png