Stamps in a Table Tennis match

If you perform a specific action in Wii Sports Resort or Wii Sports Club, you'll earn a stamp as a reward. While they don't come with new unlocks, currencies, etc., they still signify that the player has done well in that particular sport.

List of Stamps:

In Wii Sports Resort, there are 5 stamps to collect for each activity, but in Wii Sports Club they can have 10 for each sport. This is a list of all the collectable stamps in both games.

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Wii Sports Resort

Stamp Name Sport Description How to Unlock

Wii Sports Club

Stamp Name Sport Description How to Unlock
Smash Point Tennis "Score a point with a smash shot to earn this stamp! A smash is when you return a chance ball from your opponent with a powerful swing. Be careful you don't miss and hit air instead. Now get smashing!" Hit a smash and win a point.
Forehand Master Tennis "Win a match using only forehand shots to earn this stamp. Become a legend throughout Wii Sports Club for having one of the best forehands in the game! No more backhanded compliments!" Win a game only using forehands.
Back-and-Forth Battler Tennis "Will you win? Will you lose?! Experience a seesaw game where the score returns to deuce ten or more to win this stamp. Don't worry - you'll earn this stamp whether you win the game or not! Make the score go to deuce ten times in a row.
30-Shot Rally Tennis "Keep a rally going for 30 or more shots to get this stamp! If you can keep a rally going for that long, you and your opponent must be perfectly matched!" Keep a rally going for 30 shots or more.
Tennis Pro Tennis "Demolish your opponent without giving up a single point to them. Everyone should experience this at least once!" Win a match without losing a point.
Smash Return Tennis "Return your opponent's smash shot to earn this stamp! You may have set them up with an easy shot, but that doesn't mean you're finished!" Return a smash from your opponent.
Run Them Ragged Tennis "To earn this stamp, make the opposition run 3,000 metres or more during a match! In professional tennis, some players run more than 18km in a three-set match. That's nearly a half-marathon!" Make the opposition run at least 3,000 metres in one match.
Smash Shot Slammer Tennis "Pull off ten or more smashes during a single match to earn this stamp! Ten in one match?! You'll have to really be on the ball to manage that..." Hit ten smashes in one match.
Beat the Best Tennis "Have you got what it takes to defeat Wii Sports Club's reigning tennis champions? The unstoppable duo smashed the previous champions into early retirement, earning themselves the nickname 'The Slam Sisters'. They won't let you win without a fight!" Defeat the tennis champions.
Rattlesnake Reflexes Tennis "Only those fast enough to return a smash shot while playing at the net will earn this stamp. How fast are we talking? Let's just say you'll have earned bragging rights at Wii Sports Club! So, keep your eye on the ball, and remember: Swing first, think later!" Return a smash shot at the net.
Gobble Gobble Bowling
Split-Frame Spare Bowling
100-Pin Strike Bowling
The Bare Minimum Bowling
Pro Bowler Bowling
Standstill Shooter Bowling
Hitting The Wall Bowling
The Secret Strike Bowling
No Pin Standing Bowling
Perfect Game Bowling
Under Par Golf
Chip It In Golf
Fairway to Go! Golf
Long-Range Putter Golf
King of Clubs Golf
Ace of Clubs Golf
The Albatross Golf
Flag It Down Golf
Hole-in-One Golf
The Secret Shot Golf
Home Run Baseball "Hit a home run to earn this stamp. You just have to hit the ball so far that you can make it all the way back to the home plate in one play. Try and smack that ball into outer space!" Hit a home run.
Pitch Perfect Baseball "Earn this stamp by getting three strikes with three consecutive pitches. It still counts if the batter hits foul balls on the first and second pitches. If you manage this, you might say that you're a striking success!" Strike-out one batter.
Three and Out Baseball "Retire the other side within three pitches. To do so, you'll have to get three consecutive batters out on the first pitch. This will require your whole team to work as one! Remember: There is no "I" in Wii Sports Club! Um... Well, you get the idea." Get three batters out in a row.
Safe Hands Baseball "Catch at least ten fly balls without missing a single one! The streak will still count even when it spans multiple games. So oil up your glove and practise catching those fly balls!" Catch ten fly balls.
The Hat Trick Baseball "Strike out three batters in a row during a single inning. You'll need to vary your pitching speed and mix up the types of pitch you throw in order to dominate the game and pull this one off!" Strike-out three batters in a row.
Victory Lap Baseball "All nine batters must take their turn at bat and the first batter must return to the plate in order for you to earn this stamp. The catch is, you have to get it done within one inning! No mean feat, if you can manage it... Go TEAM! Make all batters bat within one inning, which the first must make it to the home plate.
Shutout Game Baseball "'Shut out' the other team by winning the game while preventing them from scoring any points. It's OK if they have some runners, but just don't let any of them make it to the home plate! Just remember: if you score too high, the mercy rule might take effect, ending the game and denying you this stamp!" Score high and prevent the other team collect points.
Hit for the Cycle Baseball "Hit a single, double, triple and a home run in a single game. It might sound straightforward, but it's pretty tricky - especially nailing the triple. Think you're up to the challenge? Then step up to the plate!" Hit a single, double, triple and home run in one game.
Centurion Baseball "Get a total of 100 home runs. There's no shortcut you can take here - you've just got to keep hitting those dingers! Players who achieve this have truly made it to the big leagues in Wii Sports club!" Hit a total of 100 home runs across multiple games.
Giant Slayer Baseball "Stories tell of an all-powerful team led by a legendary ace pitcher. The hopes and dreams of many a promising young slugger have been crushed by this unstoppable baseball behemoth! Do you have what it takes to stand your ground against the onslaught of wicked left-hand pitches and triumph against these titans?" Defeat the baseball team champions.
Lightning Round Boxing
Comeback Kid Boxing
Upper Deck Boxing
Totally Hooked Boxing
Counter Puncher Boxing
Closely Guarded Boxing
Dazed and Contused Boxing
On the Ropes Boxing
A Straight Fight Boxing
Take the Title Boxing


  • In Wii Sports Resort, when the player earns a stamp, they can hear the crowd cheering and the narrator saying, "Congratulations!", "Excellent!" or "You did it!". However, it's different in Wii Sports Club, where the player can only hear some celebration music.
  • Stamps have different designs in the two games.
    • In Wii Sports Resort, they take on the design of an orange flower.
    • In Wii Sports Club, they take on the design of a purple-pink flag.