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Spooky Search is a minigame found in Wii Play Motion. It is the eighth minigame found in Wii Play Motion and utilises the small speaker on the Wiimote as well as the improved motion found in the Wii Motion-plus. It was developed by Arzest.

The Minigame

In Spooky Search, you aim the Wiimote around, trying to catch ghosts in a time limit. The closer you are to the ghost, the more the Wiimote beeps. If you get close enough, hold the B button and drag the Wiimote to the centre of the screen to grab the ghost, letting go of the B button when the ghost is above the ghost sucker. Some ghosts try to get away when their on the screen, forcing you to find them again. To stop them from escaping, you have to pull them back to the centre with the Wiimote. Some ghosts try to steal your miis, losing points if they do. If you run out of Miis, you lose. They're also objects like chairs that the beeps pick up; they do nothing except waste time.

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