Space Zappers
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Wii Party U


2-4 Player


45 seconds


"UFOs spotted! The player who manages to zap the most aliens wins the game. A UFO with one alien is worth one point. A UFO with three aliens is worth three points."

Space Zappers is an All-Play Minigame in Wii Party U.


A UFO flies towards a player, then the player zaps it.


All players must aim directly at a UFO and press A while aiming at it to get points.

  • 1 Alien in UFO = 1 point
  • 3 Aliens in UFO = 3 points

After shooting, your blaster will take a little while to charge up so that you can shoot again. The player who shot the most UFOs wins.


  • Hold the Wii Remote horizontally, and aim at the UFOs.
  • Press A to shoot them.


If there are still some UFOs on screen, they will go and fly off to the distance.


  • In the European version, the aliens are hidden under a glass dome. This is possibly due to shooting aliens are considered too violent for some European countries.
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