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Soccer Heading is a game in Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, and Wii Fit U. The game involves the player trying to head soccer balls by tilting into the path of them. There are two difficulties: beginner and advanced.


Head the soccer balls as they get kicked at you, but dodge other flying objects!

How to Play

The player must tilt on the balance board in the path of a soccer ball. This will start off a chain of points. Each time you head a ball, it will go up by one point. The first time you head a ball, you get one point, then two points etc. This will go up into a chain until 10 then you will get 10 each time. If you miss a ball, the chain will restart. The best score possible is 555 (655 in Advanced).

Losing Points

You lose points if you hit an object that's not a ball. These are:

  • Shoe: -1
  • Panda head: -3

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