Skip Skimmer is a Minigame Wii Play: Motion. It is the third minigame found in Wii Play Motion and has 2 game modes. It was developed by Good-Feel.

Game Modes

Skip Mode

Skip skimmer

In this game mode you throw rocks, trying to skim them over the water by letting go of the B Button while swinging the Wiimote at the right time. the goal is to get as many skips over the lake as possible.However, if you swing too hard, it will sink immediately. There are also special rocks that have special effects, like how they move and their sound when they skip.

Score Mode

Skip skimmer-0

In Score mode you throw the rock, with the goal to get as many points as possible within the 5 throws.The rings give you 10 points and the target either gives you 10 or 30 depending on how close to the bullseye you are (the bullseye gives you 50.)There are also boost rings that boost you forward, walls and moving walls that when hit, immediately sinks the ball and ramps. You can choose between 5 stones, 4 standard stones and 1 2X stone, that gives you twice the points.

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