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Ski Jump is a balance game where you you have to jump off of a hill while on skis.


Straighten your knees at the right moment to jump for glory.

How to Play

To play ski jump, you need to squat with your knees bent. It will push your COG/COB forward. If you put you COG/COB in the blue area, you will gain speed. When you reach the end of the ramp, which is colored red, extend your knees, and then hold your balance. The aim is to get as far as you can, for a higher score.

If you extend your knees after you pass the red area, you will fall down the slope as a snowball, resulting in a 0 instead of anything higher. However, extending your knees in the red area will result in being able to successfully get off the ramp. Then, players must hold their balance. The more balanced you are, the farther you will go. Players will have two tries to get the highest score possible. The highest score for one jump is 202 meters.

Reactions for different outcomes

  • If the player extends their knees after they pass the red area, they will fall down the slope as a snowball.
  • If the player extends their knees in the red area, they will wave at the audience as they cheer (though quietly)
    • If the score for that round is 160 meters or more, the audience will cheer even louder as the player does a triumphant move as they have gone very far on the ski jump.


Unbalanced - 160 meters or less

Amateur - 160 to 260 meters

Professional - 260 to 350 meters

Champion - 350 to 404 meters

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