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Sketchy Situation
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Wii Party U


3-4 Players


15 seconds for the players to draw


"Everyone gets to draw a picture on the GamePad, but one player has been given something different to draw! Figure out which one of these pictures is not quite like the others."

Sketchy Situation is a House Party game in Wii Party U to which 3 to 4 players can play.


First off, the game will start off by giving the players the choice of either drawing from players one through four or letting the players draw in a random order decided by the game.

After the order has been chosen, the game will start and the players must take turns to draw. Every player but one will have to draw one thing. The one left out will draw something different from the others.

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All players will have a chance to draw. The player with a different thing to draw must try their hardest to be able to fool the others if they want the others to not catch up to them. After everyone drew what they needed to, the players must figure out who drew different from the others.

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After all players selected what they think is the different drawing, the game will show who drew differently from the others. Whoever guessed it right will earn points.

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After all rounds of all this end, the player who got the most points when guessing which drawing is different wins.

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