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Sitting Pretty
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Wii Party U


2-4 player


"Your Mii character will move around the stools until the music stops. As soon as that happens, press the button displayed on the stool to sit down on it first."

Sitting Pretty is an All-Play Minigame in Wii Party U.


The players walk out of a cabin in the middle of a forest, and round up around the chairs to play the minigame.


  • The objective is to sit down on one of the stools when the music stops. If you press a button but the music hasn't stopped, you will lose a point.


  • Hold the Wii Remote in any way that is comfortable.
  • Press a corresponding button (A, B, 1, 2, or the +Control Pad) to go to that stool.


  • The music for this minigame appears to be a more country-like version of the theme tune to the original Wii Party.
  • The game’s name comes from the expression "sitting pretty", meaning in a good position often referring to competitions.
  • This minigame functions similarly to Musical Chairs, except with one chair (or 2-3 chairs with 3 or 4 players).
  • The amount of time the music takes to stop is always random.
  • Sometimes a butterfly can be seen flying around.
  • It is almost impossible to win against the Master Miis, as their reaction time is much faster than the average person's, and the computer Miis "know" when the music stops.
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  • Sometimes the Miis will literally go through each other when they jump for a chair.

Marius inside of Massimo.

  • Pit, Bernd, Ilka & Sophia all appear in the instructions of the minigame, note that the same CPUs also appear in the instructions for Tube Tosser/Summer Ringers.
  • If two Miis pick the same chair, either one will go flying or both will go flying.
    • The case where only one goes flying is if they are farther from the chair they picked while the other is near it.


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