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Shooting Range is one of the 9 games found in Wii Play. It is designated as Stage 1 out of nine.


A screenshot of the game's introductory animation

"Shoot down the targets by aiming the Wii Remote at the screen. Fire with the B button. Combo 5 or more shots for a bonus!"

Shooting Range is played using the Wii Remote to point and shoot at a variety of moving targets. The game is separated into five levels, each one having different targets that net different amounts of points.

Note: Across all levels, a barking sound effect may be heard. Shortly after this plays, a duck will fly across the screen; if you shoot this duck, it will net you ten points.

Level 1

This level is fairly straightforward; the player shoots balloons that fly across the screen from the bottom up. Shooting these balloons nets the player 1 points for every balloon shot, and 2 points if you shoot them in colour order.

Level 2

Three different types of targets appear on the screen. Shooting a white target gives you one point while shooting a gold target gives you ten. Watch out for purple targets with the Mii's face on them. Shooting these will make you lose 3 points.

Level 3

Clay pigeons appear onscreen. Three points are awarded for every clay pigeon shot, but you can get 5 points if you shoot them just after they appear. Two ducks appear during this level.

Level 4

The player shoots at cans that are thrown into view. You get 1 point the first time you shoot a can, 2 the second, 3 the third, etc., so on and so forth until the can shatters at five shots, netting you five points.

Final Level

The least straightforward of the five levels, the final level has you shooting at UFOs to prevent 6 copies of your Mii from getting abducted. Regular UFOs net three points, while the gold UFOs net you five. At the start of this stage, the Miis will stand in a line, but after the first wave of UFOs is taken out, they will start to run around the area of play, ultimately making the stage more difficult.


  • In Multiplayer mode, if you shoot a Mii target in Level 2 but it is not your Mii, then you get more points instead of less.
  • If you save one of the miis in Multiplayer Mode on the final level, two birds will appear at the end, but this does not happen in solo mode.


  • The ducks in Shooting Range are a reference to the Nintendo Entertainment System game Duck Hunt, originally released in 1984.