Secret Targets are targets in Archery that will give you 10 points and a stamp if you collect them all. There are 12 secret targets, one for each stage. The targets are not randomized. The possible targets are: An orange, a watermelon, a cantelope, a cake, a piece of bread, a grapefruit, and a timer. In beginner, the targets are: an orange, a watermelon, a cantelope, and a cake. In intermediate, they are: an orange, a watermelon, a cantelope, and a piece of bread. On expert, they are: a grapefruit, a watermelon, a cantelope, and a timer. The locations are: Stage 1 Beginner: To the left of the waterfall. Stage 2 Beginner: On a path leading to Stillwater Grotto. Stage 3 Beginner: To the top left of the actual target. Stage 4 Beginner: On the bottom right of the bridge. Stage 1 Intermediate: On the tennis courts. Stage 2 Intermediate: On the bridge. Stage 3 Intermediate: At the entrance to the castle. Stage 4 Intermediate: On the road at the top right. Stage 1 Expert: To the far right of the actual target (You need to shoot pretty high). Stage 2 Expert: Behind a hill to the right. Stage 3 Expert: On top of one of the ruins. Stage 4 Expert: To the very far right.

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