Rope Sling/Lofty Leap
Rope Sling
Type 4-player minigame
Info Rules

Grab the rope, swing back and forth to build up your momentum, and sling as far as you can!

Controls Swing the Wii Remote up and down to build up momentum, and press the A button to let go of the rope and fly!
Time Limit 60 seconds

Rope Sling/Lofty Leap (Lofty Leap in the PAL version) is a 4-player minigame in Wii Party.


A Mii wearing platinum grey clothes swings back and forth for a few seconds, then releases and slings about 30 yards. Then see who will set the record!


The object is to release at the right time to fly the farthest distance. Players swing back and forth when it is their turn, though the game doesn't let them build up to an angle greater than about 215 degrees from the starting point. The ideal time to release is when the swing has a lot of upward and forward momentum.


  • If a player goes high enough, they can see a UFO or a hot-air balloon flying in the background.
  • After the player goes a long distance, the bushes will have flowers on them.
  • It is possible to fly backwards if a player releases while the swing is moving backwards, but the player will receive a negative score.
    • When doing so, the Mii will not land on their feet, rather on their behind and they will become dizzy. They will also frantically flap their arms and have a surprised expression on their face the whole time their going backwards.
    • The backwards part of the area in which this minigame takes place in seems to be a destroyed and deserted version of where you actually need to go.
  • The maximum score is 181 yards/meters.
  • While the best default record is 140 yds., set by Alisha, a Master Mii can actually go farther than that, making the record really easy to break for the CPUs when set to Master or Expert.
  • A Beginner Mii can actually do better than an Advanced, Expert, even a Master Mii in this minigame. There are times where an Advanced Mii gets a number more lower than 80 and there are times where a Beginner Mii gets a number more higher than 50. Beginner Miis also can get a score of 3 digits, but it's rare as a Master getting a score of 2 digits.
  • Sometimes, a Master Mii will go over the tree when they let go of the rope. This does not make them go far, though, as it often results in giving them a score of a two-digit number.
    20200420 124648



GAME: Lofty Leap/Rope Sling; TYPE: 4-Player; BEST RECORD: Alisha - 140 yds/m

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