Private Island
Private Island
Private Island. Well, it's not really private, since it's right next to Wuhu Island.

Sport(s) seen in Air Sports
Game(s) seen in Wii Sports Resort

When you have found all 80 iPoints in Wii Sports Resort Island Flyover, a private cottage house will be built for you on the island. You can only see it on Island Flyover and here's an example of what your cottage house will look like:

  • A brown cottage.
  • The color of your flag on top will be your favorite color. It will also have your Mii's face on it.


  • The Private Island is called in PAL version "Spacious Desert Island".

Island Flyover Information:

Before 80 IPoints

  • Daytime: “This island would be a perfect place to build a vacation home.”
  • Evening: “A house here would have an amazing view of the island and ocean.”
  • Night: “How would a home out here get water and electricity?”

After 80 IPoints (w/vacation home).

  • Daytime: “(Mii character’s name)'s resort house is here! The mark of a true islander!”
  • Evening: “(Mii character’s name)'s resort house is here. A little rustic, but what a view!”
  • Night: “(Mii character’s name)'s resort house is here. A little piece of paradise…”
  • The Diving Spot is behind the private Island.


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