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Power Cruising in Slalom Course.

Power Cruising is one of the 12 sports of Wii Sports Resort. There are two different modes, namely Slalom Course and VS.


The player is being transported out at sea and he/she is holding on to the handles of a jet ski. The player holds the Wii Remote horizontally, like how one would hold the handles.

The ski normally moves at a constant speed, but the player can choose to twist the Wii Remote to get a power boost. For maximum advantage, do not boost until the meter is full and has turned purple.


  • Beach
  • Lagoon
  • Lighthouse
  • Marina
  • Cavern
  • Shoals

Slalom Course

In Slalom Course, the player would have to drive the jet ski through various checkpoints laid out by the game. The goal is to get through each checkpoint within the short time limit of 10 seconds.


VS mode plays just like the Slalom Course, but with an opponent. Finish the course with the most points to win.



Go through every single bonus ring on one course. It doesn't matter which course you do it on.


Get a cumulative score of 5,000 points overall.

Power Cruiser:

Score 170 points or more on all courses.

Power Jumper:

Go through all the bonus rings in the final course.

Leisure Cruiser:

Find all the time balloons in one run in single-player Free Cruising mode. You have to complete the Slalom Course afterward to get the stamp. Not available in multiplayer mode.