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Not to be confused with Poserobics, Pose Mii, Pose Pros, Bridge Pose or Dance Pose.

Pose Mii Plus is a minigame found in Wii Play: Motion. It is the fourth minigame found in Wii Play: Motion and is a sequel to Pose Mii. There are 2 modes: Solo and Cooperative.

Solo Mode

Pose Mii.jpg

In Pose Mii Plus you play as a Mii floating down a clear central-gravity tube, using the Wii Remote to twist the Mii through the hole in the walls before you fit through them. You have three hearts to get through 5 color-coded levels. After a while, your time limit gets tighter and tighter, forcing you to be very fast in order to beat the game, along with more complex patterns to pull off. The Poses of your Mii and the shape of the wall changes automatically after every couple walls, making the game harder. Beating Pose Mii Plus gives you a Gold Medal, while beating Pose Mii Plus with over 900 points gives you platinum.

Cooperative Mode

There is also a 2-player mode where you share points and health (3 hearts). You and your colleague must match the same moves at the same time to advance, with the tunnel being longer to hold 2 players.


It was developed by the Skip Ltd., the same people who made Flutter Fly.