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HEYimHeroic 3DS FACE-075 Polly
Title None
Gender Female
Favorite Color Black
Level Tennis: Level ★10

Baseball: Level ★10

Boxing: Level ★1

Polly is a CPU Mii from Wii Sports Club and Wii Party U. Her Total Skill Level is 260.

Wii Sports Club

In Boxing, Polly is a Pro at Grade ★1, making her the second Pro Class Beginner. In Tennis and Baseball, she is one of the best players at Grade ★10 and also a Pro.

Wii Party U

In Wii Party U, Polly is a Master Mii.


  • Her Japanese name is Porī (ポリー).
  • She appears in Splatoon 2 as an Inkling.
  • She appears on artwork from Nintendo Land in a yellow Pikmin costume.
  • According to her Mario Kart 8 profile and internal datas, she's British.
  • Polly appears in a Super Mario Maker 2 Direct in Course World. In it, her course's name is "Good Defense = Best Offense."
  • She is the only CPU Mii with that hair.
  • In Mario Kart 8, she often appears in the Kirby racing suit within the promotional art of the game.
  • Even though Polly doesn't have lipstick, it is set to be pink in color instead of the default orange color. This might be a remnant for an earlier design of Polly.
  • In her Wii Party U artwork, she seems to be playing Dance with Mii with Patricia, Carlo, and Marius.
  • Polly appears in the Dance With Mii preview on the "Video Game Playground" page.


Wii Sports Club / Wii Party U
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