Perfect 10

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Perfect 10 is a Balance exercise in Wii Fit Plus and Wii Fit U.

Difficulty levels

  • Beginner (add to 10)
  • Advanced (add to 15)
  • Expert (add to 20)
  • Extra (add to 20, lights out) (Wii Fit U only)


In this exercise, the player must sway their hips hips left, right, up and down to add up to the total shown on the upper left of the screen. If they add over the actual total that they are supposed to have, they will have to hit some mushrooms again. Once they get the intended total, their Mii will move on to the next round with a new set of mushrooms. If the player manages to finish every round, they win. This exercise is timed. Mushrooms that were added onto before can be jumped on again.

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