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Perfect 10 is an activity in Wii Fit Plus and Wii Fit U .

Move your hips and try to hit the mushrooms around you to add up to a certain amount.

Difficulty levels

  • Beginner (add to 10)
  • Advanced (add to 15)
  • Expert (add to 20)
  • Extra (add to 20, lights out) (Wii Fit U only)

You can hit a mushroom again if you make a mistake, so don't worry if you mess up in adding up. Hitting a mushroom again will have that number no longer be added up to the total on screen.


In this activity, you must sway your hips left, right, up and down and try to add up to the total shown on the upper left of the screen. If you end up adding up over the actual total that you're intended to get, then you have to hit some mushrooms again.

Once you get the intended total, you will move on to the next round with a new set of mushrooms. If you manage to finish every round, you win.

Friendly reminder that there is a timer, so if you don't finish every round in within the time limit, it's an instant lose and you'll automatically get 1 star.


  • Even though this activity is called Perfect 10, you only have to add up to a perfect 10 in the easiest difficulty (Beginner), while you have to add up to bigger numbers in harder difficulties.
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