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Penguin Slide is a game where you have shift your body left and right in order slide around on an iceberg to catch fish that are coming out of the water.

How to Play

The player has 90 seconds to catch fish coming out of the water. You have to tilt your body left and right on the Wii Balance Board to tilt the iceberg and catch fish.

There are three types of fish:

  • Blue fish are the easiest to catch and only flip off the iceberg. They earn you one point.
  • Green fish hop across the iceberg and are a bit harder to catch. They are worth 2 points.
  • Red fish are the hardest ones to catch. They always stay at the edge of the iceberg, and the player must change directions quickly once they reach the edge of the iceberg to catch it. There are only four of these in-game, and they earn 10 points.


Unbalanced - less than 40 points

Amateur - 40 to 79 points

Professional - 80 to 109 points

Champion - 110 to 136 points


  • The highest score possible is 136.
  • A green fish pops out of the water after four blue fish appear. This pattern continues until the end of the game.
    • 64 blue fish and 16 green fish appear in game.
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